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[J Center Mall] Both Mactan and Cebu City have great access! Introduction to the mall

J Center Mall is a very conveniently located shopping mall near the bridge that connects Mactan Island and Cebu City.

Recently, Toyoko Inn, which is familiar even in Japan, opened directly connected to J Center Mall, and it became a hot topic. On the 6th floor of Toyoko Inn, there is a large pool facility called Skywater Park where families and friends can play together.

In addition, a large food court has been completed in the mall, and J Center Mall is a mall that we can recommend to both tourists and foreign students.

This time, I will fully guide all the facilities such as restaurants, supermarkets, money changers, cafes and others in J Center Mall.

Introduction in J Center Mall!

1.Restaurant and fast food

First, I will introduce the restaurant fast food in J Center Mall. J Center Mall is small to medium sized, but there are plenty of restaurants, from Filipino to Chinese to Japanese, so I never get tired of it.

J Center Mall60

First, this is Joliby, a fast food restaurant more popular than McDonald’s in the Philippines.

If you come to the Philippines, please try it once. I recommend chicken rather than burgers.

J Center Mall74

There is also McDonald which is familiar in Japan. Overall it is cheaper than Japan, but the quality is almost the same.

It is good to take out and eat at the hotel as well as Joliby.

J Center Mall104

This is a restaurant where you can eat pork steak around 100 p. It comes with rice, so the cost performance is good.

J Center Mall102

This restaurant is also a famous chain store in the Philippines where you can have chicken with rice and BBQ with around 100 portions.

J Center Mall105

Osaka Takoyaki shop. We mainly serve takoyaki and okonomiyaki. If you miss Japanese food, I recommend this place. It’s cheap and easy to eat.

J Center Mall93

A pizza shop. If I pass by this restaurant, I smell good smell and get hungry.

J Center Mall101

It’s a restaurant where you can eat fresh salad and wrap sushi. It is easy to enter alone and recommended for women.

J Center Mall81

A design factory. In addition to desserts such as cakes, the large number of dishes is also a feature.

J Center Mall100

INASAL is a famous chain store in the Philippines. There is an unlimited rice service, and you can have another bowl of rice for free. I recommend this restaurant for men.

J Center Mall103

This is a bakery. There is a table, so you can eat in the shop. This is a good cost effective restaurant where you can eat bread at around 30 pages.

J Center Mall18

A restaurant that serves BBQ, pizza, tacos and burgers. They also serve vegan dishes.

J Center Mall89

NEONEO Grill. It’s a little hard to find. It’s behind the Toyoko Inn Hotel. It’s mainly BBQ.

J Center Mall20

A Philippine restaurant where you can eat as much as you like on 30 pages.

J Center Mall87

A Korean restaurant. Tteokbokki seems to be the main dish.

J Center Mall92

An authentic Chinese restaurant. There are many private rooms and you can use them for business or group meals.

J Center Mall91

A Japanese restaurant specializing in teppanyaki. This is an authentic dish that is baked in front of your eyes! I recommend lunch because it is cost-effective.

J Center Mall72

It looks like a karaoke room, but it has a variety of menus and can be used as a restaurant. They seem to be able to sing Japanese songs.

J Center Mall71

A restaurant that mainly serves chicken.

J Center Mall88


J Center Mall96

A restaurant that mainly serves Chinese dishes such as yumcha.

That is the restaurant fast food in J Center Mall. By the way, if you want to choose a recommended restaurant among those listed above…

1st place: TAO YUAN
The most delicious (? ) Chinese restaurant. The yum cha for lunch and the lamb sashimi for dinner are recommended.

2nd: NONKI Teppanyaki
A Japanese restaurant specializing in teppanyaki. The meat that is grilled in front of me is superb! There is also a private room, so it is suitable for business entertainment and large groups.

3rd: TsiBoom
A Philippine restaurant. BBQ, pochero soup, and grilled scallop with butter are superb. There is also unlimited rice refills.

2.Cafe, store, convenience store and bar

Next, I will introduce cafes and stalls.

2-1.Convenience stores (Seven Eleven)

J Center Mall14

First, a convenience store. There is one Seven-Eleven in J Center Mall. But there are no onigiri, bread or bento like in Japan. You can buy drinks, snacks and steamed meat buns.


J Center Mall13

Next to Seven-Eleven is Boss Coffee, the most famous coffee chain on Cebu Island.

There is free Wi-Fi for 2 hours, so it’s a perfect place to rest.

J Center Mall35

This cafe is next to Boss Coffee.

