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The first rooftop pool in the Philippines! [SKYWATERPARK] on the rooftop of the mall

The hot summer season is coming to Cebu Island!

HUH? What does the summer season mean in the Philippines, which has a tropical climate all year round? That’s what some of you might think.

In the central region of the Philippines, where Cebu Island belongs, the summer season runs from late March to May. It is the dry season with little rain and sunny days and the highest temperature of the year.

In Cebu public schools, the new school term starts in June, so April-May is also a summer vacation period.

This week, we take a look at one of the largest rooftop pools in the Philippines “SKYWATERPARK”.
If you’re looking for an after school or weekend activity, check it out!

*Information as of September 2019.

How to get to SKYWATERPARK

It’s on the rooftop of “J centre mall”, one of Cebu’s famous shopping malls. It is on the 6th floor of “Toyoko Inn” of a Japanese hotel connected to the mall.
If you use a taxi, please set your destination to “J centre mall”. The street called AS Fortuna in front of the mall is very congested on weekdays, but not on weekends.

There is a private elevator to the pool in the parking lot of the mall, so it is convenient to use it.

Get off the taxi stand and go straight to where BO`s Coffee and 7-Eleven are without going up the stairs to the main gate on the second floor. There is an entrance that leads to the parking lot. The currency exchange on the left is the mark.

There is a sign in the parking lot like the one in the picture!

I’ve arrived! This is the exclusive elevator to go to the pool on the 6th floor and the lounge bar on the 19th floor.

Welcome! To Skywater Park.

I don’t know why, but the penguins in Antarctica came to me. (Laughter)

There is a convenience store near the entrance, so you can buy it if you forget something. They were selling not only disposable shampoo and soap but also beach sandals.

This is how the ticket counter looks. When you buy a ticket, they will wrap a band around your wrist. The entrance is complete!

*These are the plans and prices as of September 2019.

All-day pricing from Monday to Thursday (9 o’clock to 10 o’clock)
Adult: 1,000 pesos (Includes 1 hour body massage)
Child: 900 pesos (Including 1 hour of Seb’s Club use)
But there are many reasonable plans from afternoon to night!

Monday – Wednesday: All-you-can-eat fried chicken
-Advance reservation 399 peso, walk-in 449 peso, same fee for adults and children
-You can use the pool from 3 o’clock to 10 o’clock.
-All-you-can-eat fried chicken + 1 drink (6 o’clock to 8 o’clock)

Thu & d: Cultural and Fire Dance show
-Adult: 750 pesos, Child: 699 pesos
-You can use the pool from 3 o’clock to 10 o’clock.
-Dinner Buffet + 1 drink (6 o’clock to 8 o’clock)

Gold: BBQ Night
-Advance booking 399 peso, walk-in 449 peso, same fee for adults and children)
-You can use the pool from 3 o’clock to 10 o’clock.
-All-you-can-eat Filipino style grilled skewers + 1 drink (6 o’clock to 8 o’clock)
-Live Band

Sat: Semi Dinner Buffet
-Advance booking 399 peso, walk-in 449 peso, same fee for adults and children)
-Meal + 1 drink (6 o’clock to 8 o’clock)/pool available from 3 o’clock to 10 o’clock
-Live Band

Day: Sunday Lunch Buffet
-Advance booking is 499 pesos for adults, 599 pesos for walk-ins/399 pesos for children and 499 pesos for children.
-You can use the pool from 9 o’clock to 6:30.
-Lunch buffet (12 o’clock to 2 o’clock)


spacious and clean facilities

This is a part of the main pool which is 465 square meters and long on the left and right. The surface of the water was shining under the clear sky, and I wanted to dive in right away.

[SKYWATERPARK] is less than 1 year old, so the facilities are new and clean.

Maybe because the summer vacation season just started, there were children playing in the water in the morning on a weekday.

This is a very colorful water park behind the main pool. The depth is 0.3 meters, which is perfect for children, and there are slides and swings. A large bucket at the top of the playground equipment tilts every 5 minutes and a lot of water falls from inside. It is interesting to soak in a lot of water.

Unlike the main pool which is open from 9 AM to 10 PM, this pool is open until 6 PM for safety reasons.

How about tropical juice or cocktails in the pool?

The pool side bar of SKYWATERPARK has a seat below the surface of the water, so you can enjoy a drink while soaking in the pool. We have not only beer but also soft drinks.

This is an open inner zone without outer walls. But the surrounding area is still under development, so the view from the pool was a little disappointing.

Next to the Infiniti pool there are sunbeds and tables with sunshades so you can relax.

And there was a space for children called “SEB`S KIDS CLUB” in the back. Of course you can use the pool facility freely, but it is a members-only children’s class where you can learn English and art.

Also, there is a food court, so if you are a little hungry, you can pick up something. They also sold iced coffee, shakes and fruit juices.

I ordered Korean snacks such as Kimbap (150 pesos, about 310 yen) and Tteokbokki (120 pesos, about 250 yen) at the food court and enjoyed them.


SKYWATERPARK shows a different face when the sun sets. During the day, it is a space for guests with children, but at night, it becomes a space suitable for adults with lovers or friends.
Then, I will tell you how the night after 6 PM is.

Lighting is also installed in the pool, and the color of the water changes to blue, green, pink, etc., transforming it into a more fantastic space.

The bar counter in the water also has a romantic atmosphere. The image of the poster is outstanding!

However, it was windy because it was on the roof top, and I felt cold at night. It might be better to prepare long sleeves.

Here are some good deals!

There is a promo called “EVENING GATEWAY” from Monday to Thursday at 4 PM where the entrance fee for 1,000 peso is 300 peso (Approximately \620)! We don’t know how long it will last at this point. Please visit us soon!

Friday BBQ Night

An event called “BBQ Night” is held every Friday from 6 PM. You can eat chicken, pork, shrimp, corn, banana and other grilled skewers as much as you like!

The price is only 399 peso (Approximately \820) if you reserve in advance including 1 drink (Beer is also available!)! And there are live band performances. Of course, please feel free to use the pool!

It is seafood such as shrimp and squid that is grilled deliciously.

And there was a live performance of reggae band on the day I visited. The combination of pool, BBQ, and reggae music is the best snack and you can drink more and more beer.

This is the BBQ I actually had. The squid was surprisingly soft and delicious.

In addition to the above

On the 19th floor of Toyoko Inn there is a lounge bar called “INDUSTRY” where you can enjoy a nice night view.

It is open from Tuesday to Saturday until 2 PM, so it is recommended for those who want to drink slowly after the pool is over.

I actually visited it, and it was a beautiful bar that had just opened. The night view from the 19th floor is nice, and it might be a great place!

Children to adults can enjoy [SKYWATERPARK]. Because it is located on the roof of the shopping mall, it has the advantage of being able to do shopping, meals and activities all in one place.

Everyone, please stop by!

Address: 6th Floor (Roof Deck), J Centre Mall, 165 A.S. Fortuna Street, Bakilid
Contact: (032) 345 1234
Admission: 1,000 pesos for adults, 900 pesos for children up to the age of 12.
Opening hours: 9: 00 ~ 22: 00

Official website: http://www.skywaterpark.com/about/
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skywaterparkcebu/


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