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Qbay | Recommended for international students in Cebu who want to eat yakitori! Japanese restaurant run by QQ English

Q-bee is a Japanese restaurant located in IT Park in Cebu City. It is a restaurant run by QQ English.

It is on the first floor of a building called Skyrise 4 which has QQ English.

This is the best restaurant to recommend Yakitori, and you can have a meal like Izakaya.

By the way, the Japanese restaurants in IT Park are “Chigurari (dwarf)”,, “Sushi Boy” and “BARIKATA”.

There are more Japanese restaurants in the IT park.


It’s here.

It’s on the first floor of Skyrise 4, opposite CIVET COFFEE.

This is the exterior of Qbee.

It’s very open. In Japan, there is no shop with such atmosphere.

The store is divided into first and second floors, and the first floor is a non-air-conditioned area. The second floor is a comfortable air conditioning area.

The first floor is not that hot because there is an electric fan even if there is no air conditioner.

There are counter seats on the first floor. It also serves as a smoking area.

The second floor is for a large group. There are not only QQEnglish but also many other foreign students in the IT park, so there are many groups on the second floor.

The second floor is a space where you can have a meal completely, but the first floor has an atmosphere where you can drink and work alone after evening. Especially the front side is like a terrace, so I think it’s good to concentrate on work and study.

This is the photo I took when I was having dinner at Qbee when I was covering QQEnglish.

Qbee is more like an izakaya than a Japanese restaurant. Recommended when you want to have a meal while drinking happily like this. I am glad that the price is lower than other Japanese restaurants.

Qbay menu

Let’s take a look at the menu of Qbee.

There is also a special promo menu of pop.





Here’s the menu.

The main dish is yakitori, but there are many other dishes that make you nostalgic when you are in Cebu Island. I think the price is reasonable. We also have ramen. It’s quite authentic, so please try it at the end!

Edamame (167 pesos)

It’s the same edamame as in Japan. The picture shows the regular size, but there is also a small size that is great for one person.

Yakitori (From 44 pesos per 1)

It is delicious as we are proud of Yakitori. There are also internal organs such as Hatsu and liver.

By the way, I recently opened a restaurant called “ToriTori” in the IT park, which serves yakitori grilled in a fully automatic yakitori maker made in Japan, or rather a BBQ, but it tastes better to have it grilled over charcoal like this.

Gyoza (99 pesos)

99 pesos for 7 is the cheapest price even in Cebu. It’s gyoza with lots of vegetables.

Vegetable salad (155 pesos)

I am glad that the amount is large.

Chicken salad (166 pesos)

It’s good that you can take protein in vegetables.

Other than that, there are ramen salad, chicken steak salad, and uncured ham salad.

Salt Ramen Noodles to Finish Your Meal (250 pesos)

This is delicious. The soup tastes good.

But the ingredients are different every time. Char siu is very moist and delicious sometimes, but sometimes it’s disappointing.
I forgot to mention it, but since Q-bee uses Japanese rice, it goes well with rice. Each dish is voluminous, so be careful not to order too much.

Qbay lunch

Recently, the lunch of Qbee has become more powerful.

We had lunch before, but the menu has increased a lot.

Salt Ramen + Half Fried Rice (250 pesos)

Many other customers also order ramen. 250 pesos with half fried rice is a good deal.

But it never comes with fried rice. It is different every time, like salmon rice or garlic rice (lol).

If you want to eat fried rice, please confirm in advance.

Mapo Tofu Rice Bowl (200 pesos)

Come to think of it, I don’t think there are many places where you can eat Japanese Mapo Tofu in Cebu Island.

200 pesos is a lot. The rice is also quite filling. But it didn’t taste good at all. The miso soup is Chinese style soup or minestrone which changes daily.

Sauce-Base Yakisoba Noodles (100 pesos)

100 pesos is cheap and good. I recommend it because you can take a lot of vegetables.

Summary of Qbay

Personally, I recommend you to come here with Japanese.

I don’t think it’s bad at all to come with Filipinos, but the taste is completely based on Japanese soy sauce and salt, so it may not be that popular in the Philippines, where people are used to sweets. (At least my acquaintance was like that.)

Yakitori, karaage and salads are not all sweet. Delicious food for us seems a little different for them. Especially when it comes to yakitori, the internal organs give a strange look lol It is quite difficult to explain the internal organs in English, so it is useful for studying and making a reference, but ・・・

If you go to a Japanese restaurant with a Filipino, I recommend eating sukiyaki or yakiniku (they like the sweet sauce for yakiniku) at Chiburi!

Finally, if only QQ English exchange students come, the price will be cheaper.

Budget: 200 ~ 500 pesos
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Q-Bay-Restaurant-176597035810425/
Number of seats: There are quite a few, so basically you don’t have to make a reservation. However, if there are many people, it is safer to make a reservation.
Wifi: I have Wifi. In fact, wifi here is pretty fast. 10 M comes out. There are a lot of places where Wi-Fi is available in the IT park, but after the evening, there are quite a lot of people in the café, and the speed decreases. There aren’t many people here, and there aren’t many people who use computers in the first place, so I recommend it.


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