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How to enjoy the SM Mall in Cebu [seventh] Full guide from tourists to international students

SM Mall (otherwise known as Schumart) in Cebu is a huge shopping mall featured in travel magazines and on several websites.
Especially for students who are studying in Cebu, I think they will probably go there once. But it’s so huge that it’s hard to turn it all around!

This is why I, who has lived in Cebu for 6 years, carefully selected 7 “How to enjoy SM Mall” and introduce them.

How to enjoy SM Mall80
There are 2 SM Mall stores (SM City Mall and SM Seaside Mall) in Cebu, but this time we will focus on SM City Mall, which is easier for tourists and international students to visit.

SM Mall


On Google Maps, it’s here. It is a 10 second walk from the 5 star Radisson Blue Hotel and can be reached without getting wet in the rain.

Seven ways to enjoy SM Mall

1.Choose souvenirs for your family and friends at “Kultura”

How to enjoy SM Mall79
Right next to the “Uniqlo” is the “Kultura”, a souvenir shop located in an SM-affiliated mall.

How to enjoy SM Mall78
You can buy T-shirts, mugs, tumblers, and other things that are sold at other souvenir shops, as well as goods, clothes, and jewelry that are unique to the Philippines.

How to enjoy SM Mall77
We also have dried mangos, banana chips and other standard souvenirs you can find at supermarkets.

How to enjoy SM Mall76
Of course, there are coconut oil and papaya soap!

How to enjoy SM Mall75
You can also get “PILI & PINO” brand jams, syrups and granolas that use only natural ingredients from the Philippines. The high quality and cute package is perfect as a gift.

How to enjoy SM Mall74
The Philippines is also famous for its handmade rattan crafts. The rattan plate mat, coaster and pen stand of “Kultura” were so attractive that I wanted to use them myself.

How to enjoy SM Mall73
Cebu is also famous for its shell crafts. The tableware on which crabs, palm trees, and banana leaves are drawn instead of the usual black base shell work is cute but tropical.

How to enjoy SM Mall72
Photograph frames and tissue boxes made of shells look gorgeous and luxurious.

How to enjoy SM Mall71
A napkin in a cute mini basket made of woven coconut leaves. Wrapping that seems gentle to the environment warms your heart.

How to enjoy SM Mall70
This is a refreshing accessory case and photo stand made of hemp (linen).

How to enjoy SM Mall69
The jeepney which is the representative means of transportation in the Philippines is also sold as antique style stylish goods.

How to enjoy SM Mall68
You can’t miss the colorful ukulele and handmade key holders.

How to enjoy SM Mall67
The Philippines is also famous for its pearls. “Kultura” range from natural pearl accessories to low-priced cultured pearls. How about it as a gift for your mother?

How to enjoy SM Mall66
This is a traditional Filipino costume called “Baron” made of hemp fiber. It’s formal, so it’s often worn for important events such as weddings. It is also fun to see various designs of Baron.

How to enjoy SM Mall65
They sell not only formal wear, but also jerseys and T-shirts with the national flag of the Philippines.

They have a wide variety of really attractive items, so it’s fun just to look at them without buying them. Credit cards are also accepted, so it’s convenient. There is also a gift wrapping booth inside the store. Please stop by.

2.Check out cute and convenient daily necessities with “MINISO”.

How to enjoy SM Mall64
There is a variety store called “Minisot” on the 2nd floor of SM Mall with the concept of “Simple, low price, good quality”. It advertises that it has adopted Japanese designs and is now expanding worldwide, but it is actually a Chinese company.

How to enjoy SM Mall63
At first, it was a rip-off of “DAISO” (?)? ) There were suspicions, so I didn’t use it very often, but when I went to SM Mall this time, I was surprised by the rich and cute design of the item!

How to enjoy SM Mall62
Especially beauty goods are wonderful! The electric brush costs only 399 pesos (850 yen)! You don’t have to bring it from Japan.

How to enjoy SM Mall61
In addition, although it is not familiar to men, these are the recent popular waterproof electric cleansers that can be washed with water made of silicon.

How to enjoy SM Mall60
There are massage goods and facial roller which is effective for making small face.

How to enjoy SM Mall59
Mask with unique design and eye mask with cute design.

How to enjoy SM Mall58
There are various home training goods that you can easily train your body in the room without going to the gym.

How to enjoy SM Mall57
There were also goods that could be used for studying. If the light in the room is dark, these desk lamps will be useful.

How to enjoy SM Mall56
There are also lamps with USB that can be connected to a laptop!

How to enjoy SM Mall55
A portable fan, a necessity when going out, costs only 499 pesos (Approx. ¥1,050).

