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[Sirao Garden] Enjoy shooting at the 2 big theme parks of flowers! How to get there is also explained.

What is Sirao Garden?

Cebu Island is famous for marine activities and beach resorts such as “island hopping” where you go around various islands by boat in emerald green sea and “whale shark watching”. Do students studying in Cebu enjoy the sea?

Actually, there are various sightseeing spots not only on the sea but also on land. There are various sightseeing spots such as “TOPS” which is an observatory overlooking Cebu City, “Symara Church” which is the largest church on Cebu Island, and “Museums” which shows the history of Cebu Island. How far have you conquered?

This time we’re going to introduce you to [Sirao Garden], a flower theme park located about 50 minutes’ drive from “JY Square Mall” in Cebu City.

Sirao Garden26
*︎ Open Google Maps

Located in the mountains, the “Sirao” district features 2 flower theme parks spaced 100 meters apart. One is “Sirao Gaden, Little Amsterdam” which opened in 2015 and can be called the originator, and the other is “Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site” which opened in 2016 and is also called “Sirao PGCS” for short.

Because both operations are different, the admission fee will be paid separately.

Last year we introduced you to “Terrazas de Flores” an outdoor botanical garden also located in the mountains, but it’s quieter and more suitable for dates between lovers, while “Shirao Garden” is a great place for picnics between family and friends.

Then, I would like to visit 2 flower theme parks together from now on. THE SEA IS GOOD, BUT IN FACT, I’M IN THE MOUNTAINS! For those of you who love photos and Insta! Check out the full article at the link below.

Sirao Gaden, Little Amsterdam

Sirao Garden25
This is the ticket counter of “Shirao Garden” which is also called “Little Amsterdam”. Admission is 50 pesos (Approximately \105), which is pretty cheap.

Sirao Garden24
The entrance is right next to the ticket counter. Let’s go inside!

Sirao Garden23
There is a fence outside the garden, so it’s hard to see inside from outside. Then, when you enter while paying the entrance fee, there is a staircase in the center and a flower garden on both sides.

Sirao Garden21
The flower representing both “Sirao Garden” parks is “Celosia Cristata”. In Japan, this flower is called “Celosia (chicken head)” because it resembles the head of a chicken. Because it is a summer flower, it is resistant to high temperatures and dryness and is suitable for the climate of the Philippines.

Sirao Garden7
At the edge of the garden is a field of Chinese cherries, with red and yellow flowers blooming on a lush green mountain as a canvas.

Sirao Garden14
The main feature of both of these “Shirao Garden” is that they have not only flowers but also a variety of sculptures and photo spots. It is very popular among Filipinos who love taking pictures.

Sirao Garden18
I visited on Saturday afternoon, and there were many people visiting and taking pictures because it was weekend.

I couldn’t even tell if they came to see flowers or if they were in a crowd. Then I gave up on taking my own pictures and took pictures of happy people. (Laughter)

Sirao Garden11
Four brothers pose with a sign board made in a very tropical color that is typical of the Philippines. It might be better if the artificial flowers planted in front are richer.

Sirao Garden10
In Japan, Filipinos love “Selfie (Selfie)” which is “selfie”. Corresponding to that, there were selfie corners everywhere in the garden. (Laughter)

Sirao Garden17
One of them is a floating photo frame (Top Left). It looks like you can take a good picture with nature in the background! In addition, if you sit on a bicycle with a basket full of flowers on it (Top Right), you can enjoy the fragrance of the countryside.

Sirao Garden22
There are also shaped things like Western-style detached houses. This sister is posing on a nice balcony. My dream home (? ) ‘s dreams are likely to grow.

Sirao Garden20
Inside the park, there are shops selling drinks, simple snacks and small flower pots. It’s hard to find a flower shop in Cebu, so if you like it, you can buy it as a souvenir for yourself.

Sirao Garden6
In front of the shop, there was a bronze statue of a child which is common in elementary schools. When the park closes at night, they walk around the park… lol

Sirao Garden5
There is a restroom in the park, and we put a sign board like this to guide you. I was curious about it, so I followed the sign to the toilet. What were you waiting for there?

Sirao Garden12
There was a building like a simple toilet for both men and women. On top of that, it says that water doesn’t flow kindly (tears).

I recommend that you wash your hands before and after “Shirao Garden” as much as possible.

Sirao Garden1
What do you think of the “Shirao Garden” which has a windmill suitable for the theme of “Little Amsterdam”?

I think you can take better pictures with fewer people in the morning than in the afternoon! Don’t forget to fully charge your camera and phone!

*Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM
*Admission: 50 pesos
*Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SiraoGardenOFFICIAL/

Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site

Sirao Garden3
Next, this is the entrance of “Silao PGCS” which is located about 100 meters before the original “Shirao Garden”. The entrance fee was also 50 pesos and they stamped my arm.

Sirao Garden9
# SIRAOPGCS. If you do a search for the Instagram hashtag “sirao” in advance, you’ll get a good idea of the angles and poses you should take to get a great photo. Please refer to it!

Sirao Garden8
This park has the same structure of entering from the entrance and going down the stairs.

Sirao Garden15
There were a lot of people taking pictures with sculptures, and looking down from above, it was like a diorama world.

Sirao Garden16
I also took pictures of people happily taking pictures.

Sirao Garden13
It’s a space full of happy viruses that make you laugh as your family and friends take pictures and take pictures.

Sirao Garden19
“LOVE”. It looks more rough than the sculptures with the same letters installed in Shinjuku, but I think I can take a different picture with the nature of mountains, sky and flowers in the background. There is a ladder to climb a sculpture on the back, so why don’t you take a nice pose for yourself?

Sirao Garden4
Last but not least, this “Silao PGCS” has a small swimming pool. There is an extra charge of 100 peso (Approximately \210). I thought it was a nice outdoor pool when I saw it in the picture before going there, but when I actually saw it, it was small like an open-air bath. Plus, the color of the water was cloudy, so to be honest, I was disappointed…

*Hours: 6 AM to 6:30 PM
*Admission: 50 pesos
*Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SiraoPGCS/

How to get to Sirao Garden

Taxis don’t go at the meter rate, and even if you reserve a car at the “Grab”, the one way fare from JY Square Mall is expensive at 1,100 peso (Approximately \2,330).

Also, even if you can go by taxi or Grab, I don’t recommend you to go back because there is no guarantee that you can get a car there.

Sirao Garden2

So I used the round trip service of the van called “GO TO TOPS” which I introduced last year. Attend the Joliby fast food chain parking next to JY Square Mall and the round trip to “Shirao Garden” is reasonably priced at 350 peso (Approximately \740) per person.

Sirao Garden closes at 6:30 PM, so take a van leaving at 2 PM, 3:20 or 4:40!
But until last year, you could get on it without a reservation, but now it’s quite famous, so you need to reserve a seat in advance.


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