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[Imperial Spa] Spa with high cost performance next to Mintai Spa

Today, I will introduce a store that is popular among wealthy local people and foreign residents.

Imperial Spa (Imperial Spa) is one of the most recommended and affordable spas for international students in Cebu (Cebu City) who want to relax after school or on weekends.

The 1 hour massage fee in the Imperial Spa is usually 450 pesos (About 1300 yen at the current rate), which is a bit of a premium in Cebu City, where there are many super cheap massage parlors around 200 pesos.

Imperial Spa21
During the interview, it was 360 peso (Approximately \850). I think he sometimes plays promo.

Even so, compared to a super high-class shop that costs 1000 peso for 1 hour, it is a reasonable price for Japanese people to use, and when you actually go and receive the service, the cost performance is very good and it is a good deal.

Advantages of Imperial Spa

Very clean facilities that opened in December 2015

Imperial Spa20

The Hong Kong spa owner was a successful interior decorator in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and for a shop in this price range, the interior decor is very elaborate, and it is as clean as a luxury shop.

There are few troublesome group visitors.

It is a massage parlor like Imperial Spa in Cebu City at the price range of around 400 peso for 1 hour, and it is often a course that Korean travel agencies bring a group of tourists.

For example, Tree Shade Spa (tree shaped spa), Ming Thai Spa (Min Tai Spa), and Frola SPA (Florasper) are clean spas with good service level and cost performance.

However, I have heard several times from people who used the service that a group of Korean customers came in during a massage and started talking loudly and could not get a massage because they were relaxed.

On that point, this Imperial Spa is mainly used by wealthy local people and foreign residents, and as a massage parlor in this price range, you can get a quiet massage.

Bed or clothes to be treated

Imperial Spa19
I will wash my feet here first and then enter the room.

Imperial Spa18
This is a foot massage room.

Imperial Spa17
Single room private room (Please note that the picture is dark because the light is dimmed.).

I think there is a difference in preference, but personally, the elasticity of the bed to be treated was just right. Of course, unlike cheap shops, there are holes in the face to breathe, so you can relax and get a massage.

Imperial Spa16
There is also a 2-bed type. Enjoy with couples or friends.

Also, when you enter the room, it is bright at first and you can see every corner of the room beautifully, but when you change clothes, the light is turned off. This also seems to be an obsession for people to use it safely.

Also, the panties for changing when you get a massage are disposable and clean. (I’m glad that I don’t have to use shorts that I don’t know who used or washed properly.)

Imperial Spa15
The bathroom is clean, of course.

Shower facilities and VIP rooms

For + 50 peso, you can also use the warm water shower, so you can use it easily even after sweating for 1 day by doing island hopping on weekends.

Imperial Spa14
Also, there is a VIP room with jacuzzi that couples can use with an expensive plan, which is suitable for special occasions.

Imperial Spa13
Buses in the VIP room. The shower is in a different position.

There is also a nail salon.

Imperial Spa12
We also do gel nail art. More than 1000 pesos – seems to be available.

Imperial Spa11
You can choose from various samples taken from Hong Kong and Japan. There are also Japanese nail magazines.

Imperial Spa10
This is the nail room.

WIFI in the waiting room!

It’s not limited to this store, but sometimes I have to wait for a long time because it’s crowded on weekends.

However, in the case of Imperial Spa, there is free WIFI in the waiting room, so if you have a smartphone, you can wait without getting bored. In addition, there is a delicious tea service if you wait.

Imperial Spa9
Part of the waiting room

There are many good massagers.

I have used Imperial Spa 4 -5 times. I went there without a reservation, so a different person was in charge every time, but so far, most of them had skills that satisfied me who likes massages.

Imperial Spa8
Massagers who take good care of me

Selectable aromatherapy oil

You can choose from 6 kinds of oil for the most popular aromatherapy massage at the reception. I think you can feel good with your favorite aroma oil.

Imperial Spa7
Aroma oil of your choice!

Weaknesses of the Imperial Spa

It’s very popular with local wealthy people and foreigners, so it’s especially crowded at weekends.

You can use WIFI for free, so if you have a smartphone, you won’t get bored, but I think it will be smooth if you make a reservation by phone beforehand. (Tel: 032-367-7081)


Right next to Ming Thai Spa.

Imperial Spa6
It was renovated by a former steakhouse, David’s. I think the way to go is the same as the explanation of Ming Thai Spa.

Imperial Spa5
If you tell the taxi driver to go to the Sarrosa Hotel (Salosa Hotel) or to the Sarossa Hotel Maboro, he/she will be able to get through with you.

It takes about 10 minutes from Ayala Mall or SM Mall when there is little traffic jam.

The Imperial Spa is a yellow building just across from the Salosa Hotel. There are many language schools in this area, so it is especially recommended for foreign students staying in this area.

Pricing and Contacts

It’s hard to see, but it’s part of the price list.

Imperial Spa4

Imperial Spa3

Imperial Spa2
If you like the experience, there is a high class course like this, so you might want to try it!

*Telephone: 032-367-7081
*Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Imperial-SPA/
*Hours: 2 pm -2 am

Also, it is a place with heavy traffic, so it is an advantage that it is easy to pick up a return taxi until late at night.


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