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vistammer Beach Resort | Cost-effective resort hotel in MacTan, Cebu

We would like to introduce you to the resort hotel “Vistammer Beach Resort/Vistammer Beach Resort” on Mactan Island, Cebu.

It is a hotel with good cost performance that you can stay for less than 10,000 yen for 1 night. It has an infinity pool that combines the ocean and the pool, and a Japanese diving and marine sports shop.

This hotel is also popular among local Filipinos, and parties are often held in the beachside area during the event season.

Vistamar Beach Resort

Here’s the location. It is beyond the 5-star resort hotel “Crimson Resort”.

When you go by taxi, you can use “Vistamah Beach Resort” but if you don’t know, you can add “Near Crimson” to make it easier to understand.

If you use Grab, you can type “Vistamah Beach Resort” directly. This hotel is in the back, so it takes time to call a taxi back. If possible, it is faster and easier to move using Grab application.

Vistamar Beach Resort facility

appearance and lobby

Vistamar Beach Resort20
This is the exterior of Vistammer. There is Soto Grande Hotel and La Mirada Hotel nearby. Vistammer is located along beach number 1.

Vistamar Beach Resort19
There is a security guard before entering the hotel premises. You will be asked where you are going, so if you are staying, you can say “stay”. I am glad that Japanese dive shops are friendly to Japanese people! I’m good at Japanese, too.

Vistamar Beach Resort18
If you go through the gate, this is the Vistamaa building. Turn left and go to the front desk.

Vistamar Beach Resort17
It is a small Bistammer resort, but it is comfortable and cozy. Fashionable design here and there.

Vistamar Beach Resort16
This is the front part. You can check in at the counter on the left.

Vistamar Beach Resort14

Vistamar Beach Resort15
There are several sofas where you can sit comfortably. The front is designed to be wide without any gap, so it is open and comfortable.

Vistamar Beach Resort25
The first floor is basically like a front desk, a waiting area, a restaurant in the back and a pool. Rooms are on the second floor.


Vistamar Beach Resort3
The best feature of Bistammer Resort is the Infinity Pool. The design that is integrated with the sea is as good as Crimson’s pool! (? )

The water is always clean and I can swim comfortably. The front side is shallow, and if you go to the sea side, it becomes a little deep.

Vistamar Beach Resort2
There are tables and chairs to rest around the pool and chairs to lie down at the end. You can eat at the restaurant at this table, so it feels good to eat while looking at the pool and the sea.

Vistamar Beach Resort24
The pool is about 10 ~ 15 meters long. There are people who play with a rubber swimming ring and people who swim with a hammer.

Vistamar Beach Resort23
The view is great when it’s sunny!

Vistamar Beach Resort9
Vistammer has 3 pools in total. Other than the Infinity pool, there is this pool one step down the stairs.

Vistamar Beach Resort10
It’s right in front of the guest room, so it’s easy to access if you stay there. It is surrounded by palm trees and greenery, so you can swim calmly.

Vistamar Beach Resort11
The other pool is for children. The water depth is shallow and there are cute playground equipment.


Vistamar Beach Resort8
It’s on the beach in Vista Mar. Go down the stairs to the beach.

Vistamar Beach Resort7
This is the beach of Vista Mar. It is not well maintained for swimming, but you can swim freely. The photo was taken when the tide was at its lowest. It is deep enough to swim at high tide.

Vistamar Beach Resort4
A hotel seen from the sea. Bistammer is in the front, and Soto Grande Hotel and La Mirada Hotel are in the back.

The black building on the left is a luxury condominium called The Reef.

Vistamar Beach Resort6
The hotel is two-storied and has a resort feel.

Vistamar Beach Resort5
Parties are often held along the beach during the event season. It’s quite crowded on weekends.


Vistamar Beach Resort29
It’s the Vistamaa restaurant. It is also a breakfast venue, where you can have lunch and dinner.

Vistamar Beach Resort12
The air conditioner is on, but it’s quite hot during the day. But this view is amazing! You can have a relaxing meal while looking at the sea and the pool.

Vistamar Beach Resort13
Bar counter section.

