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[Montebello Villa Hotel] A Spanish-style hotel with lush greenery where you can stay for 3000 pesos.

While you are in Cebu, you may start to think “I want to stay at a good hotel and relax at least on weekends!” if you are studying English conversation or studying for yourself every day from morning to night.

But Mactan’s resort is a bit far away, it costs a lot of money to travel, and some people think, “I WONDER IF THERE’S A GOOD HOTEL SOMEWHERE NEARBY…”!

This time, I will introduce [Montebello Villa Hotel] which can be recommended in such a case.

WHAT’S [Montebello Villa Hotel] LIKE?

Montebello Villa Hotel15
Hidden in a quiet neighborhood in Cebu City, the three-star hotel retains a Spanish legacy. The vintage feeling that is a bit old gives it a rather good taste, and it is a suitable hotel for a date and a relaxing place on weekends.

With a reasonable price for a minimum of 3000 peso (Approximately \6,500) using the booking site, 2 large outdoor pools in a quiet spacious garden, and 2 shopping malls within walking distance, the hotel is full of good things, and is truly “Cycled Paradise”.

[Motebello Villa Hotel] Exterior and Lobby

Montebello Villa Hotel35
Montebello Villa Hotel

The exterior of the hotel can be seen from the parking lot.

The low and simple appearance without assertiveness makes you feel relieved.

Montebello Villa Hotel17
It is in the lobby as soon as you enter from the entrance.

It creates a comfortable natural atmosphere that is a little different from the typical gorgeousness of the hotel lobby or the modern interior.
However, there were few sofa seats, and I thought there was no place to sit and wait when it was crowded.

Montebello Villa Hotel16
It’s a very antique front desk on the right side of the lobby.

The service of the staff wearing the elegant traditional Filipino costume was very good.

Montebello Villa Hotel14
As for the welcome drink I had while I was checking in, I was surprised that “ginger tea with lemongrass” was served instead of the tropical juice that I am good at in the Philippines.

It’s not too sweet, but it’s good for detox. It might be nice for women!

And I sat on a unique southerly sofa in the lobby and waited for the room to be fixed.

[Motebello Villa Hotel] room condition

Montebello Villa Hotel29
Here is a picture of the “Premier Garden View” room where I actually stayed.

It consists of a 30 square meter queen size bed, air conditioner with remote control, wall mounted TV, mini refrigerator, closet, single sofa and mini table.

I especially liked non-carpeted floors.

Montebello Villa Hotel26
When I opened the closet, there was a safety box, a bathrobe and slippers, and even a hair dryer. This is important!

Montebello Villa Hotel25
And the bathroom.

Unfortunately, there is no bathtub, but it is spacious, clean, and has good water and hot water pressure! in the status bar.

The amenities such as razor and body lotion were substantial.

Montebello Villa Hotel27

Facilities of the [Motebello Villa Hotel]

Two outdoor pools

Montebello Villa Hotel3
First, on the restaurant side, there was a big “main pool” with 30 meters. The deeper it went, the deeper it became, and the depth of water was about 140 cm.

At night, the lights light up the bars and tables around the pool again, and it makes you look very romantic.

Montebello Villa Hotel1
This is “Second Pool” on the garden side.

Renovation has been completed recently and it is very clean. It’s about 1/3 the size of the main pool, but it’s enough for playing with water.

Montebello Villa Hotel3

Montebello Villa Hotel19

a lush, spacious garden

The main advantage of this hotel is the lush green garden behind the hotel. Except for a resort hotel on the island of Mactan, the hotel in Cebu City has a huge garden called [Motebello Villa Hotel].

Montebello Villa Hotel11
I woke up early the next morning and went for a walk before breakfast, but the surroundings were quiet and the weather was good, so I had a peaceful time which I could not imagine being in the city.

Montebello Villa Hotel12
a large lawn that is not at all cramped when children run on it.

Walking along a path can be a good exercise, and it’s a very healthy environment with yoga sessions on Sunday mornings.

The stylish glass-walled banquet hall in the garden seems to get a lot of sunshine.

Montebello Villa Hotel2
There is also a pond with a lot of carp near the main pool, so you can feel as if you are still in the forest.

