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[Maitre Chocolatier] Super out-of-the-way spot! Chocolate shop in Ayala Mall

What is Maitre Chocolatier?
Ayala Mall has more than 50 restaurants, cafes and fast food restaurants, as Manabidin Isle of Cebu explains in this article.

If there are so many shops, some are popular and some have little presence.

So suddenly, I would like to introduce you to the 3 least influential stores in “restaurant on the terrace” of Ayala Mall in Cebu, selected by the manager of Manavidin, a student studying in Cebu.

La tegola
Maitre Chocolatier6
Italian restaurant located next to Starbucks on the first floor on the terrace of Ayala Mall. Whether it’s because the Italian food “Italiani” on the terrace is too obvious, the location is bad, or the taste is a problem, it’s a restaurant with very little presence.

If you’ve never been there before, you may not think this place is Italian. Another point is that you can’t see inside, so it’s somewhat difficult to enter.

“Tsim Sha Tsui Dimsum”
Maitre Chocolatier1
A store of Dymson (Shumai dumplings, xiaolongbao dumplings, etc.). On the second floor of the terrace, the location is not bad as it is, but for Japanese people, I don’t know what kind of restaurant it is, so I completely pass by.

In fact, not only a la carte, but also shumai all-you-can-eat, which is unique.

And here’s the proudest one.

Maitre Chocolatier
Maitre Chocolatier26
Where is your name? There are a lot of people who think that.

“My Torre, chocolate!?”

It’s hard to read and memorize at all.

Google says it sounds like this is French: “[[PDEFINE ~ RFFS _ COLUMNSYM]]” (I am sorry that the writing is too silly.).

It means Maitre (Master) Chocolatier (someone who makes chocolate), I see! I finally understand the concept of this store.

The location is on the terrace in Ayala Mall, next to the doughnut shop on the first floor. Next door is a pork cutlet restaurant.

How is it? Did you remember what kind of store it is?

Maitre Chocolatier23
->It’s this store.

It is located in a good place, but for some reason it seems to be out of sight and although it is open from 7 AM, there are only one or two groups of guests until around 12 o’clock. Even so, this restaurant has been around since I studied in Cebu Island in 2012, so it has survived in the restaurant area of Ayala Mall for about 5 years.

What is the secret?

I checked and it looks like there are shops in Manila and Davao, and they make more money there. This store is just like advertising in Cebu (Or maybe they make money B to B.).

Maitre Chocolatier interior

Maitre Chocolatier9
In the store, it is quite compact. There are less than 10 table seats.

Maitre Chocolatier4
There are 3 sofa seats and the rest are tables.

Maitre Chocolatier5
As it is a chocolate shop, the color is chocolate. And on the wall, many kinds of chocolate are sold in boxes. I have an impression that relatively more people buy it as a souvenir rather than using a cafe.

Maitre Chocolatier menu

The most distinctive feature of Maitre Chocolatier’s cuisine is that every dish contains chocolate.

We have pumpkin soup for appetizer, salad, sandwich, omelet, pasta, meat dish and fish dish, all of which are mixed with some chocolate.

Maitre Chocolatier19

Maitre Chocolatier18

Maitre Chocolatier17

Maitre Chocolatier16
Hot chocolate (Cocoa) is a rare drink.

The dessert is not a cheese fondue but a chocolate fondue! There is a lot of chocolate in a big meal. I can’t imagine the taste 。。。

And, to top it all off, chocolate seems to be a big part of alcohol drinks ・・・. It’s a bit of an adventure when you order.

Maitre Chocolatier Cuisine

I ordered some dishes, so please take a look.

1. Pumpkin soup

Maitre Chocolatier8
1 item, this delicious looking pumpkin soup. I thought there was chocolate in the soup, but chocolate is this white sauce. It was related to this soup as white chocolate sauce.

It is a sweet pumpkin soup, but the taste is good. One of the recommended dishes.

2, Salad
I ordered two kinds.

Maitre Chocolatier15
The first is Maitre Chocolatier Garden Salad. Lettuce, tomatoes, blue cheese, and something like a chicken cutlet are added as an accent.

Dressing is white chocolate and orange vinegar sauce. Vinegar sauce originally goes well with salad, so this sauce goes well with it. It is voluminous for the 188 peso, so it is recommended for those who limit small amount of sugar.

Maitre Chocolatier11
Then came King’s Vineyard Salad.

It’s a simple salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and grilled chicken. This is also healthy! It costs less than 200 pesos!

