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If you forget to buy it, this is it! There was a Japanese 100 yen Daiso in Cebu!

Hello, everyone. The theme this time is a very familiar 100 yen variety store “DAISO”.

At present, DAISO operates 860 stores not only in Japan but all over the world, and it is! DAISO has already advanced to Cebu Island, Philippines! There are also 3 stores (Include the Tarisai store).

The price is 88 pesos (Approx. ¥200) flat. It’s twice as expensive as Japan. You may think it is expensive, but the product range is not so different from DAISO in Japan, so you can feel secure that you can get the products distributed in Japan.

So please rest assured to all the foreign students who are currently in Cebu and those who are planning to study in Cebu. There are many things you can adapt to when you are studying abroad. It might be a good idea to check what you can get here beforehand so that your luggage won’t be bulky.

This time I went to “Ayala” and “Robinson Galleria” in “Cebu City”.

DAISO Location


That’s right. It is on the third floor of the very famous AYALA mall where nobody in Cebu doesn’t know.

But there may be some people who say, “Ayalamor is very large and complex, especially the third floor, I don’t know what it is!” so I prepared a picture.

The center of Ayala Mall is circular, so if you go up to the third floor, you can see McDonald from anywhere. Turn the Mac to the left and go straight and you can see your child’s favorite “Toysrus (TOYSRUS)”.

Turn left at “Toysrus” and go straight to DAISO.

This is the exterior of DAISO Ayala shop.

Robinson Galleria

Let’s go to Robinson Galleria next time. “Robinson Galleria” is a large shopping mall that opened in December 2015. DAISO is located next to the movie theater on the fourth floor.

Take the mall’s central escalator to the 4th floor, and to the right you will see Globe (Globe), the leading telecommunications carrier in the Philippines. If you go straight there, you will find the DAISO section.

This is the exterior of the Robinson Galleria store of DAISO.

Recommended by DAISO.

Then, I will introduce recommended products for foreign students in both stores.

garment knitting

First, a sewing kit and threads of various colors. Have you ever had a button come off an important dress you brought from Japan and you can’t wear it?

It’s a waste to throw away a button that just came off, and you can’t wear it as it is, so it’s a burden, and you didn’t have any plans to buy new clothes, so if you’re …, use a sewing kit.

Five toe socks! You can buy regular socks at department stores or malls, but if you are particular about five-toe socks, you can get them at DAISO. Of course, there are normal socks and stockings.

Gloves? Yes, gloves. This is necessary for those who go to Cebu in summer, finish their 3 ~ 6 month study abroad and return to Japan in winter. You don’t have to rush to a clothing store in Narita Airport to buy cold protection goods.

You can get it here for 88 pesos. By the way, there were not only gloves but also ear warmers and scarves.

Food Products

Philippine sweets are also delicious. But sometimes I miss the taste of my home country. In that case, you can buy Japanese sweets at DAISO! When you go back to Japan, I recommend it as a gift for your Filipino teacher and friends.

There are various candies.

We also have chestnuts. In English, it is called (chestnut). It’s not Maron. lol I am not familiar with this food in the Philippines.

KitKat is also available. But the price is 188 pesos (440 yen, expensive!).



There are lots of nostalgic sweets such as Koala March, Tongari Corn, Mushroom Mountain, Caramel Corn, etc!

There was also seaweed.

Kitchen Goods

There are many people who bring tea from Japan, but tea bags may be bulky. There are so many tea bags in DAISO, so you can easily drink tea in a bag.


Does anyone need their own chopsticks in the room? The DAISO range from ordinary wooden chopsticks to cooking chopsticks, Korean silver chopsticks, disposable chopsticks and training chopsticks. I think a present for a Filipino friend is also good.


There are kitchen goods and lunch boxes that you can make such cute character bento, and just looking at them makes your eyes happy.

Suddenly there was an earthen pot. It was 188 pesos (Approx. 440 pesos). For those of you who live in Cebu, let’s do nabepa. lol

Household Goods

As in Japan, there are various shapes and sizes of hangers and laundry nets.

Let’s destroy all the hair in the room! Don’t worry, there are balls.


There are a lot of detergents and cleaning products that are familiar even in Japan!

Even a cute basket to keep your room tidy.

This is the DAISO of Cebu Island!

Oh, my gosh, it’s not available in the Philippines, even though I thought … was.

It is a very cute origami set. They have everything from colorful ones to Japanese patterns.



We also have Japanese tableware. Ayara even had sake bottles and teacups.

It’s simpler than Japan, but you can get a manekineko for 88 pesos. This is also good as a gift for a Filipino friend.

There were envelopes for wedding ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, Christian baptism ceremonies and moving. Is it because of Filipino Chinese? They are all red.

Oh, I’m so happy! There were also Japanese retort foods.

Oh, my God! It is a good thing for those who are raising children in Cebu. This puzzle has both English and katakata written on it.


These two dishes are even for me! That’s what I thought. A brush and ink stone for calligraphy.

And the pen you need to sign! I used to need it when I was working at a language school. DAISO has it.

DAISO Summary

This is a famous Japanese general store with a flat rate of 100 yen. There are three stores on Cebu Island.

Location: 3rd floor of Ayala Mall, Seventy, 4th floor of Robinson Galleria
Price: 88 pesos flat (188 pesos or 288 pesos, depending on the item.)
Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM


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