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Nearby airport [Marina Mall] All restaurants, exchange, souvenir, massage

Marina Mall is the closest shopping mall to the airport, 5 minutes by taxi from MacTan Airport on Cebu Island.

For this reason, it is an easy place to stop by not only for students from Cebu Island who are staying in Mactan, but also when they return home. This time, I will take a complete tour of the Marina Mall, including restaurants, supermarkets (Especially souvenirs), money changers and cafes.

Marina Mall

Marina Mall is a small shopping mall near the airport on Mactan Island.

There are supermarkets (SAVE MORE), restaurants and cafes, and other specialty shops such as local mobile accessory shops and clothing stores.

It’s not the same size as Ayala Mall or SM City in Cebu City, so it’s not suitable for people who want to enjoy serious shopping, but it’s a convenient place to kill time.

How to get to the airport from Marina Mall
Many people use this Marina Mall before returning home, so I’ll show you how to get to the airport first.

Taxis are always waiting in front of 7-Eleven at Marina Mall. When I look at foreigners, they say, “Taxi?”.

It’s about 1 km from the airport, so it’s about 50 pesos on the meter, but the taxi that calls me here rarely goes by the meter alone.

Don’t force yourself to say “Go on the meter!” from the Marina Mall, as it could cause a fight. 100 pesos to 200 pesos is acceptable.

Also, in the case of Marina Mall from the airport, I think about 100 pesos is unavoidable.

Marina Mall17
I don’t recommend it, but if you don’t have big baggage during the day, you can go with this yellow jeepney.

It runs between Marina Mall and the airport and costs 7 pesos.

If you’re using the GRAB TAXI ride-hailing app, it’s a pretty easy place to grab one. Let the driver know, “I ’ m in front of Starbacks.”.

Recommended restaurant at Marina Mall

Golden Cowrie (Filipino Cuisine)

Marina Mall16
Golden Cowrie. It is a very popular Filipino restaurant with 5 shops in Cebu.

If you forgot to eat Filipino food, please eat here!

I can eat standard Philippine food.

Marina Mall40
Baked Scallops
scallops grilled with butter. It’s a little sweet and goes well with rice.

Marina Mall41
Pork Sisig

It is a dish made by stir-frying finely chopped pork and onion in a sweet and salty sauce and dropping a raw egg. It’s a standard Philippine dish.

Marina Mall42
When eating, mix “Squeeze sudachi citrus + soy sauce on the table + vinegar (whitish fellow)” in a small bowl with Sudachi and dip it in it. The BBQ is especially delicious with that!

Other recommended dishes

Grilled Pork Belly (Grilled pork belly)
Pork Barbecue (BBQ style grilled pork)
Gambas (Shrimp is grilled with tomato sauce and served on an iron plate.)
Golden Cowrie Halo-halo (halohalo) is a standard Philippine dessert, shaved ice with various fruits and ice cream.
Buko Juice (Coconut Juice)
Calamansi Juice (Sudachi juice) Rich in Vitamin C. Let’s order sugar separately.


Marina Mall44
If you want to eat Lecchon, here! I recommend Ricoh’s Lechon at Marina Mall. Takeout is also available.

Marina Mall43
There are 2 flavors, original and spicy, 1/4 (1 serving), and the original is 215 pieces.

SIAM (Thai cuisine)

Marina Mall19
How about Thai food in Cebu? If you are not particular about Philippine cuisine, this SIAM is also recommended.

It is affiliated with “SIAM” in Ayala Mall in Cebu City, and is affiliated with “Blue Elephant” in Apple One Building and “Krua Thai” in BTC and SM Malls.

Come to think of it, there was also “Marina Seaview by Blue elephant” nearby.

Marina Mall2
Pineapple Fried Rice in Pineapple Fruit
Thai Coconut Milk Soup with Chicken
Fried rice in a pineapple bowl and coconut soup.

Marina Mall3
Siam Cream Pumpkin Soup
Creamy pumpkin soup. It’s creamy and delicious.

Marina Mall4
Spicy Steamed Seafood Curry in Coconut Shell
It’s a little spicy, but I recommend this one! It’s nice to be served in coconut bowls because I can feel the atmosphere of southern countries.

Marina Mall5
Siam Grilled Premium Ribs in BBQ sauce
This is a back rib barbecue sauce.

It also has WiFi, so you can use it as a cafe for desserts and drinks. However, SIAM lunch at Marina Mall is until 3PM.

TAJIMAYA (Yakiniku)

Marina Mall13
Tajimaya. It is a very delicious restaurant if you order a single “Deluxe” instead of all-you-can-eat. But it is as expensive as eating in Japan.

Marina Mall1

Mang Inasal

Marina Mall24
Mang Inasal is a fast food chain specializing in BBQ among Philippine dishes. A restaurant loved by the local Filipinos.

You can eat it around 100 peso!

Even though it is called fast food, it cooks well, so the image is food in the food court. The taste is also highly rated by many Japanese. Recommended for international students who want to save money or those who want to enjoy the local Philippine atmosphere. There are also choices of rice refills.

There are 3 kinds of sauce on the table, and it is Filipino style to eat red sauce (chicken oil) on rice!


Marina Mall8
A restaurant famous for Philippine cuisine. The photo is from the Cebu City store, but there is also one in Marina Mall.

Marina Mall9
Free Refill Rice 48 Pcs! Recommended when men want to eat together.

