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SPA special about Toyoko Inn Cebu! I recommend this massage shop if you stay at Toyoko Inn.

Toyoko Inn is a business hotel with the largest number of stores in Japan. Recently, the number of overseas branches has increased, and Toyoko Inns have opened in 5 countries as of July 2018.

Cebu Island in the Philippines has been a hot topic since it opened, and it is one of the popular hotels even now. I like this hotel and often stay there.

This time, I would like to introduce the spa and massage around Toyoko Inn Hotel, which is popular not only among Japanese businessmen but also tourists and medium- to long-term guests.

Speaking of Cebu island, massage! Most people go there more than once a week because they can take it for 1 to 2 hours at a low price.

By the way, Toyoko Inn Hotel itself has a massage service.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu19

If you don’t want to go out, it’s a good idea to have room service. I am glad that it is not so expensive as 60 minutes and 400 pages.

Apart from that, I will introduce a recommended restaurant within a few minutes’ walk from Toyoko Inn Hotel. In addition, all of the 3 stores introduced this time are managed by Japanese.

Spa and massage near Toyoko Inn Cebu

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu17
Toyoko Inn is a hotel directly connected to J Center Mall in Mandaue City, Cebu City. The mall is medium-sized, but it has a variety of restaurants, including a money exchange office, a visa renewal office, a beauty salon run by Japanese, and Japanese food. There is also the Brighure English Academy which has a good reputation for business English.

Also, there is the Skywater Park on the 6th floor, which is the best facility to play in the pool with small children.

The street in front of the mall is called A.S. Fortuna Street and has many Japanese, Korean and ramen restaurants.
When you stay at Toyoko Inn which is very convenient for your stay, I will introduce you to the recommended spa and massage around.

1.Japanese Tea Lounge

Recommended rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
The first is Japanese Tea Lounge. As the name suggests, it is a massage shop run by Japanese.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu3
The place is next to Seven-Eleven which you go to the left from Toyoko Inn.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu18
This massage parlor is relatively always crowded with not only Japanese customers but also Koreans and Filipinos. I often wait from evening to night.

*Foot massage 60 minutes 250 p
*Body massage 60 minutes 300 p
The menu is simple, either foot or body massage. 250 pages in 60 minutes is very cheap! The cost performance is the best. In the case of foot massage, you don’t have to worry because they will lend you shorts even if you wear long pants.

There is no toilet in the store, so please make sure to use it before you go.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu6
This chair is for foot massage only. There is a partition so you can relax without worrying about your neighbors.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu5
This is for body massage. Each type is separated by a curtain.

The lighting is quite dark, so you can relax and get a massage. It is open from 10: 00 ~ 26: 00 and is open until late at night. It is a good cost effective massage shop which is about 1 minute walk from Toyoko Inn.


Recommended rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Next is the R SPA. This spa is on the 6th floor, the front floor of Toyoko Inn. It’s where the Watersky Park is.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu16
Here is the exterior of the shop. This store has just opened and is very beautiful. Japanese staff are also stationed. One of the features of this shop is that Japanese massage therapists give direct technical instruction to Filipinos, so you can get authentic Japanese shiatsu.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu15
The massage room is completely private. There are 2 or more beds in the private room, and even if you use the same room with your friends, you can separate them with curtains. Of course you can do it alone.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu4
This is a space for foot massage. Foot massage is Chinese and Taiwanese style pressure massage. In the Philippines, the flat of the finger is used, so it is not that stimulating, but this shop is different.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu26
The price of the massage is on this flyer.

Foot massage 30 minutes 500 p
Shiatsu Body 40 minutes Back only 700 P
Oil 60 min. 1000 p
There are many benefits such as 30% off for language school students, so please check it out. The limited-time offer will be announced on Facebook, so please check this out too.

By the way, only hotel guests can go from the 6th floor of Toyoko Inn. If you don’t stay, you need to take an elevator from J Center Mall.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu27
Go through security here at 7-Eleven and take the escalator up.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu31
Once inside, turn right and go straight. (Turn right at the restaurant with a purple sign that says “Dessert Factory.”)

