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Introducing the Mactan Island Blue Water “Allegro” Buffet and a la carte

There are three places to eat in Bluewater Malibago.
(There are light meals at 2 bars, “Oyster Bar” and “juice bar”.)

・Main Dining “Allegro”
・Seafood restaurant on the sea “The Cove”
・Italian Restaurant “Delfino’s”

This time, I would like to introduce you to the buffet and a la carte of a restaurant called “Allegro”.

Bluewater Malibago’s Main Restaurant “Allegro”

This is Bluewater’s main dining restaurant “Allegro”.

You may be able to eat relatively cool during the rainy season, but it may be quite hot during the dry season from March to May. I sweat a little when I ate in the rainy season in August, so 。。。 (I don’t think it matters at night.)

We’re open 24 hours.

The restaurant is next to the pool. I feel good because I can eat while looking at the pool.

Fire dance shows are sometimes held in front of the pool at night.

If you sit near the pool, you can enjoy the show while eating.

For those who don’t like hot weather, there are air-conditioned indoor seats.

Buffet dishes are lined up inside this building.

It is small, but there is also a bar counter.

There are only four seats. If the staff is not so busy, they may be able to speak English.

Bluewater Malibago Buffet

Let me introduce you to our lunch buffet with blue water.

Lunch buffet rates
Monday – Thursday: 1,200 pesos
Friday to Sunday: 1,450 pesos

The dishes are lined up inside this building.

First, salad. You can make your own salad with your favorite vegetables.

This is the corner where you can make your favorite noodles.

They are Chinese dishes such as meat dishes and shumai.

Grill station. Choose your favorite ingredients and grill them.

What you can see in the cheese is seafood like shrimp and mussels.

Dessert section.

Fried banana dessert. The characteristic of this Bluewater buffet is that there are many traditional Philippine desserts.

Check out this gallery for more details.

Bluewater Malibago a la carte

a la carte menu


Let’s look at the menu. There is a 10% service charge added to this price.

■Appetizer (APEETIZER)
Many of the appetizers are Philippine dishes. Even GAMBAS (Shrimp Ajillo) on the top costs 670 pesos, so it’s quite expensive.

■Soup (SOUP)
We have three kinds of soup.

■Cebu Cuisine (KUSINA CEBUANA)
The top one, POCHERO (Pocello), is a collagen-rich beef bone broth, ADOBO (Stewed cubed pork). This area is especially famous and is a dish that suits the Japanese palate.

■Grilled dishes (SUGBA NATIVE GRILL)
Fish, squid, pork, chicken.

■Philippine Cuisine (KUSINA FILIPINA)
CRISPY PATA (Krispypata) is crispy fried pork, and LECHON KAWALI (Leechon Kawari) is a whole roasted pork dish called rechon which is fried. Please be careful because it is not very popular among Japanese.

We have US beef steak, salmon and curry.

■Salad (SALAD)
First, there are 4 kinds of salad. The most basic green salad is fairly expensive. (Laughter)

■Sandwich (SANDWICHES)
From sandwiches to burgers.

■Kids’ menu (KIDS MENU)
I don’t think I need to order anything other than a burger steak because they are all fried foods.

It’s mainly cake. There are also ones using coconut and mango.

We have Philippine style shaved ice, halo. It doesn’t have to be here, but it is a dessert I would like you to eat during your stay in Cebu Island.

There is a set menu for breakfast between 6 ~ 10 in the morning.
・JUAN ’ S BREAKFAST 403 pesos

a la carte menu

Here are the comments and photos when the chief editor Saito visited in 2015. (including menus that are no longer available)

Corn soup comes with bread. The amount of soup is for 2 people, so there are about 2 servings.

Grilled chicken salad. This is delicious! I liked the refreshing grape and lemon flavored dressing. (I thought honey was in it.)

The salad was fresh and had mango, grape and cashew nuts in it, so I enjoyed the variety.

Then pork ribs. There was not much to eat, but the meat was tender and the taste was delicious. (It seems that the amount ordered is not so much, so it took me 20 to 30 minutes to melt it from the freezer. Please be careful. But it thaws naturally so it’s delicious.)

If two men split the bill, it might not be enough in terms of volume. It doesn’t come with rice.

Finally, ice cream dessert. This ice cream is so good! It was not just vanilla ice cream, but a little “SOU” or floating ice cream like shaved ice. It wasn’t on the top Dolce menu, but it might be on another menu. If you don’t have it, you can just say “The mango sauce, please give me the ice cream!”.


I had a buffet and a la carte of blue water malibago, and my impression was “The appetizer was excellent, the main dish was medium, the dessert was OK, not so many kinds.”.

If you want to enjoy a lunch buffet at a resort hotel on Mactan Island, I recommend Shangri-La. Shangri-La is more expensive at 1,768 pesos for lunch (weekday) and 2,080 pesos for lunch (Saturday and Sunday), but worth the price.

When I think about it, I have an impression that the lunch buffet with blue water is a little expensive.

As of 2019, the daily use plan of Malibago Bluewater was 2,000 pesos on weekdays and 2,500 pesos on weekends. If you add 1000 pesos, you can use a swimming pool. How about considering this for those who eat buffet?

The daily price of Shangri-La is nearly 4,000 pesos, so the daily use of Bluewater is a good deal.

The UNO Waterfront in Cebu City has more buffets at around 1000 pesos.

Foreign students at QQ English Seafront can walk to this restaurant in about 3 minutes, so if you want to come to eat lunch, you can come.


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