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[Jollibee] Become the No.1 fast food restaurant in the Philippines! Full menu introduction

Can students who came to study in the Philippines forget this “Mr. Jollibee (Jolibie-kun)”?

Today I would like to introduce to you the Philippine’s No.1 fast food, Joliby (Jollibee), which most foreign students have been to once!

All of Jollibee’s menu and prices information will be explained.

What is Jollibee?

My favorite fast food restaurant in the Philippines, Jollibee.

The Philippines, the only country in the world where McDonald’s doesn’t have the top share.

First place, of course, Joliby! In the Philippines, McDonald’s also serves most menus similar to this Joliby.

Currently, there are more than 1000 branches of Jollibee in the Philippines. Every mall has at least one store. As far as Cebu is concerned, there is no shopping mall without Jollibee. Especially Cebu island is the area where Joliby is popular in the Philippines.

Moreover, this multinational chain of fast food restaurants ( Jollibee Foods Corporation or JFC) also owns many famous fast foods in the Philippines.

Jollibee Group
*Jollibee (Hamburger)
*Chowking (Chinese cuisine fast food)
*Greenwich (pizza and pasta fast food)
*Mang Inasal (BBQ fast food)
*Burger King (Philippines Only)
*Red Ribbon (cake shop)

Jollibee’s menu

Now, let me introduce the menu of Joliby!

It is a must-see because there is a menu that is a little different from Japanese hamburger chain stores. Menu and prices vary slightly from store to store.


Speaking of Jollibee, this is 1-piece fried chicken!

It sounds strange to Japanese, but a combination of fried chicken and rice is common in the Philippines. Filipino people are known to be rice-eater so most value meals in the Philippines have rice.

And chicken is served with gravy. Japanese people may not like the taste very much. Fried chicken is well-seasoned, so it’s delicious without any sauce.

This spicy chicken is more popular than the original flavor for Filipinos. But it’s not that spicy, so I think even children can eat it.

After frying, they are sprinkled with spicy flour. So sometimes the powder is hard and spicy, but still it is delicious.

Actually, you can choose your favorite part of Jollibee’s fried chicken. It depends on the store, but there are usually signs like the one in the picture on the cash register counter.

Jollibee’s fried chicken
*DRUMSTICK (leg) long, slender bony area
*THIGH (waist) The most recommended part!
*RIB (Ribs) bony areas
*BREAST (breast) heaviest and crispy part but lacks of juiciness
*R/W (Chicken breast/chicken wings) Middle of breast and chicken wing
*WING (Chicken wings) The taste is strong and delicious, but it is small.

*C1 (1 chicken, rice) 87 Pesos
*C2 (1 chicken, soup or mini sundae, rice) 102 Pesos
*C3 (1 chicken, spaghetti) 87 Pesos
*C4 (1 chicken, French fries or mashed potatoes, rice) 102 pesos
*C5 (1 chicken, Palabok) 155 Pesos
*C6 (Chicken 2 pieces, rice) 87 Pesos
*Chicken 6 pieces 370 pesos
*Chicken 8 pieces 485 pesos

Jolly Spaghetti(60peso)

This spaghetti is also popular with Filipinos!

But there are not many Japanese who like this. Because it’s sweet.

The sauce is sweet because banana ketchup is used. In addition, the noodles are not al dente but soft.

*S1 (Spaghetti) 60 Pesos
*S2 (Spaghetti, French fries) 90 peso
*S3 (Spaghetti, Yum burger) 90 Pesos
*S4 (Spaghetti, Yum Cheeseburger) 100 peso
*S5 (Spaghetti, hamburger steak, rice) 100 peso

Burger Steak(60peso)

This is a hamburger steak. The sauce is definitely gravy.

It’s as thick as a Mac hamburger patty.

*B1 (1 hamburger steak, rice) 60 Pesos
*B2 (2 hamburgers, rice) 95 Pesos
*B3 (1 hamburger steak, 3 spring rolls, rice) 90 Pesos
*B4 (1 large hamburger steak, rice) 125 Pesos
*B5 (1 hamburger, French fries, rice) 90 Pesos
*B6 (1 large hamburger, French fries, rice) 155 Pesos

YUM BRUGER(80peso)

It is a hamburger of Joliby. There is only one pate and sauce inside!

