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You must eat it on Cebu Island, Philippines! very nutritious foods [seventh]

This article was written for Japanese. Some explanations include Japanese.

Cebu Island in the Philippines has a different language and culture from Japan.

Of course, since Cebu has a tropical image, the climate is very different, so you can clearly see the difference in the local ingredients.

Now, I’d like to introduce you to some super nutritious food that you can eat in Cebu.

You may not know how to eat some of them, or you may not know how to eat them. However, these are all known to be very healthy in the local area, so please try them when you are studying in Cebu.

[Super] Nutritious Food in Cebu


super-nutritious food7
Many people may not be familiar with moringa, but it is a plant belonging to the “horseradish” family that is native to North India.

It grows naturally in the subtropics and tropics, and is so nutritious that it is also called “Miracle Tree (Miracle Tree)” and is said to be able to eat everything, including seeds, roots, leaves, and stems, without waste.

Recently, it’s often shown on TV, but in Japan, it’s grown in Okinawa and Kyushu, which are relatively warm.

Moringa has been used for beauty and health since ancient times in Southeast Asian countries such as India, the Philippines and Indonesia.

It contains a good balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polyphenols, and so on, which is an order of magnitude larger than the amount of ingredients generally believed to be rich in each nutrient.

super-nutritious food3

There are many ways to take it, and especially in Japan, there are many cases to take it as tea or supplement.

But there are many other ways of intake such as oil, Chinese medicine, spices and cosmetics.

effect of Moringa

As for the effects of Moringa, I’m really looking forward to various effects once I know that it has such high nutritional value. For example, Moringa has an anti-inflammatory effect, and it is said that just gargling with this tea can prevent colds.

In addition, the diet effect makes women happy.

Since it has an effect to condition the intestinal environment, it discharges the body waste and also relieves constipation. And it turns out that Molinga has something to do with blood pressure and diabetes.

Since it is effective in lowering blood pressure, it seems to be effective in preventing diabetes which is largely related to blood pressure.

Another reason why Moringa is so popular as a cosmetic is that it contains a large amount of polyphenols that are antioxidative, anti-aging and anti-aging.

Moringa is called “green milk” and “tree of life” in other countries.

This is the place to eat Moringa food in Cebu Island! The city is now being developed 。。。

There are also cottage-type rooms run by Japanese, where you can enjoy Moringa cuisine in a perfect atmosphere. There are a lot of trees, so please bring an insect repellent spray.

2.Coconut Juice

super-nutritious food6
Among Hollywood celebrities like Siena Miller and Jessica Simpson, coconut juice is getting a lot of attention.

Like coconut juice, it’s a clear liquid in that round, hard coconut. I’m sure you can expect a lot of effects because you’re obsessed with Hollywood celebrities.

Coconut juice has been attracting attention in recent years because it is extremely effective in both health and beauty, and is very nutritious.

In fact, in developing countries where it is difficult to get saline, coconut juice is used instead of intravenous drip. wiki

It has features similar to sports drinks, but it has more electrolytes and is easier to absorb. On the other hand, it has the advantage of being very low in calories, about 20 kcal per 100 g.

Now, let’s start with the detoxification effect of coconut juice.

You can eat it in Cebu! 8 nutritious foods

Coconut juice contains far more potassium than bananas and has a diuretic effect that helps eliminate waste products. This helps to relieve swelling, promote blood circulation, relieve constipation, and has a low calorie and diet effect.

Coconut juice is also known for its rich mineral content.

Coconut juice is also rich in magnesium, which helps the body absorb more calcium.

However, it has a feature of cooling the body as it is the fruit of the plant which grows in tropical area. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take measures against heat stroke, but it may be better for those who are on menstruation or have poor circulation.


super-nutritious food10
One of the most familiar tropical fruits to Filipinos is this caramanthy.

I haven’t heard of the name, but it looks like a citrus fruit with green peel like sudachi and sour like lemon.

Although Karamancy is now on the market in urban areas, it was originally caught in the gardens of ordinary Filipinos. The tree is not so high as 2 ~ 3 meters, so the fact that you can grow and harvest it easily may be one of the secrets that has taken root in ordinary households.

Calamancy is so nutritious that it’s called “a gift from God” in Cebu!

Calamancy is rich in vitamin C, which is said to be eight times more than the Shikuwasha that was once popular.

super-nutritious food15

Vitamin C has not only beauty effects such as moisture and firmness of the skin, but also great health effects to enhance immunity. There’s also synephrine, which uses fat as an energy source, cryptoxanthin, a popular tomato lycopene, and citric acid, which boosts your metabolism.
In the Philippines, there is a custom of drinking Karaman juice to prevent and prevent colds, and it seems to be an essential part of daily meals.


super-nutritious food5
The name Guava is not so rare here in Japan. However, many people may wonder what kind of fruit it is.

The place of origin of guava is tropical America, and it is mainly cultivated in Southeast Asia now.

In Japan, too, it is said that cultivation started in the early Taisho period, but the production volume is not so large, so you may not be familiar with the fruit itself, even if you hear about the flavors.

There are many kinds of guava, and the shape and taste are a little different, but the common one has white flesh wrapped in a rough green skin and has a sweet and sour taste.