How to enjoy SM Mall54
This cute mug with a cute cat face lid can be used to put tea leaves into the fish in the middle.

We sell not only kitchen goods such as tableware and lunch boxes, but also blenders, coffee machines and juicers!

How to enjoy SM Mall53
We also have toys such as stuffed toys and miniature cars.

How to enjoy SM Mall52
Decorative goods such as birthday parties are also available!

How to enjoy SM Mall51
There are many other things that might be useful while studying abroad, so please check them out!

3.All You Can Eat & All You Can Drink Beer for 888 Pesos “VIKINGS”

How to enjoy SM Mall50
“VIKINGS” is a buffet restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Western food, Chinese food, Japanese food and desserts. It is on the 2nd floor of “North Wing Area”.

How to enjoy SM Mall49
The price is 688 pesos (Approx. ¥1,450) excluding tax for lunch on weekdays, and 888 pesos (Approx. ¥1,850) for dinner on weekdays and lunch and dinner on weekends and holidays.

In addition, the price includes beer, so it is very reasonable!

How to enjoy SM Mall48
The restaurant is spacious, but it is crowded even during lunch on weekdays, so I recommend you to reserve a seat.

How to enjoy SM Mall47
There are many kinds of juices and they are very cute.

How to enjoy SM Mall46
There are also many kinds of cheese!

How to enjoy SM Mall45
Roast chicken, turkey, pork ribs and so on also look delicious.

How to enjoy SM Mall44
The ingredients for the custom-made Chinese noodles are also colorful.

How to enjoy SM Mall43
Very popular with children! Depending on the season, there are also candy houses.

How to enjoy SM Mall42
There is a milk tea shop called “MACAO IMPERIAL TEEA” which opened this year and is attracting attention, so please check it out after meals.

4.Food court to know local of Cebu

How to enjoy SM Mall41
A food court in a shopping mall near Cebu. You can eat 1 meal for just over 100 pesos, and the waiting time for the food is short, so it’s very convenient.

How to enjoy SM Mall40
But I had an image that it was a little messy, so I didn’t use it so much until now.

However, there is a food court in the basement 1st floor (LG) of this SM mall! It was renovated and reopened in November 2017, and it became very comfortable!

How to enjoy SM Mall39
You can eat at your favorite seat in the middle where the shops line up along the wall and tables are placed. The staff at the food court will clear the table after the meal, so you don’t have to clear away the dishes after eating.

How to enjoy SM Mall38
Filipino food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Korean food, Italian food, and wrap like kebab, which is popular recently, are also available. I can’t decide which one to choose.

How to enjoy SM Mall37
When you order, please take the tray at the bottom left and tell me the menu arranged through the glass. If you don’t know the name of the dish, you can point to it.

And pay on the spot.

How to enjoy SM Mall35
There is also a dim sum corner where you can eat shumai.

How to enjoy SM Mall34
The seasoning corner where rice and dishes are served on an iron plate is also reasonable.

How to enjoy SM Mall33
There is also an Italian restaurant where you can eat pizza and pasta full of cheese.

How to enjoy SM Mall32
There are booths selling fruit juice and milk tea in the food court. Drinks are also available.

How to enjoy SM Mall31
There are various restaurants, but I chose “Okinawa Heat” which is a Japanese restaurant. It is a famous food court store that has 2 stores in Cebu.

How to enjoy SM Mall30
You can eat pork cutlet, okonomiyaki, udon, curry, gyudon and ramen at reasonable prices. By the way, we have both San Miguel and canned beer.

How to enjoy SM Mall29
It’s 199 pesos of chicken nanban. Freshly fried chicken cutlet is delicious. The tartar sauce has a perfect balance of the sweetness of the onion and the umami of the egg, which is truly superb!

I am happy that it comes with crispy cabbage! I recommend this.

How to enjoy SM Mall28
Now, at the far end of the food court, on the wall side, there is a strange space. What kind of world is there in it?

How to enjoy SM Mall27
Right next to the entrance is a beautifully illuminated merry-go-round.

How to enjoy SM Mall26
That’s right. There was a game arcade at the back of the food court!

How to enjoy SM Mall25
It is surprisingly authentic and you can enjoy bumper cars.

How to enjoy SM Mall24
There is also a corner where young children can role-play the work experience.

There are many other facilities, so please check if you have children.

5.You can enjoy a movie theater from 500 yen, which is less than half the price of Japan.

How to enjoy SM Mall23
There is a movie theater called “SM CINEMA” on the 3rd floor of SM Mall and there are 8 theaters.

