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tajimaya | A high-class Japanese-style barbecue restaurant on the side of Mactan, Cebu Island.

Mactan no Tajimaya
The other day, I heard that Mr. S, an acquaintance of mine who was my classmate at First Wellness (FEA), was coming to study abroad (This time I’m going to McTan.), so I rushed to Mactan’s side.

At that time, he introduced me to the “Tajimaya”

On this day, I was treated by Mr. S to high quality yakiniku which I can never eat normally. (Thank You Here: Thank You!)

As for Tajimaya in Cebu Island, I only knew “Tajimaya” on the crossroad, but I didn’t know there is one here.

It’s here.

It is located in a mall near the airport, Mactan Marina Mall (Mactan Marina Mall).

This sign is exactly the same as Tajimaya in Crossroad.

I think the menu is probably the same.

“Tajimaya” is 450 peso (Approx. ¥1000) and Eat all you can! I only remembered the all-you-can-eat course, and although it was delicious, it wasn’t so “I want to repeat it!” right 。。。。

However, I had a meal with Mr. S, a gourmet. Mr. S doesn’t have the option of all-you-can-eat. (Laughter)

You can start with a la carte at ・・・

Just as I thought so, the best Japanese beef of Tajimaya suddenly appeared.

What’s more, I didn’t expect 5 slices! (Seriously, ・・・)

I didn’t know there was such marbled meat in Cebu Island.

This meat,

Very delicious ・・・ w

Wow, it was so delicious that I was surprised.

I never thought I could eat such delicious food in Cebu Island.

Then, the most expensive meat of Tajimaya came from different parts (Was it kalbi?).

This is also very delicious.

Even if you don’t know much about meat, you can understand that it is “Good!”.

I had a variety of dishes with the best quality such as kalbi, loin, and harami.

Cebu is always short of vegetables, so don’t forget to order lettuce.
As expected, the price of lettuce is average.

In addition, add garlic for stamina!

Garlic was also delicious.

But you need something like a blescare after eating.

No, I think it was one of the most luxurious meals in Cebu.

Oh, you don’t have to worry because the staff will change the net properly.

Summary of TAJIMAYA

This time, I thought I had an opportunity to have this kind of meal, but I don’t know how good it is to go to the restaurant once. What’s more, if you don’t order the best one, you can’t see the potential of the restaurant.

McTan of Tajimaya is a betrayal in a good sense.

I think the price of 1 dish was about 2000 yen, which is the most expensive in Japanese yen (That 5 pieces of marbled beef), but ・・・ I forgot. It may be cheaper than eating the same food in Japan, but if you eat it with several men, it will cost a lot of money, so I think it will be difficult if you don’t prepare with a certain amount of money.

Unfortunately, at this stage I have never been to the famous yakiniku restaurant “Kanyoen” on the Cebu City side, so I can’t compare, but if you don’t care about the price and feel like “I will eat something delicious today!”, I think this is a pretty good restaurant.

Also, each seat is spacious and customers can’t get in so much, so I think the service of the staff is attractive.

By the way, Filipinos like Yakiniku no Tare, so if you entertain them with Yakiniku like this, they will be happy.

If you have a chance to entertain your guests at Mactan, please!

PS. By the way, I think the owner of Crossroad Tajimaya was a Chinese, but this is Japanese ・・・ I misheard, brunch (branch office) or franchise, but the sign is the same.


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