Vistamar Beach Resort26
It’s part of the menu. Visitors can eat breakfast from 150 pages. The coffee is 65 liters and very reasonable! Fruit shake is 140 grams. San Miguel beer is a little expensive at 120 liters.

Vistamar Beach Resort27
Here’s your breakfast.

Vistamar Beach Resort28
There were bread, cereals, fruits and drinks. The staff will make the main dish separately from this.

Also, I don’t recommend it when I’m in a hurry because the service is very slow after using the restaurant. Let’s use it with plenty of time.

with regard to day use

In Vistammer, there is a day use plan where you can use facilities such as a pool and a beach even if you are not staying overnight.

Weekdays: 500 pesos
Weekends: 600 pesos

Lunch buffet included
Available from 6:30 to 20 o’clock

Japanese Diving & Marine Sports “all blue”

Vistamar Beach Resort22
Bistammer has a Japanese diving and marine sports shop along the pool. You can enjoy popular activities such as island hopping, whale shark watching and diving, as well as marine sports such as banana boat, wakeboard, jet ski and flyboat.

It supports English as well as Japanese (Depending on the time of day, all the staffs are out to the sea and may not be open.).

Vistamar Beach Resort21
There are 6 Japanese diving instructors enrolled, and Japanese staff always accompany the tour, so it is safe for those who cannot speak English or families.

The local staff are friendly and interesting, so it will be a good memory.

Vistamar Beach Resort42
The biggest feature is that you can go out for activities directly from the sea in front of you. You can easily participate in island hopping, diving and marine sports without moving.

If you stay overnight, you can go back to your room and take a shower as soon as you get home.

Vistamar Beach Resort41
Experience diving is a popular all-blue activity. Even people who have never dived can easily participate, so please try it during your stay.

Vistamar Beach Resort rooms

The average cost for a Vistammer is around 8,000 yen (It sometimes costs around 10,000 yen during the busy season.).

Vistamar Beach Resort33

This is a twin room. Every room in the Philippines has a balcony. The interior is classical and has a calm atmosphere.

Vistamar Beach Resort34
This is a double room.

Vistamar Beach Resort32
Bathroom. There is no bathtub, only a shower.
Check-in is at 14 o’clock and check-out is at 12 o’clock.

surrounding environment

There is nothing in particular within walking distance, but I will introduce facilities within 10 minutes by car.

Mactan New Town

Vistamar Beach Resort30
“Mactan New Town” is located on the main street outside the Vistammer. It takes about 5 minutes by car.

The new town boasts a variety of facilities including McDonald’s, a Japanese restaurant “Shikisai”, Starbucks and Cibet coffees and a cheap massage service called Nuat thai.

There are Seven-Eleven and a mini supermarket, so it’s a convenient place for shopping.

Vistamar Beach Resort31
There is also a “Mactan Alfresco” food court in the new town. There are around 10 shops, so you can enjoy reasonable meals.

Grand Spa

Vistamar Beach Resort40
It’s on the way to the main street from Vistammer.

A newly opened 24 hour public bath and spa facility.

Grand Spa usage fee
Adult 1,500 pages (Bath, sauna, 1 hour massage, meals, towels, gown, use of nap room, shuttle service)
Children: 900 pages (Same content as adults)
*You can use it for up to 10 hours at the package price. After that, additional 200 pages are available per 1 hour.
The bath and sauna is only 500 pages.

Vistamar Beach Resort39
Lockers with locks are also available. Large luggage and suitcases can be kept at the reception.

Vistamar Beach Resort38

Vistamar Beach Resort37
Japanese style bath. There are also two kinds of saunas.

Vistamar Beach Resort36
Nap room. There is also a nap room for women only.

Vistamar Beach Resort35
Massage room.

If you are checking out of the hotel and have time for your flight or your next appointment, we recommend the Grand Spa.


Vistamar Beach Resort1
Bistammer Resort is located in the back of the main street of Mactan, so there is nothing around it, but it is a resort hotel where you can play in the hotel for a day as it has a spacious pool and Japanese diving and marine sports shops.

There is Mactan New Town which is 5 minutes by car, so it is not inconvenient for shopping and eating.


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