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu30
Take this elevator to the sixth floor.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu29
Once you get off, it’s easy to find if you go to the penguin statue in the water sky park.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu28

Also, it may be crowded at night, so it’s better to make a reservation on LINE. Japanese is OK.

LINE ID: rspajp

3.Avalon Spa

Recommended rating: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
The 3rd introduction is here, Avalon spa .

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu2
It is located at the end of this “NORKIS” area next to J Center Mall. This area includes the “Raku Raku” and “Skillet (Schillet)” Japanese operated barbecue restaurants.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu14
The inside of the store has a refreshing impression based on blue.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu13
This is a foot massage chair and there is a nail space in the back.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu12
The body massage room is here. It is a completely private room type.

There are so many dishes on the menu that I can’t decide. For now, I will introduce the price of the standard one.

*Oil & Shiatsu 60 minutes 450 p
*Oil or shiatsu massage 60 minutes 450 p
*Hand massage 60 min. 300 p
*Foot massage 60 minutes 300 p
*Gel Nail 1300 P
*Classic Manicure 400 P
*Gel Nail Pedicure 1400 P
Other than that, there are facials and eyelashes. Everything is cheaper than in Japan, so it’s worth trying!

Bonus: Doctor Fish

There is a place where you can experience doctor fish in J Center Mall, so I would like to introduce you.

What is doctor fish?
It is said that when people put their hands and feet in the water, they gather to eat the dead skin cells on the surface of the water, and since the dead skin cells can be removed safely, it is said that the stimulation of eating them activates the nerves and has health effects. See also: Wikipedia

I think there are few people who know it because it is located in a place that is hard to find and there is no signboard.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu1
For the location, go straight on this road next to the entrance of Toyoko Inn.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu11
Then, flower garden equipment like in the picture? I think we’ll see the store. Doctor fish is in this corner.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu7
The sign of fish spa! The price seems to be 100 pages for 15 minutes and 50 pages for 30 minutes.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu9

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu8
It’s a pretty big fish tank. I was surprised that the facility was surprisingly solid.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu10
When you put your foot in, it looks like this, and doctor fish will swarm! I think 15 minutes is enough. It is 50 pages (Around 100 yen), so it is much cheaper than doing it in Japan!

Please try it when you stay at Toyoko Inn.

Toyoko Inn?

Finally, I will introduce a little about Toyoko Inn Cebu.

Toyoko Inn is located on A.S. Fortuna street in Cebu City and is a hotel directly connected to J Center Mall.

It is equipped with bath tub, dryer and refrigerator with the same quality as Japan, which is rare in Philippines. You can also have a free breakfast with a focus on Japanese and Philippine food.

The Wi-Fi speed is slow in the Philippines, but the feature of Toyoko Inn is that the Wi-Fi speed is fast. Also, it is rare in the Philippines to have a smoking room.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu23
The entrance is this way. The security guards are always standing, so it is safe from the aspect of security.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu22
This is an example of a double room. They have a fluffy mattress, clean white sheets and a Japanese-style air conditioner in a bright room.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu21
The interior is exactly the same as in Japan. You can watch Japanese NHK on TV. There is also a pot with free water, coffee and tea.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu20
Bathroom. It features a washlet type toilet and a large bathtub. Other than hand shower, there is also rain shower type.

SPA around Toyoko Inn Cebu24
An example of breakfast. Breakfast is simple but reasonably good.

If it’s a single room, you can stay at 1300 pages (Around 2700 yen), so it’s a very cost-effective hotel. If you are a Toyoko Inn member, you can stay for 10 nights and 1 night for free.

But check out at 10 o’clock and check in at 16 o’clock are disadvantages. In Cebu Island, basically there are many hotels that check out at 12 o’clock and check in at 14 o’clock, so the stay is a little short.


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