Guava is known as a nutritious fruit because of its high vitamin C content. It’s about six times more than a lemon, and is therefore known in Japan as a fruit with a special beauty effect.

super-nutritious food13

In addition, you can expect prevention of infectious diseases, improvement of immunity and recovery from fatigue.
In Japan, guava tea is also well known as a healthy tea.

In fact, guava leaves are rich in polyphenols and have a characteristic of inhibiting the action of enzymes that convert ingested food into glucose. Therefore, it is often used for diabetes-related diseases to prevent the rise of blood sugar level after meals.

It is also an advantage that it is useful for obesity prevention and diet.


super-nutritious food8
Papaya, known for its sweet and distinctive aroma, is native to Central and South America, but was discovered by the famous Spanish explorer Columbus in the 16 century.

It seems that cultivation started in Okinawa and Kagoshima in the Meiji era in Japan. Not only are papayas sweet and tasty, they’re actually quite nutritious.

The first thing to notice about the nutritional value of papaya is an enzyme called isothiocyanate. The detoxification effect of this enzyme is undoubtedly the number one in many fruits.

In other words, you only have to eat half of a papaya twice a week to get rid of the toxins.

This will help you lose weight, relieve constipation and swelling, and make your skin beautiful.

Next, papaya is very rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. There are many possible effects of these vitamins, but one of the most notable is their antioxidant effects.

Antioxidant vitamins suppress wrinkles and blemishes, which are natural enemies of beauty, and active oxygen, which leads to arteriosclerosis and cancer related to lifestyle diseases.

Therefore, papaya is recommended for pregnant women and people with anemia because of its anti-aging, lifestyle disease prevention and folic acid.


super-nutritious food9
Dorian, also known as “King of Fruits” or “fruit demon” is number 1 for its intense odour and also has top nutritional value.

It has a unique texture and taste, so it may be hard to tell whether you like it or not, but people who like it tend to be captivated by its taste despite its smell.

It is said to be native to South Asia, and durians are also imported from the Philippines into Japan. Now, what is the nutritional value of a fully ripe durian that is actually about the size of a human head?

The most notable nutrient of durian is potassium. It is said that the amount of potassium is second to avocado, but potassium is originally in the human body and decreases with aging.

You can supplement this potassium efficiently by eating durian. By doing so, we can expect many effects, such as prevention and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases such as stroke and hypertension, relief of constipation, and stabilization of stress.

In addition, durian is rich in various kinds of vitamins, among which vitamin B1 is said to be the most abundant.

Vitamin B1 converts sugar into energy, so people who are concerned about sugar can also feel at ease. Since other vitamins promote blood circulation, they can be expected to have a good beauty effect on swelling, wrinkles and spots, and they are also good for rough skin.
Also, it is rich in folic acid and minerals, so I think it is a good thing for pregnant women. The only drawback of durian is its high calories.
No matter how nutritious it is, it is meaningless to eat too much, so please be careful.


super-nutritious food11
Mangosteens are native to Southeast Asia and are grown mainly in this region.

In Japan, you probably know about the flavor of jellies and drinks, but you probably don’t see much of the mangosteen fruit itself.

The fruit is so sweet and full of juice that it is counted as one of the three most beautiful fruits in the world. In fact, it is a very nutritious fruit that has been used as a natural medicine in Southeast Asia for a long time.

One of the most notable nutrients in mangosteens is xanthone. Xanthones are a type of polyphenol found in the hard, thick skin of mangosteens.
In fact, xanthones have been found to have antioxidant properties that can’t be compared to vitamin C, and are expected to have anticancer effects.

In addition, mangosteens are now attracting attention for their ability to relieve the symptoms of atopic dermatitis and to improve the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases. It’s good for diabetes and high blood pressure, so you can expect diet effect naturally.

Mangosteens are also often used in cosmetics because they are filled with vitamins and antioxidants.

Especially, it is getting more attention in the fields of anti-aging and whitening.

Bonus: Barrot

super-nutritious food16
This is a very nutritious food from the Philippines.

It may be a food that all Filipinos know, but at least for us Japanese, it may be a food that requires a lot of courage to eat.

Barrot looks like a boiled egg and a duck egg, so the size is a little big. The problem is that eggs containing chicks just before hatching are boiled and eaten.

When you break the shell, you can see the shape of the egg on the 16th, but you can clearly see the internal organs, brain and downy hair of chicks on the 20th.

It is Filipino style to sprinkle salt and vinegar on it and eat it like you drink it up.

This is a very shocking barotte for the Japanese, but it is so nutritious and tonic that it is also called “Viagra for the masses” (laughs).

It is said that the effect is bigger if it is right before hatching. They seem to be sold at street stalls or by bicycle, and it is about 30 yen for 1.

There are many Filipinos who are hesitant, so if you have the courage, why don’t you give it a try?

As mentioned above, we have introduced nutritious foods that can be eaten in Cebu Island. Some of them are foods that you have never heard of, and you may have heard of them, but you didn’t know they were so nutritious.

Anyway, it’s definitely good for your health, so it might be a good idea to try it once.


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