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Tajimaya | All you can eat yakiniku at 650 peso! Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant on Cebu Island

Hello! After saying “You’re not old enough to eat as much as you want.” and desperately eating yakiniku saying “Must take the original price!!!” I got an upset stomach later ・・・

Oh, it’s me.

All You Can Eat Cebu Island Yakiniku
Actually, when I went to Cebu Island for the first time, I didn’t know anything about it, but when my Filipino friend came to Cebu Island for the second time, he said, “Do you know Tajimaya (Tajimaya)? It is the barbecue buffet in 399 peso.” and I didn’t know anything about it.

↑ 399 pesos is in 2013. As of March 2019, it was 650 pesos.


It takes 5 to 10 minutes by taxi from Ayala Mall.

This is a bit of a restaurant area, but there are a lot of restaurants with a very nice atmosphere, including Maya.
There is also a small (But there are some elegant people.) disco club here.

I am sorry that the image cannot be conveyed because of the serious lack of pictures.
I will add more photos next time, yes 。。。

This is the menu in front of the restaurant. It’s easy to understand.

This is an assortment of various ingredients. It looks very delicious, but of course I didn’t come for that.

All You Can Eat Yakiniku! This is it!

The store is not that big ・・・!
Each booth has a large space! It’s pretty comfortable.

It’s quite spacious when four people sit together.
Oh, but it must be a tough place for many people. Yakiniku restaurant “Wakamatsu” is fine but ・・・

All you can eat beef, pork, chicken, white fish and wiener.
Of course, rice and drinks are different, so I would like to prepare about 800 peso including them.

With the former teacher ・・・
By the way, Filipinos also love yakiniku.

When I was about to leave, a cat came to me at the entrance and said, “Give me some food!” lol.

Tajimaya (Tajimaya) Summary
Budget per person: 800 pesos
Audience: Unknown
Seat width: quite wide and comfortable
Crowd: There are few seats, so it might be better to make a reservation on Friday and Saturday.
Recommended dish: All you can eat 680 pesos
Wi-Fi: Yes, it does

If you are particular about the taste without the price, I recommend the yakiniku restaurant “Wakamatsu” in Maboro. But this one is about 100 peso cheaper even if it is the same all-you-can-eat.

It should be open from 5 o’clock at night.


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