J Center Mall34

We mainly serve Korean shaved ice, but we also have honey bread and sandwiches. You can just drink as a cafe.

There is free Wi-Fi, but the connection is bad and the speed is slow.

J Center Mall79

Dunkin donuts. When you’re a little hungry!

J Center Mall78

This is a bakery.

J Center Mall46

Tapioca drink shop. You can drink sweet drinks such as milk tea with tapioca. It’s perfect for a break.

J Center Mall43

It’s a little bit hard to find, but there are some cafes. This is a shop called Cafe 99. It is crowded with local Filipinos.

J Center Mall61

This is a cafe for foreigners. You can drink authentic and delicious coffee. It is a little-known cafe where there are always few people because it is in the back and you can relax.

J Center Mall59

Traveler’s Cafe. It is recommended when you want to have a light meal and rest.

2-3.store opening

Next, I will open a store for the first time. It’s right next to J Center Mall. If you want to have a quick lunch or dinner, you can buy it here and eat it at the hotel.

J Center Mall30

First, from the shop I used the other day. It’s a sandwich shop.

J Center Mall98

Here’s the menu. You can choose the type of bread and the ingredients to put inside. If you don’t want to choose one, you can just ask for one of the examples on the right.

J Center Mall55

It will be ready in about 5 minutes. If you find it difficult to eat in a restaurant alone, it is recommended to take it out and eat it at the hotel!

J Center Mall80

There are many other things such as ice cream, French fries and Chinese food.

J Center Mall48

Drinks, too. There are many stalls selling fresh juice and tapioca.

J Center Mall94

The photo shows a fresh juice store that I recommend in Cebu Island. I love it so much that I use it more than 3 times during my stay in Cebu.

J Center Mall66

Here’s the menu. You can choose from shake, fresh juice and slash.

J Center Mall9

My special recommendation is a shake. Mangos, water melons, and bananas are very delicious because they are typical Cebu Island fruits. There are 4 sizes, but the size is very big, so I recommend the regular size if you drink by yourself.

It’s sweet with a lot of sugar, so you can ask for less sugar before making it.


There is a new bar on the 19th floor of Toyoko Inn rather than J Center recently. Of course, non-staying guests can use it.

J Center Mall76

Here are the details. It is open from 18 o’clock and open until 2 o’clock in the morning except Monday.

J Center Mall84

It was dark inside and very moody.

J Center Mall85

I recommend this window seat. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the night view.

3.food court

Recently, a large food court has been built in J Center Mall and it is popular. It is helpful that you can use it easily by yourself and you can choose various kinds of food freely.

I will show you what kind of shops there are in the food court.

J Center Mall97

First, the inside of the food court. The ceiling is clear blue sky and there are many seats so you can hardly sit down.

J Center Mall52

This food court is a little reminiscent of European streets.

Then, I will introduce the shop.

J Center Mall39

Snack attack where you can eat potatoes and nuggets, and BBQ dishes.

J Center Mall38

PINOY seems to be able to eat Sisig, a Filipino dish.

J Center Mall90

Philippine food is available around here.

J Center Mall16


J Center Mall28

99 P ramen.

J Center Mall51

It was about 200 yen, but it was pretty good. Recommended!

J Center Mall4

LeyLam is also recommended when you are a little hungry.

J Center Mall15

This area is also Philippine food.

J Center Mall62
J Center Mall10

You can eat organic ice cream at bohol by farm. I recommend it.

J Center Mall3

A store that sells shaved ice and milkshake.

J Center Mall54

a shop where small snacks are sold.

J Center Mall67

This is a coffee bean shop. There is also a civet coffee using the feces of that famous civet. You can drink it on the spot.

J Center Mall64

Basically, I have an impression that there are many Filipino dishes. The finished ones are lined up and the ones cooked on the spot are served relatively quickly. And there are many juice shops.

4.Other stores and facilities

Next, I will introduce shops and facilities in J Center Mall.

J Center Mall24

First, ATM. It is located in a place where people can see, but on the contrary, it is safer. This is a bank, so there are security guards.

If it is a credit card with cirrus or plus mark, you can withdraw. There will be a daily withdrawal limit and a handling fee.

J Center Mall27

A massage shop run by Japanese. Especially it is cost-effective and you can get a massage easily. It is very crowded at night, so you can make a reservation.

J Center Mall2

On the sixth floor, on the same grounds as the Watersky Park, Rspa is run by Japanese. You can get a high quality massage.

J Center Mall77

A store that sells Asian sweets.

