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[HANGOUT – NOBUSHI] Hamburger & Steakhouse Made with Authentic Angus Beef

A newly opened HANGOUT-NOBUSHI- in THE SCAPE on A.S. Four Tuner Street.

It used to be a place of Tora-men Nobushi, but it is now open as HANGOUT-NOBUSHI- after closing.

The reason why it is named NOBUSHI is that you can eat ramen of Nobushi. At present, there are two kinds of noodles, tonkotsu and tantanmen, but the kitchen staff who used to work as a wild samurai continues to work, and the recipe is passed down as it is, so you can enjoy the taste of the ramen of a wild samurai.

HANGOUT is a sister store of Western Steak House on Mactan Island. You can eat steaks and hamburgers made with Angus beef.


It’s in ‘The scape’ on A.S. Four Tuner Avenue. It was originally built on the site of ‘Ramen Noubushi’ a ramen shop run by Japanese.

This is ‘THE SCAPE’. Joliby is the landmark. Other than THE SCAPE, this area has The gallary next to it and Business Oak Ridge a little further ahead, so it is a very prosperous place.

Within THE SCAPE there are ramen shops “Hamakaze”, where you can eat Hiroshimafu-okonomiyaki “TEPPAN”, cafes with fast Wi-Fi “cafe berry”, “coffee bean”, “Korean Cuisine”, “Joliby” and “Tavolata”.

A short walk from Oak Ridge is “champion eaves”, cake cafe “10 dove street” and “Starbucks”.

When you tell a taxi, it is easy to understand if you say A.S. Four Tuner and THE SCAPE or near Joliby.

On the way back, the main street is right in front of you, so it’s convenient to get a taxi there or use the Grab app to dispatch a taxi.

HANGOUT-NOBUSHI exterior and interior

Let’s go inside the store! Here is the store’s exterior.

There is a smoking area outside. Most restaurants in Cebu have become non-smoking, so let’s smoke in this designated area. By the way, I heard that Icos can be used inside.

The store is small. I think it will be full if there are 7 groups. Recently, there are 2 darts.

The interior is similar to Western, our sister store in Mactan Island. It is basically black and red and has a cool atmosphere!

The waiter’s western hat also looks good on you!

You can come with a large number of people, and you can easily enter by yourself.

At night, you can use it not only as a restaurant but also as a bar. There are many kinds of wine, and there are many liqueurs and whiskies. There is a bartender, so you can request as you like.








The menu is roughly as follows.

◾️ Appetizer/Snacks
・Shrimp Cocktail 480 p
・Ajillo 480 p
・Onion ring 180 p
・Chicken nugget 280 p
・French Fries 120 p

◾️ Salad Soup
・Soup of the day 180 p
・Seafood salad 220 p
・Tuna cone 340p
・Seafood salad 380 p

◾️ Ramen and others
・Tonkotsu Ramen 280p
・Tantanmen noodles 300p
・Garlic rice 100p
・Plain rice 60p
・Soup & salad set 180p

◾️ lunch (11:00 until -14:00)
・Hayashi rice 280p
・Omelet rice 280p
・Die Cut Steak 380p
・Seafood gratin 420p
・Tomato Cheeseburger 420p
・Mixed grill 380p

◾️ Steak and Hamburg Steak
・Sirloin steak 150g 980p
・Hangout Steak (Angus cattle) 150g 390P
・Tenderloin 150g 1300p
・Rib eye steak 200g 1050p
・Hamburger steak 150g 450p
・Cheeseburger 150g 510p

◾️ Drinks
・Shake (Mango, orange, banana, etc.) 120p
・Local beer (San Miguel, etc.) 60p
・Cocktails 180p
・Lemon sour 150p

This is free water. It has a refreshing taste with lemon in it.

Soup is included for lunch time. The soup varies from day to day. The picture shows corn soup.

Or onion soup.

This is a salad for lunch time. Japanese style onion dressing is very refreshing. The vegetables are fresh and delicious.

Tomato cheese hamburger steak 420 pages for lunch menu.

This is an authentic hamburger steak made with Angus beef! Authentic style that uses 100% Angus beef. The taste of meat comes out well and it is very juicy. The tomato is also rich! The cheese is thick, so I recommend eating it while it’s hot.

This is the lunch menu’s diced steak 380 p. This meat is the same as the hangout steak (Angus cattle). It is cut and served, so it seems to be a little cheaper.

If you want to eat steak at lunchtime, I recommend diced steak.

If you order a steak, they will add garlic chips and steak sauce after it is served. If you don’t like garlic, they only serve steak sauce.

It is quite voluminous! If it’s 380 pages (around 800 yen), you’ll save a lot of money.
At lunchtime, hayashi rice and omurice are delicious and recommended. Also, I recommend the mixed grill with chicken, hamburger steak, and sausage for a dish with a lot of volume.

Mango shake 120 p. This is one of the drinks you should drink at least once when you come to Cebu. Karamansea shake (Cavos) is also healthy and recommended.

Lemon sour 150 pages. They serve alcohol even during the day, so it’s perfect for drinking during the day! (Laughter)

This is Tequila Sunrise 180 p. There are also many kinds of cocktails.

When it comes to steak, red wine is the best! 180 P. I ordered something cold, but of course room temperature is also prepared.

Western steak 150 g.

Lemon sour again. The glass was stylish!

Pork bone flavor of Nobushi ramen. The noodles are thin and hard, and the taste is very good.

I ordered fried chicken as a special menu. There are holes and half, and this is half size. It comes with soy sauce, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

Sister store Western Steak House

Hangouts is a sister store to Western Steak House in the Maribago district of Mactan Island.

If you are staying in Mactan Island, you can also eat the same menu here. They also have live performances on weekends.

It’s just past the Maribago Blue Water Hotel. This is a western style restaurant.

This staff also wears western hats! The Mactan shop is very crowded at night with many tourists.

The photo shows a mixed grill. Mactan island has a little more menu. If you are staying at Mactan, please visit.

Learn more about Western Steak House in the Maribago area of Mactan Island.


This restaurant is recommended for those who want to eat a lot of steak and also for those who want to drink a little. There are 4 kinds of steaks, so I’m glad that I can choose according to my budget.

Also, there is no break during the business hours, so it is perfect for a late lunch!

Phone: (+ 63) 32 -412 -4274
Opening hours: 11: 00 -23: 30 (Lunch time 11: 00 -14: 00)


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