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[Harold’s Hotel] A recommended hotel located near Ayala, Cebu, with a delicious breakfast buffet.

Harold’s Hotel is a 10 minute walk from Ayala Mall in Cebu.

The breakfast buffet is delicious and there are many kinds of vegetables, so the hotel has a valuable restaurant where you can eat vegetables that you tend to lack during your stay in the Philippines.

It is recommended especially for a place where women travel together!

This time I visited both the hotel and the restaurant in the hotel, so I will introduce it.

1.Location of Harolds Hotel

Harolds Hotel1
The location is about a 10 minute walk from Ayala Mall. It’s within walking distance, but it’s hard to walk around because of the heavy traffic, so you’d better take a taxi.

The taxi should know the name of the hotel. Please ask the front desk or security guards to call a taxi for you.

Harolds Hotel Lobby and Facilities

Harolds Hotel13
This is the lobby of the Harold’s Hotel. The lobby is small.

Harolds Hotel12
Ginger juice will be served as a welcome drink when you check in. It was hot on this day, so I drank it in one gulp, but it was ginger so my body was warm (lol). It has a peculiar taste.

Unfortunately, the Harold’s Hotel doesn’t have a pool, but it does have a gym. The gym is on the 3rd floor and is open from 6 AM to 8 PM.

2.guest rooms at the Harolds Hotel

Harolds Hotel22
The room I stayed this time was a deluxe room with a king size bed. The floor was on the 10th floor. When you take the elevator to the guest room, you need to hold up your card key.

The day I stayed was 3,240 P (around 7,200 yen) per night.

Harolds Hotel18
This is the actual room. It’s a queen’s size, so it’s big and comfortable.

Harolds Hotel19
Long desk, mirror, TV. Japanese NHK is also shown on TV. Harols has wireless Wi-Fi, but there’s also a wired LAN cable at the desk.

Harolds Hotel20
Next to the bed. The black one is the ipod station. The clock was about 2 hours late 。。。 (Laughter)

Harolds Hotel21
A mysterious space next to the bed. Maybe it’s a luggage storage?

The room was spacious, bright and comfortable!

Harolds Hotel24
We also have 2 bottles of free water and coffee and tea. Both the mug and the pot are clean and clean.

Harolds Hotel23
There is also a refrigerator. There is a mini bar inside and everything in the refrigerator is charged.

Harolds Hotel25
Here is the price of the mini bar.

Harolds Hotel26
In addition to slippers, there was an iron and a stand in the closet! It’s also perfect for businessmen. The hair dryer is in the closet with the safe.

Harolds Hotel32
Then the bathroom. This is also spacious, clean and kept clean.

Harolds Hotel31
Around the sink.

Harolds Hotel30

Harolds Hotel29
There were shampoo, body soap, and body milk besides toothbrush, cotton, and soap.

Harolds Hotel28
Harold’s Hotel has a bathtub! The bathtub was so big that I couldn’t reach it even if I was 160 centimeters tall.

Harolds Hotel27
We have a fixed shower above your head and a hand shower. Both water pressure and hot water are perfect! The hot water is especially hot, and I’m happy to be able to soak in the bathtub slowly.

Harolds Hotel16

Harolds Hotel15

Harolds Hotel14
Room service menu. We are open from 10 o’clock to 6 o’clock the next day. It seems that you can’t have breakfast with room service.

I have an impression that the price is not so high.

Harolds Hotel34
There is a buffet by the lobby every morning, noon and night. The price is reasonable, so it might be good to eat here.

Harolds Hotel17
The view from the room window. Sounds great!

3.Breakfast at the Harolds Hotel

Harolds Hotel6
Breakfast is served from 6 AM to 10 o’clock at the Harold’s Hotel. You can eat at the H-Cafe next to the lobby on the first floor. There is no breakfast ticket, so you can just tell your room number to your sister at the restaurant counter.

Let me tell you a little about the breakfast buffet at Harold’s Hotel. I think it depends on the day, so please use it as a reference.

Harolds Hotel11
Quiche and waffle section. As for waffles, there were blueberry, chocolate and strawberry besides plain ones. We also have pancakes.

Harolds Hotel10
Plain rice and garlic rice for rice, and meat and fish for side dishes.

Harolds Hotel9
Salad section. What’s amazing is that they have all kinds of vegetables like lettuce, ruccola and watercress. In addition, there are about 4 kinds of vegetables and fruits. Caesar and one more dressing. There are about 10 kinds such as corn, olives, grated cheese and croutons to go with salad.

Harolds Hotel4
This is the bread corner. There are about 10 kinds of bread, croissants, desserts and donuts.

