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[Ichiriki Chaya] A hidden Japanese restaurant with private rooms in Mandaue, Cebu.

What do you think of when you think of Japanese restaurants in Cebu Island?

Chiguri-ya, Donki, Banri-ya, Chikuzen-ya in Azabu, Kukai …。 in Yozakura, can you think of this kind of thing at once? There are many Japanese restaurants. Someday I’d like to make a list of Japanese food in Cebu Island, but there are too many to make. …。

This time I actually had an opportunity to go to Ichiriki Chaya which I have never been to, so I would like to report it. Ichiriki Chaya is famous for its hotel and restaurant with massage service. Massage after eating is also good!

Location of Ichiriki Chaya

Ichiriki Chaya9
Ichiriki Chaya is located on A.S Four Tuner Street. People coming from McTan’s direction go through J Center, just past the big intersection. There is a McDonald’s nearby, so you can use it as a landmark.

You probably don’t know which taxi to take, but on A.S Four Tuner Avenue near McDonald’s, near the A.S and Herman intersection, it’s kind of like looking for a taxi.

Ichiriki Chaya10
Google Maps would be powerful. There are signs on the street, so don’t miss them and let them run slowly. Here’s the sign. Sorry for the blur 。。。 I can see the Mac in the back.

This is the route from Ayala, IT Park to Ichiriki Chaya. You can see the sign and Mac in the back. It’s on the right.

The exterior and interior of Ichiriki Chaya

Ichiriki Chaya28
The exterior is here. There’s a restaurant just down the street. It has a very dignified atmosphere!

Ichiriki Chaya27
The sign of Ichiriki Chaya is cool! And the door is just like a ninja house! Interesting!

Ichiriki Chaya24
The restaurant is on the first and second floor. This is the first floor. There are many big tables.

Ichiriki Chaya26
It is safe to come with many people.

Ichiriki Chaya20
It’s on the second floor. There was a tatami room and a counter on the second floor, and it had a different atmosphere. The second floor seems to be more comfortable and good! I would like to sit in a tatami room next time.

Ichiriki Chaya Menu

Then let’s take a look at the menu of Ichiriki Chaya!

Ichiriki Chaya8

Ichiriki Chaya7

Ichiriki Chaya6

Ichiriki Chaya5

Ichiriki Chaya4

Ichiriki Chaya3

Ichiriki Chaya2

Let’s check the recommended items first!

Chilled tofu with edamame, buttered corn with shrimp. We have fried food and yakitori. Among them, the staff highly recommends ‘Grilled seafood with miso 230 g’.

In addition, there are meat, fish, noodles, and set meals, so please check the recommended menu carefully.

Next is the ground menu. From snacks, there are salad, boiled food, sashimi and sushi in a pot, steamed food, grilled chicken, rice bowl and noodles. There are so many kinds that I can’t decide. …。

Next, I will introduce the menu I actually ordered.

Ichiriki Chaya22
This is 200p of tuna, daikon and vegetable salad on the recommended menu.

Ichiriki Chaya21
This is the familiar nikujaga! It’s 120p. 120P is cheap! And the taste was excellent. It tastes a little light, but it has a warm taste of my mother’s cooking.

Ichiriki Chaya23
This flaming dish is called ‘Grilled seafood with miso 230 g’ which is recommended by the staff. It is burning unexpectedly! This has impact ~ I can understand why it is recommended.

The taste is also excellent. This is the best dish to go with alcohol. The portion is small, so I would like to order 2 for a large group.

Ichiriki Chaya18
It is 180p of California roll tempura roll. It includes shrimp tempura. Shrimp tempura, cucumber and crab stick! It is quite delicious! But it is a rice dish and has a lot of volume, so it is quite filling.

Ichiriki Chaya19
Gyoza (potstickers) 120p. It’s hot, juicy and delicious.

Ichiriki Chaya19
The assorted tempura is 320p. The batter is very crunchy and crunchy. Not only the dipping sauce but also the salt is so good. As for tempura, it is difficult to fry, so the texture is a little different from Japanese one.

Ichiriki Chaya17
I also ordered 480p of Take-rank sushi that I don’t usually order! Two tuna, two squid, salmon and yellowtail? It was egg, sea urchin and tuna roll. The sea urchin was more delicious than I expected and I was satisfied. It’s nice to eat sushi overseas once in a while!

Ichiriki Chaya1
The last dish is ramen! Miso ramen! When I asked them to make a delicious special, they came out. The special doesn’t mean that the taste is changed, but it means that everything is on top.

Roast pork, bamboo shoots, corn butter and crunchy vegetables! It tasted so good that everyone shouted ‘Delicious!!’ after sipping a mouthful.

It is more delicious than ramen restaurant. The soup and noodles were good, and the char siu was soft and thick and delicious. It’s nice to have ramen with delicious char siu. The bamboo shoots have a strong flavor and are delicious.

If you come to Ichiriki Chaya, I definitely recommend you to order ramen for the last meal!

We ate too much besides ramen, so we couldn’t finish it. … If there was such a delicious ramen, we regretted that we should have made room for it. Please try ramen! Special if possible!

I will add a picture of what I ate because I visited Ichiriki Chaya later.

Ichiriki Chaya16
Shabu-shabu! 1400p for 2 servings! That’s great.

Ichiriki Chaya15
Boiled bamboo shoots.

Ichiriki Chaya14
Gratin. It was creamy and delicious.

Ichiriki Chaya13

Ichiriki Chaya12
Miso ramen. Last time it was special (Put everything on top.), but this time it was normal.

Ichiriki Chaya11
It is 5 dishes of bamboo for assorted sashimi. It’s 480p. This is a little over 1000 yen.


How was Ichiriki Chaya, a popular Japanese restaurant? If it’s a little far, you can have a meal at Ichiriki Chaya at the country club.

I recommend seafood grilled crab with miso and miso ramen. The thing that bothers me is the staff’s clothes …。 I can’t help but notice the skirt with too many slits.

Please visit if you are interested. And please try a massage on your way back!

Ichiriki Chaya
Opening hours: 17: 00 ~ 24: 00


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