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[Western Steak House] Authentic Thick Steak Made with Angus Beef from Mactan Island!

This time we’re going to show you Western Steak House in Mactan, Cebu, where you can enjoy authentic Angus beef steaks.

I recommend the thick steak, but in addition to that, you can have a very enjoyable time with the well-designed restaurant, the authentic bar counter, and the friendly and cheerful staff.

In Cebu, there is not a custom to eat beef mainly with pork and chicken, so the opportunity to eat beef is very precious. I’m getting tired of pork and chicken! If so, please come to eat delicious beef.

Location of Western SteakHouse

Western Steak House32
It’s in the Maribago district of Mactan Island. It is a 1 minute walk from the famous Maribago Blue Water Hotel.

First, tell the taxi driver, “To the Maribago Blue Water” and when you get to the entrance, do not enter the hotel but go straight.

It is about a 3 minute walk from the language school “QQ English Seafront”.

Western Steak House13
You can see a big gate and a particular western style restaurant. This is the only place that seems to appear in Western movies. The shop is open from 11:30 to 22:30.

The interior, atmosphere, and staff of the particular shop

Western Steak House19
It’s inside the store. The inside also has a western atmosphere, so I can’t believe I’m in Cebu!

Western Steak House12

Western Steak House11

Western Steak House15

Western Steak House14
There are about 15 table seats in the restaurant, and there are also counter seats and semi-private seats. It’s big enough to hold about 40 people at most.

This store also has live performances on weekends. They sing famous English songs with the guitar, so please listen to them.

Western Steak House27
This is a semi-private room. Around 10 people can sit comfortably. How about using it for after party?

Western Steak House22
I work for the store. Attention has been paid to check shirts, jeans, boots and costumes (It depends on the season.).

Western Steak House20
I have three Western children.

The western hats these children are wearing are also prepared for taking photos of customers, so it’s interesting to take photos with them as a souvenir. They are very attentive staff who take pictures and bring hats while taking pictures.

Western Steak House18
I’m Arman, the shy bartender staff. If you come alone, it might be interesting to sit at the counter and talk with him in English.
If you can’t speak English, check out the website of Manabidin language school for studying in Cebu Island!

Western Steak House17
They make things that are not on the menu. Mix this and that and request ~!

Western SteakHouse Menus

Western Steak House9

Western Steak House6

Western Steak House5

Western Steak House4

Western Steak House8

Western Steak House7
Western SteakHouse menu (It was taken in 2018, so it may have changed.). They have a good value lunch set, thick steak, juicy hamburger steak, delicious sake and fresh juice.

Western Steak House1
This is hayashi rice for lunch.

Western Steak House31
This is omurice for lunch.

Western Steak House28
Onion soup.

Western Steak House3
Corn soup.

Western Steak House29
You can order either soup or salad for lunch. The soup changes from onion soup to corn soup.

Western Steak House25
It’s a mixed grill. It comes with a mini hamburger, chicken and sausage.

Western Steak House26
It’s a juicy hamburger steak. You can choose up to 150 ~ 300 grams.

Western Steak House23
This is my recommendation! It’s a diced steak.

This meat is called Western steak. In fact, this is a better deal than ordering Western meat! The reason is that it is served as diced steak, so it can be served cheaper because you can use a fraction of meat instead of serving it in a lump.

Western Steak House30
This is a thick steak! It’s an authentic Angus beef steak. The staff will add onion slices and sauce. The sizzling sound stimulates the appetite. It’s so delicious! 150 grams of western steak is 550 grams.

Western Steak House2
Tomato pasta is a new menu item.

Western Steak House16

Western Steak House24
Karamansea shake and mango shake. It’s delicious. Karamancy is like Shekwasha in Japan. It tastes sour and refreshing. I recommend it.


Western Steak House10
I have an image of the Philippines as a country where prices are cheap, so the price of Western Steak House is really high! People tend to think so, but the taste is certainly delicious.

They were particular about the meat, and the restaurant’s construction and the staff’s costumes were all organized, so it was a fun atmosphere. There are live performances on weekends, so please enjoy this atmosphere and taste.

In September 2018, our sister store “Hangouts – Wild Samurai -” opened in Cebu City.

If you are staying in Cebu City, this restaurant has the same menu, so please go there.

Address: Buyong Rd., Maribago, Lapu Lapu 6015
Tel: +63 32 495 3883


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