There are three kinds of drinks, mango, pink lemonade and cucumber juice, which are not shown in the picture. The desserts were 2 kinds of watermelon and papaya. In addition, we have scrambled eggs, fried eggs, eggs benedict, 2 kinds of sausages, ham and corned beef.

Harolds Hotel7
First, the first dish. The half-done fried egg is the best. Scrambled eggs are fluffy and high quality. All of these dishes were delicious.

Harolds Hotel3
Second dish. Besides salad, pancakes and plain waffles.

Harolds Hotel2
The third dish is dessert. I was attracted to eggs benedict other than 3 kinds of fruits, so I took them. This is my first time to see eggs benedict in the hotel buffet!

Harolds Hotel5
When I sit down, I’m asked if I want coffee or tea. I ordered a cup of tea and many hotels pour hot water and give me a Lipton tea bag, but they made and poured the tea properly here.

This difference alone is amazing quality! I also had the dinner buffet at the Harold’s Hotel, and I was very satisfied with both breakfast and dinner. If breakfast is not included, you can eat it at 350 P.

Harolds Hotel8
I have had various hotel buffets, but Harold’s Hotel might be the best. I really recommend it!

4.Harolds Hotel Restaurant Cafe


Located next to the reception on the first floor, H-Cafe offers a daily lunch and dinner buffet as well as a breakfast buffet.
I actually went to the dinner buffet, so let me introduce it.

The price was around 500 P per person including tax. The restaurant is small for a hotel. I had an image that the hotel buffet was not crowded, but when I visited it, it was 80% full. It seems to be a popular buffet.

Yellow fish and meat.

This is also a fish.

Barbecue beef. What a whole potato! That’s exciting.

We also have a variety of sweets. Two watermelons and pineapples.

Petit cake. It is rich in rice cakes, cupcakes and tiramisu.


I was surprised how delicious this cake was!

The drinks are cucumber and water melon.

Fried food and macaroni gratin are below.

Meat and appetizers to go with alcohol.

The biggest feature of this buffet is that there are many vegetables. I can eat so many vegetables!

There is also a salad bar that can only be seen in large hotels. I have never seen a buffet where I can eat vegetables so well in the Philippines.

Appetizers. Is that tuna down there? It was very delicious.

Grill station. It can be eaten with various sauces.

When I opened the basket, I found the Chinese buns! No, it was meat.

This time I divided it into 3 parts! First, salad.

Next, meat.

I ordered a sandwich at Deli Station. I had chicken inside. The sauce is barbecue. I thought this sandwich was the best! It’s worth it.

Pasta and tuna appetizer. Pasta is carbonara.

Desserts to finish. Watermelon and chocolate mousse, brownies, mango and blueberry cakes. The brownies and cake on the right side were delicious.

Brownies were moist and had a strong taste, and the texture of nuts was good. The cake was crispy with cookies on the bottom.

The mousse part was also delicious. The chocolate mousse in the cup is quite sweet with sugar coating, but it might be good for those who have a sweet tooth.

It was a 500 p dinner buffet, and although it was not large in scale, each dish was of high quality, and I was satisfied with every dish.

Especially, there are many kinds of salads compared to others, so it is the best to eat the vegetables that were lacking during our stay in Cebu Island.


This is a cafe & bar that mainly serves light meals and alcohol. It is on the roof of the Harold’s Hotel and the view is great.

If you can’t eat until the buffet, it might be a good idea to go here. However, there is a live performance at night, so it is not suitable for a main meal to chat with friends.

In addition to shish, soup and salad, we also have a variety of other dishes such as rib, salmon and steak.

The drinks are fruit juice, shake, cola, and alcohol. Cocktails such as Mojito and Margherita are 108 pages, which is cheaper than other hotels. San Miguel beer is 98 liters.

It was lit up at night and crowded with people.

There is an LCD screen on the opposite side of the live performance and sports are broadcast. It’s on the rooftop of a hotel downtown, so the night view is very beautiful!

There are seats not only on the terrace but also inside the store. This place is very quiet and good for chatting.

It might be a good idea to drink alone at the bar.

I ordered the cocktail on the menu on the table this time. It was a refreshing cocktail with a refreshing taste. It’s good that I can drink at 108 P.


How was it?

In my case, unfortunately I couldn’t connect to Wi-Fi at all, which was a minus point, but other than that, I was satisfied with the hotel. The breakfast buffet is much better than other hotels, and it’s good that there are many kinds of vegetables.

It is hard to walk to Ayala, but there seems to be a free shuttle bus regularly. It might be good to use it.

There is a local convenience store at a nearby intersection where you can buy drinks and sweets.

As a hotel where you can stay for around 6,000 yen, it is a hotel with good cost performance.

Perfect for traveling with friends!


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