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[Golden Cowley] Fashionable Philippine cuisine at Cebu Island Ayala New Building Terrace.

This is the story of me and the superintendent Saito who went to almost all the restaurants in Cebu.

As usual, I complain, ‘I want to go to an exciting restaurant!’. In that case, let’s go to Ayala’s new building to have Philippine food! There’s a shop I’m interested in! So I came here.

It’s always exciting to find new restaurants. It’s open! I went to the restaurant as soon as possible and got information, and I discovered that I didn’t know there was such a restaurant here.

I go back to a restaurant that I haven’t been to for a long time since I wrote an article and check the taste and price again.

This time, I had Philippine cuisine at Ayala New Building. I hope it’s delicious! I went there with excitement and was surprised to see the menu! It looks very different, but the sign does say ‘GoldenCowrie’ …。

The restaurant we are going to introduce this time is Golden Cowrie (Golden Cowley) which has many restaurants in Cebu, …。 which is also listed on the menu.

There is already a review of Golden Cowrie in Manavidin, but this time I would like to write another article.

GoldenCowrie Location

Golden Cowley1
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The location is the terrace section on the top floor of the new building in Ayala Mall. It is an area where many restaurants are lined up and there are pepper lunches and THE SOCIAL. There is a store in the back on your right.

You can go to Ayala Mall by taxi. There are many taxis waiting on the way back, so I’m relieved. Ayala Mall closes around 21 o’clock, but you can go back through the mall.

GoldenCowrie exterior and interior

Golden Cowley19
Here’s the look of the Golden Cowrie. It is based on white and very refreshing and beautiful, and it has an appearance that makes you want to get in without thinking. It says GoldenCowrie on the sign, but I didn’t realize it was because of the font.

There are many seats outside the store. There is one near the door, and each restaurant has a table outside on the terrace of the new building, so it might be better to eat outside to be quiet and relax.

Golden Cowley11
Here’s the store. It is quite crowded with Filipino families.

Golden Cowley2
It’s almost full even though it’s Tuesday night. As expected, GoldenCowrie is a popular restaurant.

GoldenCowrie menu
Let’s look at the menu next. If you are a Filipino, you will notice that the shop assistant said that the menu is exactly the same as the menu of Golden Cowrie and Hukad and the price is the same.

But I think most people don’t notice.

Golden Cowley18

Golden Cowley17

Golden Cowley16

Golden Cowley15

Golden Cowley14

Golden Cowley13
Then I will introduce the menu in detail.

172 pieces of pork, 199p of chicken, and 229p of Lapu fish. Grilled scallops (Baked Bantayan Scallops) 163p, pork shish 149p, green mango salad 95 p.

For meat type, 148p of sweet chili chicken and 108p of pork chop. For rice, you can have as much plain and garlic as you like, and each is 46p servings.

The drinks are 55 liters of iced tea, 56p of Calamancy, and 95p of shake. I think I can eat a lot of food within my budget of about 500p. You can have as much rice as you like, so please order.

Then, I would like to introduce what I actually ordered.

Golden Cowley10
The table set is also quite stylish. If you don’t call it Golden Cowrie, it sounds like a decent restaurant.

Golden Cowley8
I always order grilled scallops at Philippine restaurants. The taste is sweet at almost every restaurant. The meat is very small but very delicious, so please order it.

Golden Cowley9
In Japan, scallops are soy sauce, but butter is the mainstream in Cebu.

Golden Cowley7
Garlic rice 46p. I’m glad that you can have free refills. But the taste is … delicious! It’s not like that. It didn’t have that much garlic flavor.

Golden Cowley6
Pork shish 149 p. The shish is also a typical dish in Philippine cuisine, so please try it. It mixes with the soft-boiled egg and is quite delicious. By the way, the extra egg was 12p. If you have this and rice, you can have a full meal within 200p!

Golden Cowley5
It comes with soy sauce, vinegar, and caramancy. Mix to taste.

Golden Cowley4
Gambas 235 P. It’s a dish of shrimp and green onion bound together with egg.

Golden Cowley3
Grilled Pork Belly 149 P. This pork belly is pretty good. The sauce is sweet and spicy and goes well with rice.

If you go with 2 people, you can order 163 pieces of grilled scallop with butter, 149 pieces of shish, 149 pieces of pork belly and 2 46 pieces of rice, and you can eat until you are satisfied with the bill of 280 pieces for 1 person! It’s about 600 yen for 280 pages.

If you don’t have much money but you want to eat a lot, I recommend GoldenCowrie which you can have another bowl of rice!


GoldenCowrie has shops near the IT park in addition to Ayala’s new building terrace. If you are a foreign student, ask your teacher what kind of restaurant you often go to, and Golden Cowrie is probably named as such a popular restaurant among Filipinos.

It is cheap and delicious, so please go there once.

Philippine restaurants in Cebu are popular around Golden Cowrie and Kuya J.


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