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The highest class spa in Cebu [R SPA] is available until 2 o’clock at night! Japanese Shiatsu + Private Room + Sauna

One of the attractions of staying on Cebu Island is that you can get an authentic massage for a much cheaper price than in Japan.

It costs only about 10 minutes in Japan, but in Cebu, you can massage it well for 1 hour and get it loosened.

You can choose from a cheap massage shop of a chain store or a luxury spa where you can enjoy a tropical atmosphere. However, not to mention the skill of the therapist, the price, the atmosphere, and the accessibility are completely different depending on the store.

The massage salon I would like to introduce to you this time is “R SPA” which was established in Cebu Island by “Kisakeya Honpo RiRAKU” which has more than 7 massage chain stores in Japan.

“R SPA” opened on the rooftop of “J Center”, one of the famous shopping malls in Cebu Island, in December 2017. The 1st store opened on the rooftop of J Center Mall which is directly accessible from the hotel “Toyoko Inn”.

In October 2018, we opened our 2nd store in the 4 star hotel “bai hotel”, which boasts the most guest rooms on Cebu Island.


Within walking distance of Store 2 is a shopping mall “Parkmall”. The location is convenient for shopping as there are many restaurants as well as the biggest 100 yen shop and supermarket in Cebu.

It is also within walking distance of “City Times Square”, which is home to some of Cebu’s most exclusive clubs, restaurants and bars.

The language school “Brilliant Cebu”, “IDEA CEBU” and “CDU” are also within walking distance.

->Read more about R SPA 1

How to get to R SPA
Then, I will show you how to get to the spa.
First, set the destination of the taxi or grab car to “Bai Hotel”.

When you arrive at Bai Hotel, take the elevator and go up to the 5th floor.

When you get off the elevator, there is a sign so you can feel safe!

On the left is a multipurpose room for meetings and parties. I’ll go to the end of the hall.

Open the door of the fitness center!

Up the stairs to the sixth floor!

I arrived at “R SPA”!

Introduction of facilities
We will introduce you to a facility called “R SPA bai Hotel” that is recommended for those who want to forget their busy daily life and enjoy a relaxing massage in a luxurious atmosphere that is one rank higher.

It is a very calm and luxurious lobby.

The main customer is primarily a hotel guest, not a group of package tours, and is perfect for those who prefer a less crowded setting.

Wash your feet with hot water before getting a massage.

Washing your feet warms your body and makes it easier to loosen up your muscles. For me, it’s an important point when I choose a massage shop.

Chair for foot massage focusing on acupressure on the soles of the feet and calves below the knees. There are six seats.

For women, even when it is difficult to get a full body massage during menstruation, you can have a foot massage sitting.

Then, through this chic and sophisticated hallway, you move to a room with a bed, shower room and sauna where you can get a full body massage.

I miss it! The noren at the entrance of the men’s shower room reminded me of the good old days of Japanese sento. Then let’s go inside.

Washrooms and shower booths are all well managed. You can use not only towels but also shampoo and body soap provided, so you can go without bringing anything.

This is a sauna! Actually, showers and saunas are included in the massage fee!

Before getting a massage, warm up your body, wash your sweat, and relax your tired body.

In addition to this dry sauna, there is also a mist sauna.

Another feature of “R SPA” is that you can get a massage in the private space of the single room except the couple room!

The temperature of the room can be adjusted according to each guest, which is a good point for me who doesn’t like cold air conditioner.

It’s a double room where friends, family and couples can get a massage in the same room. It is convenient that there is a washstand in the room.

This is the VIP room. It’s a twin room, but there’s a Jacuzzi in the room.

Next to the VIP room is a mist sauna and a bathroom, which you can use freely.

I actually got a massage!

I actually tried “Traditional Japanese Body Care Course (1 hour, 1,200 pesos)” which is one of the recommended menu of R SPA.

Consultation sheet (Consulting Sheet), which is given to the therapist before receiving massage.

We check the areas you want to be massaged, your past surgery history, whether you have any problems with your heart or cerebral blood vessels, whether you have skin allergies, and so on.

My shoulders are always stiff, so I checked both sides.

Each room has a closet like this, so just change into it and wait for your therapist.

I tried “dry massage” of R SPA’s original technology of 1 hour “Li Shiatsu”. My first impression was, “The pain feels good ~!”. Can you tell me that it is not an unbearable pain but a pain that makes you healthy? lol

In Cebu, Thai massage which stretches the muscles is the mainstream, but unlike that, it presses the pressure points of the body finely. I thought, “Really know the point well!”. I feel much better.

But it may hurt before you get used to it, so if you don’t want to have a pain, I think it’s good to take “oil massage”.


It’s inside a luxury hotel and it’s more expensive than a regular massage chain.

It’s a rare trip, so if you want to spend your own relaxing time, or if you want to have a little luxurious Japanese massage, why not give it a try?

You don’t need to make a reservation in advance. Even if you have to wait, you can use the sauna before the massage.

Of course, if you have a reservation, the reservation is prioritized, so you should make a reservation if possible.

Tel: 0956-055-0339 (Japanese OK)
Line ID: rspajp
(If you say “I saw Manavidin from Cebu Island!” it will be smooth.)

Also, among the bai hotel, there are some stylish places that look like instas, such as the “Cafe bai” which has a delicious buffet and the “Twilight” which has a roof deck bar with a beautiful night view, so it might be a good idea to drop by when you have a chance to visit there.

◼︎ Access: 6 Floor in bai Hotel, Mandaue City, Cebu
◼︎ Tel : 0995 -566 -0124 (English)/0956-055 -0339 (Japanese OK)
◼︎ Business hours: 12 o’clock noon – 2 o’clock midnight
◼︎ Hotel guest room massage service available (12 o’clock to 8 PM)

billing information
・Traditional Japanese Body Care (60 min) → page 1,200
・Aroma Therapy (90 min) → P 1,700
(120 min) on page 2,200
・Japanese Reflexology (Foot massage, 30 min) → p. 600
・VIP Plan for Couple (120 min) → page 4,000
(120 min) on page 6,000

All menus include shower and sauna services.


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