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[YOLO SPA] Near Ayala Mall! Massage and spa that is open 24 hours and cost effective.

The most popular Ayala shopping mall in Cebu island. This is the busiest area in Cebu City, so I think many tourists and businessmen stay at hotels around here.

The hotels around Ayala Mall include Mandarin Quest Dye Amonds Suites, Red Planet Island Stay.

The massage and spa shop that I can recommend to those hotels is the YOLO SPA that I will introduce this time.

This shop is open 24 hours a day, and it is new, clean and easy to enter. Even a woman can use it without any problem. I’d like to introduce this time because I actually had a massage.

Location of YOLO SPA

The place is about 5 minutes’ walk from Ayala Mall.

I don’t think you will understand even if you tell them the name of the spa, so if you go by taxi, it would be smoother to go to the Mandarin Hotel. In the case of Grab Taxi, you can put the name of the store directly.


ppearance and interior of YOLO SPA

This yellow signboard stands out on the outside, so it’s easy to find if you pass by. It faces the main street and there is a big hotel nearby, so it’s easy to catch a taxi on the way back.

We are open 24 hours a day! It is close to Ayala Mall and there is a large hotel nearby, so it is very nice for those who stay at a hotel within walking distance! You can go anytime easily.

In the store. It’s a new spa, so it’s very clean and spacious.

This chair is for foot massage, but there is also a chair for foot massage on the second floor, and they give priority to you, so you won’t be noticed.

This orange chair in the front will wash your feet before massage.

The chair in the back is a rest area. After the massage, you can drink and take a rest there.

You choose a menu at this counter and pay in advance. We only accept cash. Soap and oil for souvenirs were sold by the window.

There are massage rooms on both the first and second floors. There are a chair for foot massage, several private rooms, and a bathroom on the second floor.

This is the foot massage area on the second floor.

I actually used the whole body massage room. It was a simple type with one floor separated by curtains.

There is a futon type room instead of a bed.


Next, I will introduce the spa menu. In addition to English and Korean, there was also a Japanese menu. I compared the menu in English and Japanese, but both the menu and price were the same, so I will list the menu in Japanese.

Start with this menu. This is a set menu. The popular ones are around 3, 4 and 5. I recommend adding feet to a full body massage or Thai style and oil.

The price is Thai + foot 650 minutes 500 page, 120 minutes 90 page! It’s very cost effective. Oil + Foot or Tie + Oil is 50 P each.

Depending on the menu, we don’t have a short time of 60 minutes, but I think we can negotiate. Or it might be good to choose a single menu.

Here is the individual menu.

*180 minutes and 30 points for shoulders and feet only
*Thai massage 60 min 350 p
*Oil massage 60 minutes 300 p

in the status bar. Other than that, there were lotion massage, hot oil massage, and gold oil massage that didn’t become sticky. All of them are cost effective, so I want to try various things.

It seems to be run by Koreans, so there are many Koreans, but there are also some Japanese. It starts to be very crowded at night, so I recommend lunch. You can have a relaxing massage.

How did you actually experience YOLO SPA?

I used soap to scrub my feet. The private massage room is a simple type separated by a curtain, but considering the price, it is a good cost performance and I personally recommend it.

I feel that there is not much difference with other shops in the skill of massage.

The restaurant is clean and easy to enter, so a woman alone is fine. There are not many affordable shops around Ayala Mall, so I am very happy that this shop opened.

The problem is that it is a little noisy when a Korean group comes, but if you use it from morning to around 16 o’clock, you can receive it quietly.

After the massage, you can choose between mango juice and tea. I chose a massage parlor that serves mango juice because there has never been such a massage parlor.

Finally, I will give you a simple questionnaire, so let’s write it down. The tip is free of charge, but it will be appreciated if you leave it, so if it’s a good massage, please leave around 50 pesos.

Other massages around the YOLO SPA

The Spa at Cebu

It is a luxury massage and spa shop on the terrace on the first floor of Ayala Mall.

*Shiatsu massage or Swedish massage (In Cebu, it means oil.) is 1300 minutes 900 p, 90 minutes 60 p.
*Filipino traditional massage Hilot 120 minutes 2500 pages
*Foot massage 60 minutes 600 p, 850 minutes 90 p

to save the query. Credit cards are accepted. This is recommended if you want a clean and private room.

Mandarin Hotel

The massage parlor in the Mandarin Hotel is also reasonable and I recommend it. It is in the hotel so it is safe for families and elderly people.

*Body massage 60 minutes 450 p
*Foot massage 60 minutes 300 p
If you’re staying at the Mandarin Hotel, you might want to use this one.


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