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Weather Forecast for Cebu Island “Does it rain all the time during the rainy season?”: Actual Weekly Weather and Best Season

I think there are many people who are worried about the weather in advance among those who come to Cebu to study or travel to Cebu.

If you search “Weather on Cebu Island” on the internet, it will be cloudy or rainy every day.

But the actual weather is totally different!

This time, we will not only introduce you to the actual weather of Cebu Island, but will you be able to enter the lagoon in the best season of Cebu Island? I will answer such questions.

What is the weather of Cebu Island?

close to 30 degrees throughout the year

Weather forecast for Cebu1
First of all, the monthly high temperature.

Temperatures in Cebu vary little between 30 and 33 degrees throughout the year. However, it is not the stifling heat of mid-summer in Japan. The lowest temperature is around 25 degrees all year round.

have little rain even in the rainy season

Weather forecast for Cebu3
In Japan, there are four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, but Cebu Island is divided into two. It’s the dry season and the rainy season.

・Dry season: January to May
・rainy season: June to December

March to May is a particularly dry season, which Filipinos call “summer”. The summer vacation for children in the Philippines is also in April and May.

put in the sea for a year

Weather forecast for Cebu2
Monthly sea temperatures on Cebu Island, Hawaii and Okinawa are shown in a table. A temperature of 26 degrees or higher is a rough indication of the water temperature that you can enter the sea comfortably.

over 26 degrees a year

・Cebu: 12 months
・Hawaii: 5 months
・Okinawa: 6 months

Cebu Island has a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius even between January and March, when the water temperature is the lowest, and you can swim in the sea for 1 year.

a week of rainy weather

In the middle of the rainy season, I checked the actual weather for the first week of September for a week.

By the way, I take pictures around 10 AM every day near IT park in Cebu city.

Day 1

First day. First, try Googling “Cebu weather”.

Weather forecast for Cebu4
Here’s the weather forecast for the next 10 days.

There is no clear sign. Daily rain mark 。。。

But here’s the actual weather on day one!

Weather forecast for Cebu13
It’s cloudy, but we can see a clear sky.

On this day, clouds came out in the afternoon, but it didn’t rain after all.

Day 2

Weather forecast for Cebu12
It’s been nice since this morning. There were some clouds in the afternoon, but it didn’t rain this day either.

Day 3

Weather forecast for Cebu11
It seems to have rained in the morning. When I got up in the morning, the road was a little wet.

After that, it didn’t rain for a day and it was sunny.

Day 4

Weather forecast for Cebu10
It’s a nice day today! I thought so, but clouds spread rapidly before noon, and it rained for about an hour around noon.

After that, the blue sky spread out again and it was clear.

Day 5

Weather forecast for Cebu9
The weather is nice today. The weather is clear all day.

Day 6

Weather forecast for Cebu8
It’s nice weather again today. The weather is clear all day. I thought,

It rained for about 30 minutes in the evening. It started raining again around 11 PM and thundering.

Day 7

Weather forecast for Cebu7
Day seven, last day. Nice weather!

It was cloudy after noon on this day, and it rained roughly for 30 minutes in the evening.

Week Summary

I tabulated the weather forecast in advance and the actual weather. It’s completely different. The weather forecast said it would rain and thunder every day, but most of the days were sunny.

It takes about 30 minutes a day even if it rains. I have the impression that it rained a lot this week.

On the seventh day of the final day, I checked the weather forecast on Google again.

Weather forecast for Cebu4
Also, it will rain every day.

And as you can see,

The weather forecast for Cebu is not reliable at all. (Laughter)

As expected, the typhoon will come tomorrow! I’ll probably come when something like that happens. By the way, some people may think of the Philippines as a typhoon, but actually there are few typhoons in Cebu.

It depends on whether you come once a year. Most go around Manila in the northern Philippines. However, even though it doesn’t hit directly, the marine activities may be cancelled.

Other than that, especially during the rainy season, the weather forecast is not reliable at all, so you don’t have to worry about it. It seems like they put on an umbrella mark every day.

The weather in Cebu changes rapidly compared to Japan. It started raining suddenly and stopped raining. It is very rare that it rains from morning all day.

It often rains mainly at night after noon. Let’s see the western sky to see if it rains during the day! I think I can predict about 30 minutes ahead.

Weather forecast for Cebu6
Also, as you can see from this map, the south side of Cebu city is the sea, but the north side is a mountain. That’s why it’s hard to predict.

It often happens that Mactan is sunny, but Cebu is rainy.

I think there are people who are planning activities on Saturday and Sunday while studying in Cebu Island, or planning a trip to Cebu Island from Japan. Even in the rainy season, it rarely rains all day like in Japan, so you don’t have to worry about the weather!

Hit the link below to check the weather forecast.
It’s more accurate than Google’s and iPhone’s weather apps, but it’s still off the charts, so just use it for reference.
▶︎ PAGASA (English)

What is the best season in Cebu?

Weather forecast for Cebu14
The best season of Cebu is April and May of “summer”.

The weather is clear every day, and typhoons rarely come in this season. Sometimes it doesn’t rain for more than a month. The temperature is not much different from the rainy season, but the intensity of the sunlight is intense!

However, as mentioned above, the climate of Cebu is stable throughout the year and you can enter the sea all year round. Also, since April and May are summer holidays for Filipinos, it is sometimes difficult to make hotel and activity reservations.

Conclusion: You can go to Cebu anytime!

Every day is the best day!

I think there are many people who are considering studying abroad in Cebu Island or traveling in Cebu Island and are concerned about the weather, but even in the rainy season, there is less rain than in Tokyo and it is easy to spend time!


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