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No skill required! Take a look at the sea of Cebu with the sea walker which is easier than diving!!

Hello, I’m Miho, a writer who has a diving master’s C card. The sea of Cebu is good. It is warm all year round, and the sea is beautiful. Usually there are not many fish in the beautiful sea, but there are many fish in Cebu!

In Cebu, I am mainly a diver, but this time I have a connection with it, and I wanted to use a PTN travel tour company to challenge Sea Walker, which I have always wanted to try.

What is Sea Walker?

Sea Walker is an activity where you can walk on the bottom of the sea wearing a helmet. There is a hose attached to the helmet, and oxygen is sent from there.

Of course, your face won’t get wet because you wear a helmet! Also, you don’t have to be able to swim because you walk on the bottom of the sea. Diving is a bit scary … Many people don’t want their face to get wet and don’t want to remove their makeup.

For such people, this Sea Walker is the best. The seabed is 3 ~ 5 meters deep, and of course the range of movement is small, but compared to snorkeling, it is much closer to fish and you can feed from the same viewpoint.

And it’s one of the most popular sea activities because it’s less accessible and doesn’t require any skills.

Tour company of Cebu which I used this time ‘PTN Travel’

The tour company I used this time is PTN Travel which deals with various tours of Cebu.

In addition to sea walker and other marine activities, we also offer a variety of tours related to Cebu, including bohol tours, city tours, new half shows, spas and massages.

I’m going to Cebu for sightseeing, but if you don’t know what kind of tours there are, you can find out how to play Cebu by looking at them.

PTN Travel’s Sea Walker 3 Points

So, if you’ve ever played Sea Walker, or haven’t, how does it work in Cebu? I’d like to introduce it because I actually experienced it.

Point (1) Execution is aquamarine in tambuli

When I made a reservation for Sea Walker at PTN Travel, the shop that actually did the tour was Aquamarine, a marine sports specialty shop in Cebu.

Aquamarine is located in the area called Tamburi, a little beyond the Costa Bella Hotel in the resort area of Mactan. Tamburi is currently in the process of building and developing a condominium.

Even now, there are accommodations, a swimming pool and a beach, and aquamarine is in it.

Point (2) As a Japanese owner, you can speak Japanese.

Aquamarine is a shop owned by a Japanese owner, and several Japanese staff are always there, so you can do everything in Japanese! Of course, Sea Walker is explained in Japanese by Japanese, so you don’t have to worry.

You don’t have to worry about being forced to sink into the sea without explaining to the local staff lol

Point (3) The sea walker is very close.

The actual spot for sea walkers is where you ride a small boat from the beach and drive for about 3 minutes. You don’t have to worry about getting seasick because the time you take a boat is short.

Also, there is almost no waiting time because it is close. You can do sea walker immediately and go back to the shop as soon as you finish. So, it’s good that you can do it quickly when you want to do it, not to mention that you won’t lose a day.

Just because it’s close doesn’t mean the ocean is dirty or there are no fish. The sea is beautiful and there are a lot of fish. You don’t have to go all the way to a remote island to enjoy it.

Check Aquamarine facilities

I checked the aquamarine facilities. I hope you can understand the atmosphere even a little.

There is a pretty big pool in front of the store. Aquamarine users can use the pool for free.

This is a hotel. I heard that it was destroyed about 2 years ago, but it was resumed before I knew it. They say the fare is cheap, but the facilities are not good.

I found a good point for taking a commemorative photo. I love you!

This is the Aquamarine store. It was pretty big.

There is also a safe and changing room.

The counter of the store. We have Filipino staff, but Japanese staff are always there.

a changing room. There was a luggage stand inside. The curtains are a little thin.

The shop sells marine goods. We have everything from T-shirts as souvenirs to Beesan, sunscreen, waterproof cases, and other items that are useful for playing in the ocean.

A T-shirt of Ai Love “fat”! This is good ~ (lol)

There are a lot of snorkeling goods outside. They also rent snorkels only. You can swim leisurely at the beach.

Of course there is no toilet paper in the common bathroom, so it’s nice that you prepare it here.

I think I can do various things even if I suddenly want to do something else.

They keep your valuables safe and lock the door. This is the key to your valuables, so please keep this with you.

I actually experienced Sea Walker.

Well, I actually tried Sea Walker! How will they explain what the flow actually is? …。 I can’t stop worrying about what kind of boat I’m on, where I’m going and what I’m going to do! lol

I want to dispel such anxiety ~. By the way, I’ve dived before, but I’m nervous because this is my first time to see a sea walker.

First, we will receive an explanation of Sea Walker from Japanese staff.

① I always wear marine shoes. Because I walk on the bottom of the sea.
② Hold on to the ladder and wait.
③ The staff will cover you with a helmet.
④ Down the ladder to the bottom.
⑤ Important ⭐︎ Be sure to remove your ears. Because of the pressure of the water depth, pressure is applied to the ear, so it is necessary to remove it.
⑥ It goes to the bottom of the sea.
⑦ After that, you can feed, look at the scenery and walk freely.
I receive an explanation like this.