It is a set of French fries and drink.

YUM BURGER is as big as a Japanese Mac hamburger. This is not enough to fill my stomach.

*Y1 (YUM Burger & French Fries) 80 Pesos
*Y2 (YUM cheeseburger, French fries) 90 Pesos
*Y3 (TLC burger, French fries) 110 Pesos
*Y4 (CHAMP burger, French fries) 175 Pesos
*Y5 (Cheese bacon, mushroom burger, French fries) 115 Pesos
*Y6 (Cheese, bacon, mushrooms, CHAMP burger, French fries) 185 Pesos


I recommend this even though it’s the same hamburger! It is different from YUM BURGER.

This is a big hamburger called CHAMP.

It’s expensive in Joliby’s menu, so not many people order this champ. Once in 3 times, they say, “Not available (In other words, it is out of stock.)”.

We don’t make it in advance, so you can usually eat it fresh. I often have to wait for about 10 minutes.

As for the taste, this champ has a completely different putty. The vegetables are fresh and the tomatoes are thick and red.

It is much better than McDonald’s.

Cheesy Classic(67peso)

A hot dog. This also comes with a drink.

The taste is normal. The sausages are fairly big, but they don’t have crispy skins or juicy sausages.

Recently, you can add 3 kinds of toppings for an extra charge.


Each is plus 10 pesos, and if you order all 3 kinds, it is 25 pesos.
Add 30 peso with French fries!

French fries(36peso)

French fries are called “French fries (Flench Fries)” in English-speaking countries.

I think it’s sweeter than McDonald’s.

The picture is regular size.
*Regular 36 Peso
*Large 59 Peso
*Jumbo 67 Pesos

In addition, there is a limited-time flavor now with WASABI flavor. This limited time offer was interesting, and before the WASABI flavor, there was a unique strawberry flavor.
*Regular 40 Peso
*Large 65 Peso
*Jumbo 80 Pesos

And Ube Pie (29 pesos).

Ube means purple sweet potato. This is delicious. It contains Ube and possibly custard cream. It’s about half the size of McDonald’s apple pie.

This pie has various series for a limited time, so please try it.

There are sometimes different series (lol), but it is quite delicious!

Also, there is a regular menu, Tuna Pie. Tuna means tuna.

But for some reason, we don’t have a la carte menu only pie, but we have a drink and French fries set (89 pesos) or 3 pieces set (130 pesos).


halohalo Sunday, I recommend this!

Vanilla ice cream topped with the same ingredients as Philippine shaved ice halo halo such as nata de coco, beans, coconut and purple yam. It’s not too much, so it’s just right.

But this is also often “Not available” lol

There’s also Choco Sundae (29 pesos).

Other dessert menus include:
*Mini Sundae Chocolate 22 Pesos
*Floats Royal 35 Pesos
*Floats Coke 35 Pesos
*Floats Chocolate 50 Pesos
*Twirls Vanilla 10 Peso
*Twirls Chocolate 16 peso
*Peach Mango Pie Solo 29 Peso
*Peach Mango Pie Trio 82 peso
*Choco Mallow Pie Solo 32 peso
*Choco Mallow Pie Trio 90 Pesos

Brewed Coffee(30peso)

Brewed Coffee is a drip coffee. The taste was average.

I’m happy that it’s only 30 pesos!

We also have hot chocolate (50 pesos).

Drinks in the set menu

All set menus except dessert and French fries come with this drink. The one with “Value Meal” in the menu name comes with a drink.

You can choose from cola, cola zero, royal, SARSI, sprite and iced tea.
By the way, do you know “SARSI”?

It’s a Filipino cola, and people say, “The World’s Most Awesome Coke”.
Please try this if you have courage. (Laughter)

You can also change your drink to pineapple juice for an additional charge.

Family menu

Other than that, there is a reasonable family menu for large groups.


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