How to enjoy SM Mall22
Famous malls such as Ayala and Robinson Galaria also have movie theaters, but you can also see “IMAX” movies at SM Mall.

How to enjoy SM Mall21
“IMAX” is a film shot in IMAX format, which is larger than the film used in ordinary movies, so you can enjoy movies with more realistic atmosphere.

How to enjoy SM Mall20
Tickets are 240 pesos (Approx. ¥500) for regular movies and 350 ~ 400 pesos (Approx. ¥800) for IMAX movies. You can also enjoy IMAX movies at more than half the price in Japan.

How to enjoy SM Mall19
The shop sells snacks such as popcorn and potato chips which are standard snacks in the movie theater. Hamburgers and pizzas bought from outside are prohibited, so please be careful!

How to enjoy SM Mall18
There is a massage chair near the ticket office in the movie theater. The fee is very cheap: 20 pesos for 6 minutes, 50 pesos for 15 minutes, and 100 pesos for 30 minutes!

Why don’t you use it if you have time until the movie starts?

Also, the movie doesn’t have English subtitles, so it will be useful to enhance listening.

6.Relieving stress by bowling and billiards

How to enjoy SM Mall17
There is a bowling alley next to the movie theater on the 3rd floor of SM Mall.

How to enjoy SM Mall16
Rate per person (1 Game)
・120 pesos (Approx. ¥250) from Monday to Thursday
・130 pesos (Approx. ¥275) on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
And it’s very cheap. You can rent shoes for 50 pesos.

How to enjoy SM Mall15
There is also a billiard table available for 200 pesos (Approx. ¥420) per hour. If you want to relieve stress or play games with friends, go to the 3rd floor of SM Mall!

How to enjoy SM Mall14
There is also a place where children can enjoy on the third floor.

“Astro’s Space Park” is a playroom with a new sense of space motif.

How to enjoy SM Mall13
The fee is 175 pesos for 30 minutes, 250 pesos for 1 hour, 400 pesos for 2 hours, and 500 pesos for 3 hours.

How to enjoy SM Mall12
Next to it is a large toy store called “TOY KINGDOM”.

How to enjoy SM Mall11
On both sides of the entrance, life-size robots that are likely to appear in movies are decorated with security guards, making it a photo spot where not only children but also passers-by are stopped.

How to enjoy SM Mall10
There are various items such as doll sets for girls, robots and cars for boys, Lego blocks and gacha gacha!

7.Walking around the supermarket. From Souvenirs to Japanese Ingredients

How to enjoy SM Mall9
When I stay in Cebu Island, there are many delicious restaurants so I don’t have any trouble with food, but sometimes I really miss Japanese taste.

The supermarket on the 1st basement floor (LG) of SM Mall has a lot of Japanese ingredients.

How to enjoy SM Mall8
There is a booth selling Philippine sweets in front of the supermarket. There are many kinds such as fried bananas and rice cakes wrapped with leaves, so it’s fun just to check them out.

How to enjoy SM Mall7
Popular souvenirs like dried mangoes, banana chips and baked sweets called otap are also here.

Then, let’s check inside the supermarket.

How to enjoy SM Mall6
Number 25’s “ASIAN PRODUCTS” section is full of Japanese ingredients!

There are curry roux, instant ramen, cup noodles, cup yakisoba, udon, furikake, snacks and mentsuyu.

How to enjoy SM Mall5
If you didn’t expect to be able to get Japanese food easily, this is a great tip!

How to enjoy SM Mall4
There is also a souvenir corner. There are many dried fruits such as pineapple and coconut as well as dried mango. I can’t decide what to choose.

How to enjoy SM Mall3
By the way, the basement 1st floor (LG) where the supermarket is located has a rental place for baby beakers that can be used in the mall. Safe for those with small children.

We say “Baby Stroller (baby stroller)” in English.

How to enjoy SM Mall2
When I finish shopping at a supermarket, my bags tend to be heavy. In that case, you don’t need to go to the main entrance on the first floor or the taxi stand without swinging. There is also a taxi stand at Exit 3 on the first basement.

How to enjoy SM Mall1
It’s not so crowded here, so I’m glad that I don’t have to wait for a long time. If you use “Grab” in the app, please specify the meeting place as “Entrance 3”.


If you want to buy quality souvenirs “Kultura”, you can play games in the arcade on the B1 floor, or grab a quick bite at a buffet or food court at the cost-effective “VIKINGS”.

If you are studying abroad, why don’t you buy some cute daily necessities at “MINISO”, watch IMAX movies at a movie theater, or relieve your stress at the bowling alley next door?

Don’t forget to drop by the supermarket on the first basement floor to buy Japanese cup noodles and sweets on the way home!


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