Restaurant with a sense of openness

Montebello Villa Hotel10
The main restaurant in the hotel named “La Terraza Restaurant” where you can see the main pool is indoor, but it has 3 arched walls and is very spacious.

And there are a lot of a la carte menu such as breakfast buffet, but because of the open structure, there is no air conditioner and fans are placed at each table.

Montebello Villa Hotel4
It seems comfortable to have a meal or tea at the table by the pool.

Montebello Villa Hotel41
This time I had lunch at a table with a roof on the poolside.

Montebello Villa Hotel38

Montebello Villa Hotel39

Montebello Villa Hotel36

Montebello Villa Hotel37
This is the dish I actually ordered. Everything is delicious and voluminous.

Montebello Villa Hotel40
When it’s hot, this space is cooler and cool.

Montebello Villa Hotel22
Especially on Saturdays, there is a “Spanish dinner buffet” where you can enjoy Spanish food while listening to the Latin songs of the live band. I will introduce the dish in detail later!

Other facilities (Morning yoga, gym, banquet hall and playroom)

Montebello Villa Hotel34
Montebello Villa Hotel

Every Sunday at 7: 30 a.m., “yoga session” is held on the garden grass.

The fee is 150 pesos, the pool membership is 120 pesos and the guests are free.

The hotel will provide you with a yoga mat, so you can try it easily.

Montebello Villa Hotel33
Montebello Villa Hotel

Near the yoga session, there’s a small “a glass-walled gym” where you can run and train while looking out over the garden.

Montebello Villa Hotel31
Montebello Villa Hotel

This photo shows the “banquet hall” in the garden, which was actually held last month. Other than that, it seems to be used for ceremonies and birthday parties.

Montebello Villa Hotel30
There is also a “playroom” in the lobby that children may like.

There are not only playground equipment such as table soccer and billiards, but also a table set for parents, so there is no time to feel bored.

[Motebello Villa Hotel] dishes

Spanish Night

Montebello Villa Hotel18
Every Saturday from 6 PM, there is a dinner buffet called “Spanish Night” which is perfect for the atmosphere of the hotel.

From paella, there are over 15 Spanish dishes such as soup, steak and tapas, as well as 5 authentic desserts such as creme brulee, mango toast whole cake and handmade churros.

Montebello Villa Hotel24

Montebello Villa Hotel21

Montebello Villa Hotel23

Montebello Villa Hotel20
It costs 649 peso (About 1,450 yen without tax) per person and is a very reasonable hotel buffet.

But this buffet doesn’t include drinks, so you need to order drinks separately.

Breakfast buffet

Montebello Villa Hotel9
There are 2 types of rice, white rice and garlic rice, sausage and bacon, salad, handmade omelet, cheese and ham, oatmeal, bread and waffle, pancake, fruit and coffee.

But the restaurant at breakfast is crowded and there is no air conditioner, so it might be a little humid on a sunny day…

Montebello Villa Hotel7

Montebello Villa Hotel8

Montebello Villa Hotel6

Montebello Villa Hotel5

Accessing [Motebello Villa Hotel]

Montebello Villa Hotel13
Located in the relatively safe “Vanilla (Banilad)” area of Cebu City, the hotel is in a great location – about 40 minutes from McTan Airport, just 15 minutes by car from the famous Cebu shopping mall “Ayala” and 2 malls within walking distance.

Montebello Villa Hotel28

There is a “country mall” 3 minutes from the hotel gate, but I personally recommend the “BTC (Banilad Town Center)” mall diagonally across from it.

It is cleaner and newer than the country mall, and it is very convenient as there are currency exchange shops, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops and massage shops.


That’s all. How was it?

I was very happy to find a place just 10 minutes from my house where I could enjoy the feeling of being away from the city without going to Mactan.

When you are tired in daily life, you will surely be healed by just visiting.

*lush Spanish-style hotel in Cebu City
*15 minutes from Ayala Mall, 2 shopping malls within walking distance, etc.
*Reasonable price for staying from 3000 peso (Approximately \6,500).
*You will be healed by the large lawn garden with a pond.
*2 outdoor pools, yoga sessions, gym, banquet hall, playroom and other facilities
*Official website: http://www.montebellovillahotel.com/
*Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/montebellovillahotel/
*Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/montebellovillahotel/
*Telephone: (032) 231 3681
*Check in 15: 00, Check out 12: 00


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