J Center Mall33


J Center Mall22

This is also a beauty salon. This is a shop run by Japanese and has a Japanese stylist, so if you are not comfortable with English or cannot express your request well, please use this. Besides cutting and coloring, we also do nails and eyelash extensions.

J Center Mall75

A store that sells SIM cards for smartphones and data communications. In the Philippines, the two main SIM card companies are the Smart in the picture and the Glove in the next article.

J Center Mall5

It is a glove shop. However, if you only want a SIM card, I recommend you to buy it at the place introduced from now.

J Center Mall86

This is a store called a loading station. You can sell SIM cards of data communication for tourists, and purchase load and prepaid cards.

They will set it up, so if you can’t do it at the airport, you can buy it here.

J Center Mall44

Internet cafe in Japan. Mainly local Filipinos play games.

J Center Mall73

It is a shop that supports visas, tours and airline tickets.

J Center Mall49

J Center Mall is small but includes a movie theater. There were two movies shown in the picture when I visited. Because it is an English version, it is also an English training. The movie theater is at the back of the food court area.

J Center Mall69

A sports gym called Gold Gym. You can use it on a daily basis.

J Center Mall41

Kids space.

J Center Mall36

There are supermarkets and convenience stores, but there are also small-scale mini supermarkets. Because it is run by a Korean, such things are mainly placed.

J Center Mall50

Fish spa. You can experience doctor fish. It’s straight ahead of Toyoko Inn Hotel. It might be a little hard to find the place?

J Center Mall1

Watersky Park on the 6th floor of J Center. I also join a club on weekend nights.

5.What’s in the supermarket

Next, I would like to briefly introduce what kind of things are sold at the supermarket in J Center Mall, focusing on what you can buy as a souvenir.

J Center Mall47

There is only one supermarket in J Center, SM Super. SM is rather local and cheap.

J Center Mall45

We are open from 10 o’clock to 21. It’s the same as the opening hours of the mall.

J Center Mall82

What we buy at the supermarket are souvenirs, drinks and food. This is the soap section in the daily necessities section.

A variety of soap is popular as a souvenir from Cebu. At around 80 p each (180 yen), it’s a real bargain. The photo shows coconut soap and papaya soap. These are also popular.

J Center Mall37

The most popular one is this papaya soap! The one in the picture is 75 p and contains one. Papaya soap has whitening effect and is popular among local Filipinos.

If you are staying for a long term, I recommend you to buy one and use it.

J Center Mall65

We even have carrot soap! 86 p.

J Center Mall29

These banana chips are popular as souvenirs from Cebu. The price is 146 p. It’s much cheaper than buying it at the airport or at a souvenir shop, so it’s better to buy it at a supermarket.

J Center Mall58

Alcohol disinfectant. It is used to disinfect your hands quickly during your stay in Cebu or before eating at a restaurant. Recommended for people with a weak stomach or with small children.

J Center Mall21

Sunsilk shampoo conditioner popular in the Philippines. Even though it is cheap, this one will make it smooth. You don’t have to bring it all the way from Japan. You can get it cheaply there.

J Center Mall11

The supermarket is large and has miscellaneous goods (Plate, cup, knife, etc.).

J Center Mall7

There are also plenty of fresh foods. Not only fresh mango, but also vegetables. They are sold by weight, so after you put them in a bag, you should give it to a nearby staff to measure and ask them to put the price on it.

J Center Mall6

There are imported liquors like this at the entrance of the supermarket. We have wine and liqueurs. Many of them are a little more expensive than Japan.

6.Exchange office in J Center

J Center Mall has 3 exchange places in total. The rate differs depending on the place, so I recommend you to check all 3 places before exchanging.

2nd floor of J Center

J Center Mall17

Go up the escalator at the place where the money exchange counter is, go into the mall, and go to the money exchange counter on the far right. If you want to exchange money at J Center, I recommend this place basically.

J Center Mall26

We are open from 9 o’clock to 20 o’clock. Please note that it is 1 hour earlier than the closing time of the mall.

In the supermarket

J Center Mall63

The third place is in this supermarket. It’s in the supermarket, so it’s easy to find and safe.

J Center Mall25

If you want to exchange money, I recommend the second floor, not here. However, there is a possibility that it changes depending on the day, so please go around these 3 currency exchange offices and check before you exchange.

It was already closed before 20 o’clock. I don’t know the exact time, but I think they close around 19 o’clock.


How was it? J Center Mall is small to medium sized but still has many restaurants and cafes.

The mall has become more popular especially since Toyoko Inn opened. There are a sky park, a food court and a bar on the rooftop. Please use it.


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