Then, “Rosemary & Garlic Chicken”

As the name suggests, I imagined rosemary on top of a big grilled chicken, and the dish that came out was this ・・・

Maitre Chocolatier10

I was surprised when it came out! This is like ・・・ I don’t have to write anymore.

In addition, there was too much rosemary, and it tasted like I was munching on that herb tea.

Maitre Chocolatier14
Then, “Linguine in Pesto Sauce with Parm-Crusted Chicken (Chef’s recommendation)”
This is a basil pasta made with linguine and boiled chicken. White chocolate is used for the sauce.

The taste is moderate, but there is a lot of cheese on it, so it might be better to get cheese separately beforehand. Otherwise, it will only taste like cheese.

Maitre Chocolatier12
“Chicken in Mashroom White Chocolate and Cheese Sauce”
The name and purpose of the dish looks delicious.

I can’t say how it is served with rice, but it is a chicken dish with sweet white sauce. It may not go well with rice. But you can eat it.

Maitre Chocolatier7
Grilled PorkChop. Grilled pork. I don’t care about the taste, but I think the volume is small for 238 peso. It is about 100 peso.

So, the recommended dishes here are salad and pasta.

Maitre Chocolatier13
After that, let’s enjoy main desserts and drinks.

Postscript for August and December 2016

Maitre Chocolatier20
It was past noon when I visited. Also, there are not many people relaxing in the cafe, and even when there are many people on Sunday, I occupy the sofa by myself! You can see the courtyard from the window, so it is interesting to observe people while relaxing.

Maitre Chocolatier22
I had a dessert and a cup of tea after having lunch at “Tonkatsu Terasawa (As of 2019, it’s been changed to cotton.)” which is located 2 doors away.

When I looked at the menu, everything looked gorgeous and delicious, which bothered me, but …。 French toast, crepes and scones also looked delicious …。 After all ‘Guiltless Crime’ I ordered 180p of tea.

Maitre Chocolatier21
The tart was topped with mango, cherry and apple. There is chocolate sauce inside the chocolate tart, and there is plenty of chocolate sauce around it, so it is full of chocolate!

In addition, the chocolate drink type is a bit annoying. If you want to drink chocolate drink, I recommend cakes, scones or crepes for sweets.

I have a postscript because I visited again in December.

Maitre Chocolatier24
I was a little hungry this time, so I ordered 105 p French toast. With this volume, 105 P is quite a bargain! It’s French toast, but I don’t have honey, so I’ll have it with chocolate sauce.

The toast itself is already slightly chocolate colored.

Maitre Chocolatier25
This time, all the chocolate is used up! The drink is 150p of ice chocolate. Drinks are more expensive. But it was very rich and delicious!

It’s good that this restaurant is still not crowded and I can stay calmly. I recommend the sofa seat by the window!

The biggest point of this shop
By the way, this shop has the least shadow in Ayala Mall. The food is subtle, but it can actually be used in three ways:.

1) Business hours are long
This store is open from 7 AM to 11 PM. Actually, the business hours are quite long. Especially in the morning, there are few people, so you can relax on the sofa, and at night, there are no people, so you can relax.

2. There is WiFi and it is fast.
No one uses it, so WiFi is fast. I recommend using this cafe rather than going to other cafes.

Maitre Chocolatier3
->It’s about 5 meters in the morning.

3. Surprisingly reasonable food
Salads, pastas and sandwiches are reasonably priced even if you eat them at a cafe specialty store. This place is cheaper than those.

For example, 1 cup of coffee is 80 peso and salad is less than 200 peso.
A cup of coffee at a cafe like coffee bean or boss coffee costs more than 100 peso, and a salad costs more than 200 peso. If you are not particular about the taste, this shop would be better for the cost performance.

So if you’re looking for a quiet, empty restaurant in Ayala Mall, why not come and visit?

Summary by Maitre Chocolatier
Budget per person: 150 peso ~ 250 peso
Customers: mainly women in their teens and 20s
Seat width: Each seat is wide, but the number of seats is small.
Crowd: Prices are higher than Starbucks, so it’s not usually that crowded.
The hot chocolate drink is delicious but high in calories.

Wi-Fi: 5M is fast and stable.

There is a feeling that chocolate is forced to be used, but it is interesting that some kind of chocolate is used for the main dish.

It’s a good place to talk. Also, when you are tired from shopping at Ayala, please replenish sugar with sweet chocolate! Wi-Fi is fast, so it’s perfect for computer work.


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