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[Micky’s Cafe] A delicious Japanese quality cake shop near Ayalamall IT Park on Cebu Island.

To be honest, Cebu cake is not delicious. I think this is a problem that all Japanese have. Dry sponge, sticky cream sticking to teeth, and sticky whipped cream.

I’m really sorry. Especially, the cake sold as shebet coffee is not delicious.

Last time I introduced you to ‘FUJINOYA’ as a restaurant where you can eat delicious cakes in Cebu.

FUJINOYA is close to JY Square, about a 5 minute walk away.

This time, I would like to introduce Micky’s Cafe, which is 5 minutes by car from Ayala Mall and 3 minutes by car from IT Park.
Micky’s cafe moved in March 2018. It used to be about a three-minute walk to Ayala Mall, but now it’s halfway between Ayala Mall and the IT Park.

I would like to refer to the information after the move.

Location of Micky’s Japanese Cake Cafe

Micky's cafe18
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The location is about 5 minutes by car from Ayala Mall and 3 minutes by car or 10 minutes on foot from the IT Park.

In a commercial area called ‘MAHOGANY Place’, there are several restaurants and cafes in addition to Micky’s cafe. Nearby is the ‘The Gallery’ commercial district, which has many good restaurants like Tom N Toms Coffee, Italian food and steakhouses.

Since moving to ‘MAHOGANY Place’, the parking lot has become larger and the store has become larger, so let me introduce it again.

Appearance and Naikan of Micky’s Japanese Cake Cafe

Micky's cafe17
This is the store’s exterior. The red signboard is the landmark. Go inside ‘MAHOGANY Place’ and it will be at the end on your left.

Micky's cafe7
In the store. Before the move, it was a small restaurant with 2 seats for 4 people and 2 seats for 2 people, but after the move, it became quite large.

Micky's cafe16
I think there are about 7 ~ 8 seats for 4 people. There are also sofa seats, and it is spacious, so I think I can enjoy delicious cake and coffee leisurely from now on.

Micky's cafe6
The interior is still cute.

Micky’s Japanese Cake Cafe Menu

Next, I will introduce the menu and cake of the restaurant.

Micky's cafe14
Before the move, the blended coffee was 90p, the recommended special blend was 120p, and the tea was 100 p, but after the move, the price was higher overall. Blend is 120p, siphon blend is 140p and tea is 100p.

Micky's cafe15
Here is the food menu. We have rice, pasta, doria and lasagna. Carbonara is 240 and seafood tomato is 240. It seems that the price is also higher than before the relocation.

Micky's cafe11
There are delicious cakes that are the same as before moving in the showcase. Tiramisu 120 P, mocha cappuccino 120 P, mango cheesecake 160 P.

Micky's cafe13
There is also a whole cake.

Micky's cafe12
There were light things like cookies and pound cakes.

I will introduce what I ordered after the move.

Micky's cafe10
I ordered Earl Grey Tea 100 P and Mocha Cappuccino Cake 120 P.

Micky's cafe9
The cake was moderately bitter and delicious. I have no complaints about the Japanese quality. There were plenty of Earl Grey in the pot, and I used tea leaves instead of tea bags.

Micky's cafe8
The inside of the restaurant became spacious and I could eat delicious cake slowly and calmly. It has become easier to go from the IT park, so I highly recommend this cafe for foreign students.

The following is what I ordered when I visited before moving. The contents are basically the same, so I will post it.

Micky's cafe4
I ordered tiramisu, mango cheese cake and Earl Grey hot tea.

Micky's cafe3
Tiramisu was a little hard. It is much more delicious than Philippine cakes, but I don’t recommend tiramisu here. Please choose another cake.

Micky's cafe2
Mango Cheesecake. It was delicious because it was written as recommended. The one above which is made by roses is a little hard mango, so it is sour.

The main body is sweet. It was delicious.

Micky's cafe1
Earl Grey. I thought it was the kind of thing that I could do a little by myself when I was given a tea bag, but I was happy with the pot service. The amount is quite large, and you can take about 5 cups.

By the way, brown sugar came out, but I couldn’t scoop it up with the clutching.


Micky's cafe5
It’s open from 11 o’clock to 23 o’clock at the moment. Unfortunately, there was no free WiFi and I couldn’t work on the computer. The inside of the restaurant is spacious and spacious, so it would be great if there was free WiFi, but that’s too bad.

Since FUJINOYA moved and the cakes are gone, this is the only delicious cake shop run by Japanese for now. If you miss a delicious cake during your mid to long-term study abroad, let’s go here!


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