The important thing is to hold the ladder and wait. I wear a helmet. Then slowly descend the ladder to remove the ears.

Is it like that? There is nothing particularly difficult. You can put your hand into the helmet, so you can pull out your ears by pinching your nose.

After that, when you are ready to go to the sea, you go to the sea. I didn’t have to bring any luggage. If you want to take a picture, you can take a camera or a smartphone, but it’s better to put it in a waterproof case.

There is a space where you can put your luggage at the point. If you want photos of underwater, the staff will take them with gopro. If you have your own underwater camera, give it to the staff and they will take it for you.

Well, the staff will take you to the beach. The guide by Japanese staff is over here, and local staff will take care of the rest.

Move to the point on the yellow boat in front of you. It takes only 3 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about seasickness.

I’m excited.

Boat off! The beach is getting far away. This time, I was with two other people.

Here we are at the point. Quick! This is the station and you enter the sea from here.

It seems that the previous customer was in the middle of sea walker.

This is the waiting area. There is also a place to put luggage. First, you wear marine shoes. And if it’s not particularly crowded, you can get caught by a ladder and start a sea walker.

The sea is beautiful enough here too!

You go down the ladder looking back like this. If you soak up to your waist, hold on and wait. After that, if a staff member opens his helmet and an instructor comes along to dive with him, he goes down the ladder.

The staff will let go of the ladder before the ladder actually comes down. If you do that, it will drag you down.

Oh, no. I forgot to pull out my ears.

But it’s about 3 to 5 meters deep, so it’s not as important as diving. However, it will be very painful if you don’t remove your ears even at this depth of water, so don’t forget it. It’s too late to notice on the way being dragged.

Please pull out your ears when you hold your ladder.

Is the staff all right? If it’s OK, I’ll give you my signature. If you have a pain in your ears, raise the water depth once and remove your ears again.

After that, I will follow the staff’s instructions. They give you a container with food, and there is a pipe on the bottom of the sea to show the route, so you walk around while giving food.

The actual scene of Sea Walker was filmed with gopro. I think it is very easy to understand how it is because I edited and summarized it. Please take a look.

After finishing the Sea Walker, what do you think?

Of course, my impression as a dive master is not enough. Of course I can’t move freely.

Sea Walker wears a helmet and a hose comes out from there and is connected to the compressor on the ground. That’s why the hose is so annoying! It often gets tangled up and you can’t move.

And the helmet is heavier than I expected. It’s pretty heavy. The staff explained, but when you lean forward, it goes like a helmet spawn. Of course, you can’t lean forward because you will drown.

And it’s always straight and you can only see in front of you. Also, the glass parts on both sides of the helmet are bent strangely, so even if you look sideways, the view is distorted and you can’t see anything. Visibility is always around 60 degrees.

You need to look back slowly with your face.

Also, the helmet was too heavy and unbalanced, so I always had to hold the helmet with one hand. Otherwise, I’m afraid of falling. Let go of my hands, yeah! I can’t do it.

But some people have both hands free, so it depends on the person. But there were a lot of people holding it with their hands.

But there are some good things about Sea Walker!

First, don’t get your face wet.
I went ashore and took off my helmet and checked, but my face is not wet! So my hair is dry. Many people who don’t want to dive don’t want their face to get wet, their hair to get wet, or their makeup to come off.

Of course Sea Walker won’t get wet. You don’t have to worry about being called “Who?” when you go ashore! w

And above all, it’s easier than diving.
There is also a diving program called ‘hands-on diving’ where you can enjoy diving without a C card. However, even if it is trial diving, you can’t do trial diving unless you clear 2 skills, ears and a lecture of about 30 minutes.

Also, trial diving usually takes about half a day, so it is not suitable for people who want to play more.

Of course, your face and hair get wet, and you need to get used to it because you only breathe through your mouth.

Sea walkers don’t have them, so it’s easier than diving. It takes about an hour to complete, so you can do other activities.

And there is no big difference between trial diving and sea walker. The water depth of the fish you can see is almost the same. So Sea Walker is easy to use, but I think it’s good that you can see fish up close and feed them.

There are many people who say … for sea walker though … is scary for experience diving. That’s why it became so popular all at once.

The sea of Cebu is really beautiful and there are a lot of fish. As you can see from the video, there are so many fish that even if you take a picture, you can’t see your face.

I’m afraid of experiencing diving, so I can’t do it! If so, please try Sea Walker. A new world opens up.

The tour company PTN Travel which I used this time
In addition to the Sea Walker, we offer a variety of tours, including Bohol Island Sightseeing, Whinbayze Tour in Oslob, Island Hopping, City Sightseeing, Spa and Massage Arrangements.

They also arrange hotels, so I think people who make individual arrangements for tours can use it.

Click here for the official website


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