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Mooon Cafe | One of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Cebu Island!

There are many cheap and delicious restaurants in Cebu Island, and I would like to introduce you to Mooon Cafe, another Mexican restaurant that I recommend.

The name of the shop is not “Moon Cafe” but “Mooon Cafe” with 3 O. The reason is that it was started by 3 founders.

By the way, “Thirsty” which is a juice stand you can see in a shopping mall, and “lantaw” which is a popular Philippine restaurant and has 3 restaurants in Cebu Island, are the same owner.

The problem with lantaw is that it is hard to go to the place, but I recommend it because the atmosphere and scenery of the restaurant is excellent.

Location of Mooon Cafe

We visited Ayala Mall, SM City Mall, IT Park, Robinson Cybergate, and Guy San Grand Mall on Mactan Island. There are 8 stores in Cebu.

Ayala Mall

Mooon Cafe16
It is on the 2nd floor of the terrace (Terrace) in the restaurant area of Ayala Mall.

▶︎ Google Map

There is a recommended Philippine restaurant “KUYA J” next door. I recommend KUYA J for those who came to Cebu for the first time and haven’t eaten Philippine food yet.

Mooon Cafe15
Every branch has the same atmosphere.

The inside of the store is cheerful and colorful like a Mexican restaurant.

Gaisanos Grand Mall (Mactan)

Mooon Cafe18
It’s on the second floor of the Grand Mall. It is the only recommended restaurant in the Grand Mall.

▶︎ Google Map

Mooon Cafe Menu

Mooon Cafe14
Here’s the menu.

Typical menus are easy to understand with pictures and explanations in English.

Mooon Cafe12

Mooon Cafe13

Mooon Cafe11

Mooon Cafe10

Mooon Cafe9
I’ll show you the ones with a recommendation mark and the ones that were delicious when I actually tried them.

Mexican cuisine
・Chimichanga 130 peso: deep-fried tortillas wrapped in beef and other ingredients.
・Nacho Supremo 270 pesos: Nachos.

・Gambas Ala Luna 245 pesos – shrimp ajillo.
・Sisig 200 peso: Standard Philippine dish of minced pork and vegetables.
・Garlicky Mushroom 120 pesos: Garlic mushrooms.

・Pumpkin Soup 85 pesos.

・Burrito 160 pesos: burrito.

・Mooon Fried Chicken 265 pesos: Fried chicken.

・Fish Mozzerella Melt 245 peso: White fish with cheese sauce.

・Spaghetti Ala Gambas 235 peso: prawn pasta.

・Pochero 475 pesos: classic Philippine soup.
・Beef Stroganoff 285 pesos: Beef stroganoff.

・Mooon Steak at 235 pesos (Rice included).
・Mexican Baby Back Rib 285 pesos (Rice included).
・Pork Belly 235 pesos (Rice included).

When you are alone, I recommend you to choose from the “Pork” menu that comes with rice!

Cooking at Mooon Cafe

Mooon Cafe8
Pumpkin Soup 85 pesos

It’s pumpkin soup.
It’s creamy and delicious. Kabocha squash is an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine.

Mooon Cafe7
Grilled Chicken Salad 150 pesos

I am glad that there is a lot of chicken. Honey mustard dressing.

Mooon Cafe6
Gambas Ala Luna 245 pesos

Gambas is a Filipino dish that is like a shrimp ajillo. Mooon Cafe’s shrimp is big, plump and delicious. The taste of garlic butter is effective and this is also good.

There is a similar menu called Gambas Al Ajillo. This is spicy tomato sauce.

Mooon Cafe1
Mooonte Cristo 190 pesos

Hot sandwich. Ingredients include bacon, chicken, spam and cheese. Good for lunch.

Mooon Cafe2
1 bowl of rice is 40 pesos.

We also have Mexican rice and garlic rice.

Mooon Cafe5
Cheesy Ribs 370 pesos

The signature dish is pork ribs with cheese on top. It might be good because you can enjoy the taste of pork ribs without cheese.

Mooon Cafe4
Burrito 160 pesos

Brito. You can choose from chicken, beef and shrimp. (The picture is beef.)

The burrito itself has a strong taste, but the 3 sauces are delicious. The volume is good.

The sauce goes clockwise from the top.
・Ioli sauce: garlic, egg yolk, olive oil, salt, lemon.
・Sour cream sauce: A sauce made by fermenting heavy cream.
・Salsa Fresca: Tomato, onion, and spices marinated in oil.

Mooon Cafe3
Chicken Fajitas 275 pesos

Fajita in Japanese. Meat and vegetables (Onion, green pepper, etc.) are grilled on a griddle, wrapped in a tortilla, and served with a sauce.

The tortilla dough was a little thick, but it was also delicious. The sour cream sauce is a nice accent.

Mooon Cafe (Moon Cafe) Summary
Mooon Cafe is located inside a big shopping mall, so it is easy to go and easy to enter. Other than Mexican food, there are also Filipino dishes such as shish and pocello.

If you are looking for another Mexican restaurant in Cebu, this is it.
・If you want to eat authentic and rich Mexican food “MAYA”
・If you want to eat casually by yourself “RED LIZARD”
Budget per person: 200 peso ~ 400 peso
Customers: Many Filipinos
Seating width: Every store is neither wide nor narrow
Crowd: usually full on weekends (After 18:30), probably fine on weekdays


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