Other restaurants in Marina Mall


Marina Mall12
Recommended for those who have forgotten to eat “Lechon”, a traditional dish of Cebu Island, Philippines.
However, if you want to eat rechon, I recommend lycoz rechon which is a 3 minute walk from here, not ZUBUCHON!!

CheoEum CheoRum (Korean Cuisine)

Marina Mall15
A small Korean restaurant. You can order a la carte like “Bulgogi set” in the store where you can enter alone.

Bella’s Bites (Italian cuisine)

Marina Mall29
It is a popular Italian restaurant that serves mainly soup and salad.

Da Vinchi’s Pizza (Italian fast food)

Marina Mall18
Da Vinci’s Pizza. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is almost a fast food pizza place. An image like Shakey’s.

Orange Brutus (hamburger fast food)

Marina Mall28
Orange Brutus (Orange Brutus). Fast food that can be found all over Cebu. It is cheaper than other fast food.

Chowking (Chinese fast food)

Marina Mall25
Chinese fast food, Chowking (Chao King, Chao King)
Some Filipinos I know say “The halo (Philippine shaved ice) here is the most delicious in Cebu Island.” so it might be worth a try. We have small and large sizes.

By the way, when I say “Fried rice”, for some reason people think it’s this “Chowking” fried rice. Since fried rice is usually called Fried Rice, “Fried rice” in Cebu Island seems to be a proper name for this place.

DING QUA QUA (Chinese food)

Marina Mall14
It is a Chinese restaurant of yum cha. You can order a la carte, but the 328 peso (Approx. ¥700) buffet is popular.

However, the taste may not be expected much. ・・・

Greenwich (Italian fast food)

Marina Mall26
Greenwich (Greenwich) is a fast food restaurant serving pizza and spaghetti. It’s a place where you can eat for around 100 pesos.

an unnamed bakery

Marina Mall27
a bakery where you can buy bread for 5 pesos (10 yen).

The local bakery in Cebu is not limited to this place, and it is surprisingly delicious, so it may be good to buy it here and eat it while waiting at the airport or on the plane.

DUNKIN ’ DONUTS (doughnut shop)

Marina Mall30
It is not recommended, but I will introduce it to you just in case!
In front of Save More.

Simply Singapore Style Cafe (Singaporean cuisine)

Marina Mall33
A Singaporean restaurant that is rare in Cebu. They mainly serve light meals like rice porridge and noodles.

It was originally a small shop inside Marina Mall, but it was moved to the parking lot side of Save More.

Sinai Pao (local snack)

Marina Mall34
A restaurant that serves a light meal menu that costs around 80 pesos (Approx. ¥170).

80 pesos for rice, fried egg, sausage and drink set!
I don’t recommend it because it is a cheap local store, but the feature of this store is that it is open 24 hours. It’s on the parking side of Save More.

2 CAFE ROLLY (local cafe)

Marina Mall36
A small local cafe on the parking side of Save More. There is WiFI.

ZUBU belly (local rechon shop)

Marina Mall22
A local rechon shop in front of Save More.

Andriy’s CRUN CHIKEN (Local Chicken)

Marina Mall21
Local discount fried chicken and spaghetti shop in front of Save More.


Marina Mall39
Finally, Starbucks. It’s about 50 meters from the main street to the airport side.

Business hours are from 7:30 AM to 12 o’clock at night. It is convenient because there is an outlet, but it is usually crowded except in the morning, so it may be difficult to secure a seat.

WiFi is only available for an hour.

Marina Mall45
Starbucks has local mugs of the Philippines and Cebu Island, so they are good for souvenirs. It’s in a solid box, so it’s easy to take home.

Shopping, exchange and massage

Save More (super)

Marina Mall32
A supermarket called Save More (savemore). We have all kinds of food.

You can buy souvenirs like dried mangoes here.


Marina Mall20
If you want to buy drinks quickly, I recommend Seven-Eleven. Unlike supermarkets, you can buy it right away without waiting in line.

It’s just outside the supermarket, across from Golden Cowley.

souvenir shop

Marina Mall37
A souvenir shop that can be found in airports and other shopping malls. It’s next to Starbucks.

If you come here, you can get all the ILOVE Cebu T-shirts and dried mangoes!

However, the price is a little high because it is a souvenir shop.

Other stores

Marina Mall11
It’s not for tourists, but there are dozens of small specialty stores such as mobile accessory stores and clothing stores as shown in the picture.

It’s interesting to watch, but please be careful of pickpockets when you walk around the specialty store street here!

The area of this specialty store is where you can enter without security check, so there are pickpockets sometimes.


There are two exchange shops in Marina Mall.

Marina Mall10
This one has a good exchange rate. It’s a little hard to find, but it’s behind DUNKIN ’ DONUTS on the first floor of the mall, under the stairs.

However, the business hours of this exchange store are short (From 9 AM to 5 o’clock in the evening). ID (ID card) is required to exchange money.

Marina Mall31
This one has long business hours. From 8 AM to 8 PM. In the supermarket (Savemore).

The exchange rate is about 70 pesos (Approx. ¥150) apart from 10,000 yen.


Marina Mall35
A massage parlor “BodyWorks Massage & Spa” located on the parking lot side of Save More.

The promo of the banner in the picture is now over.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa17
The massage “NUAT THAI” on the 2nd floor of the building opposite Starbucks is also cheap and recommended. Especially, the foot massage lasts 60 minutes and 250 seconds, and the chair is also very relaxing. We are open from 11: 00 ~ 23: 00.

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