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How to climb the highest mountain in Cebu [Osmeña Peak Trekking]

Climbing on Cebu Island!?

When you think of Cebu Island, a famous resort area in the Philippines, many people first think of gorgeous beach resorts and remote scuba diving.

Actually, if you look up Cebu island a little more, there are some beautiful waterfalls and mountains overflowing with nature.

This time, I will introduce you how to go to [Osmeña Peak] which is the highest mountain in Cebu Island and has been popular in town since about 3 years ago, and is now one of the famous activities in Cebu Island.

What is Osmeña Peak?

Osmeña Peak13
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Osmena Peak is the summit of a 1010 meter mountain in Dallaget (Dalaguete), the southern region of Cebu.

It became famous for its cool climate and undeveloped beautiful scenery. There are some Filipinos who set up tents and enjoy camping because of the superb view of dusk and stars in the night sky.

But such camping area hasn’t been decided yet, and you have to bring all the tools such as tents on your own, so I recommend a day trip for foreign students.

How to get to Osmena Peak

Osmeña Peak14
First, the outline is as follows.

Take a bus at the South Bus Terminal, get off at Dallaget (Dalaguete), go to “Osmena Peak Mountaineering Center” by motorcycle taxi (Or start trekking from there.), pay the entrance fee and go to the top.

It all starts with “South Bus Terminal” in Cebu City.

Take a bus here to Dallaget (Dalaguete) or to Oslove (Oslob), which is famous for its whale zame watching.

There are 2 types of buses, air-conditioned bus and general bus. Air-conditioned buses are cleaner and more comfortable, but you might feel cold, so don’t forget long sleeves.

When the bus leaves, the crew will go around the bus and make a ticket. This is different from Japan, where you don’t buy a ticket to your destination in advance at the ticket office, but take a bus, sit at your favorite seat, and collect the money after the car leaves.

The fare from Cebu to Dallaget (Dalaguete) is about 110 pesos (Approx. ¥230).

To be precise, “Eskina Mantalongon (Eskina Mantalongon)” is the name of the bus stop, but if it’s difficult, you can tell the crew “Osmena Peak” and they will understand. By the way, it is more reassuring to tell them when you arrive at your destination.

Osmeña Peak12
When you get off the bus, there is a famous market called “Mantalongon Public Market”.

You can have a meal around here (Of course, in the local cafeteria,), or you can buy things you forgot at a convenience store. And from here, go to “Osmena Peak Mountaineering Center” which is the 1st pass place to Osmena Peak.

There are two ways to get there, first walking from the market for about two hours.

But if you want to save your energy, you can take a bike taxi called Habal-Habal (Haberhabar). The fare is 200 pesos for 1 motorcycle one way, and you can think of it as 100 pesos for each person as it carries about 2 passengers.

Osmeña Peak24

What’s interesting is that osmenya peak trekking is more of a major activity than walking from the market to the registry. Trekking is meaningless … (lol)

If you use Habal-Habal, get the driver’s phone number in case there is no Habal-Habal to the bus stop when you go down the mountain. (If there are 10 ~ 12 people, it may be efficient to rent a car with a driver.)

Osmeña Peak23

This is “Osmena Peak Mountaineering Center”. Fill in your name here and pay 30 pesos (Approx. ¥60) for admission. From here to the top of the mountain, a full-scale trekking course where cars can’t run starts. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the summit.

I actually climbed Osmena Peak.
My group chose the walking course from the market as it was … because it was a rare trek.

There are a lot of villagers who want to guide you around the market, but of course it’s not free. The guide fee is about 150 pesos (Approx. ¥315).

Osmeña Peak11
My group walking along a country road

The road was paved so that cars could pass through, so it was good to walk, but it was still hot. Sweat wipes and water are necessities.

Osmeña Peak9
If you walk a little bit, you’ll see some of the pine trees and other plants you’ve never seen in Cebu City that don’t grow in tropical climates.

Osmeña Peak10
There was also a statue of the Virgin Mary beside the mountain path, which seemed to be the country of Catholics, and was thought to be a place for the villagers to pray.

Osmeña Peak7
When I just walk, this kind of scenery spreads out. A rural landscape that cannot be seen in Cebu City.

Osmeña Peak8
I finally arrived after walking for about two hours. It is a sign board of “Osmena Peak Mountaineering Center”.

Bike taxis gather around here to carry visitors coming down the mountain, and you can eat snacks such as drinks and ice bars at a small shop.

If you have a lot of luggage because of camping, such as a tent or food, the children around you will ask you to carry your luggage to the top of the mountain, but it is not free. About 100 ~ 150 pesos.

Osmeña Peak25

Fill in your name here at “Osmena Peak Mountaineering Center” and pay 30 pesos for the admission. The important thing here is that there is no toilet on the mountain, so you have to go to the bathroom here!

Osmeña Peak6

Osmeña Peak5
Full-scale mountain climbing starts from here. They climb steep mountain paths unlike before. So I recommend you to wear sports shoes with active long pants.

A superb view from Osmena Peak

Osmeña Peak15

Osmeña Peak4
I finally reached the top of the mountain, and there was a breathtaking view before my eyes.

You can also see Bohol’s famous “Chocolate Hills”. And the pleasant wind really relieved my fatigue up to this point.

Osmeña Peak3
Another feature of the view from the “Osmena Peak” is the peaceful countryside. And on one side is the blue ocean. You can enjoy the beautiful nature with no tropical feeling.

Osmeña Peak2
There were many rocky mountains without plants in the same premises.

Osmeña Peak1

Osmeña Peak22
By the way, “Osmena Peak” has no street lights, so it is also a spot where you can see bright dusk and the stars of the night sky. For this reason, climbers set up tents all over the mountain and spend the night there.

Osmeña Peak21

Osmeña Peak20
My group waited for the sun to set while drinking beer with ice in the beer they bought at the entrance shop.

Osmeña Peak19
Around 5:50 PM, the sun began to slowly move toward the horizon.

Osmeña Peak18

Osmeña Peak17
Beautiful …
I thought so, but the temperature suddenly drops, so I will start to go down the mountain wearing the long sleeves I brought.

Because there are no street lights, the moon and stars in the night sky shine brightly and clearly, but the steep mountain roads are completely dark. I came down to the climber center carefully, relying only on the light of my cell phone.

Take a motorcycle taxi to the bus stop, transfer to a bus bound for Cebu City, and go back to the South Bus Terminal of Cebu.
How was it?

It is an adventure activity that is different from a casual and romantic vacation, but you can enjoy a special impression from the view from the top of the mountain.

Why not experience the uncommercialized nature of Cebu Island? Also, if you walk about 4 hours from Osmena Peak, you will arrive at Cebu’s famous “Kawasan Falls (Kawasaki falls)”!

Osmeña Peak16


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