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Everything from cheap to the best! Mactan Island’s recommended massage & spa 26 selections

For those who come here for sightseeing or language study, I would like to introduce the recommended spa and massage shop in the resort area of Mactan Island.

Mactan Island has a lot of stylish spas that are full of a resort feel for tourists, but there are some massage parlors that you can get at a low price, so it would be nice if young international students and local residents could see them.

From the cheapest to the best, Mactan’s main areas are divided into sections so you can quickly see if there is a spa & massage where you are staying or where you plan to go.

Tipping is basically not necessary in the Philippines, but some shops ask for tipping and others give a bag for tipping with tea on the way home and there is nothing left.

If you were given a tip bag, it would be about 50 P, and if you were given a high-class spa, it would be about 100 P. However, I think it’s just good feeling.

As for shops, the places I have visited are described in detail. We plan to add more massage parlors as needed.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa32

Mactan International Airport

1.Jimbaran Spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa1
Operating hours: 24 hours inside the Waterfront Hotel (map)

A spa in the Waterfront Tomaktan Hotel in front of Mactan International Airport. We are open 24 hours and the shuttle service within Mactan Island is free! If you fly in the afternoon or at night, it is the best place to be picked up from the hotel you are staying at and go straight to the airport after the massage.


Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa17
Business hours: Unknown izakaya Donki Building (map)
Cheap Massage Nuattai near Marina Mall near the airport. It is on the second floor of a building where you can enjoy izakaya.

Massage is 250 p for 60 minutes.

Conveniently located massage parlors that can be used during shopping or while waiting for a flight. There are many shops in Cebu in Nuattai, so please try it.


Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa30
Opening hours: 12: 00 ~ 24: 00 Goldbury Hotel, 2nd floor (map)

Massage on the 2nd floor of Goldbury Hotel. It is also easy to get to the Guy Sana Mactan Mall, so it is recommended for people who stay at hotels around here.

4.The Hillot Spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa31
Opening hours: 13: 00 ~ 24: 30 Near Guy Sunomactan (map)
It is a spa located in the transit point hostel near Guy Sana Mactan Mall. You can get an oil massage for 60 minutes 300 p and 90 minutes 500 p.

5.LangKawi Spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa28
Business Hours: 9: 30 ~ 22: 45 inside Gaisanomuctan (map)
A spa on the first floor of Guy Sana MacTammol. We are open from 9:30 in the morning.

The price for both body massage and foot massage is 300 p for 60 minutes. We also have a set menu of body and foot, body and facial. It’s the biggest mall in Mactan, so why don’t you drop by on your way home from shopping?

6.Thai Boran Massage

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa27

Business hours: Unknown Near Bridge, near Japanese restaurant Sachi

A massage shop at the intersection of Old Bridge. There are delicacies from Japanese restaurants, so let’s go there as a landmark.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa26
The store is on the second floor. Thai Boran Massage is a chain of stores in Cebu. It’s cheap so you can use it easily.

7.Top SPA

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa21
Business hours: Unknown, Island Central Mall 3rd floor (map)

It’s a spa in Island Central, a new shopping mall in Mactan Island. It’s outside the third floor.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa20
How about using it at the end of shopping?


Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa19
Business hours: Unknown Marina Mall Back (map)

It is a massage spa in Marina Mall near Mactan Airport. It’s on the second floor behind Marina Mall.


Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa29
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 26: 00 Near Guy Sanomactan (map)

A spa located between Guy Sana MacTamall and the Goldbury Hotel. As you can see from the picture, there are many pick-up and drop-off cars! Not only to McTan, but also to Cebu City.

The Lomi Lomi massage is 90 minutes 1360 pesos, 120 minutes 1720 pesos, and the Stone massage is 90 minutes 960 pesos, 120 minutes 1200 pesos.

Mepsa Marigondon

1.Lydia spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa39

Opening hours: 24 hours, the entertainment show in the basement of the Las Vegas Building (map)

It’s in the basement of a building with an entertainment show called Las Vegas. There is also an MDS spa in the same premises. It is not a resort, but it is convenient for people who stay here or on the way back from a meal in Cebu City. It is good that I can go anytime because it is 24 hours.

Dry massage is 400 p for 60 minutes, and aroma is 450 p for 60 minutes. Japanese and Koreans seem to have different prices, so try not to be mistaken for a Korean (50 P is different.). Japanese prices are cheaper. (Laughter)

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa38
The room looks like this. This spa also uses a bed with holes.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa35
It was so big that I couldn’t believe it was an underground store. It is a private room type that closes with a door, so you can feel at ease. There are rooms with 4 beds, so it’s OK for a large group!

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa37
There is also a shower room.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa34
The staff were very friendly. If you are looking for a spa in town, I recommend this one. Shuttle service is available not only within Mactan Island but also to the airport (charge).

2.MDS Spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa15
Opening hours: 11: 00 ~ 23: 00 downtown, entertainment show at Las Vegas Building 2nd floor (map)

A massage and spa located on the same premises as the building in Lydia spa. The aromatherapy massage or shiatsu massage costs 1850 pesos for 90 minutes, and the spread massage, a traditional Philippine massage, costs 2200 pesos for 90 minutes.


Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa14
Opening hours: 13: 00 ~ 25: 00 Near Grand Mall (map)

It is a Japanese managed massage shop near the Gaisanos Grand Mall. They have Japanese staff and they can speak Japanese.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa13
The room is a completely private room with a door.

The massage fee is 300 P for 60 minutes of foot massage, 450 P for 60 minutes of oil massage, and 400 P for 60 minutes of dry massage.

4.Thai Boran Massage

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa23
Opening hours: 24 hours, 1st floor of EroIsa Hotel (map)

A massage shop on the first floor of EroIsa Hotel. We are open 24 hours and you can get a massage anytime.

There are packages such as Thai massage or foot 60 minutes 250 p, oil massage 60 minutes 300 p, 60 minutes oil and 60 minutes foot 500 p.

It is open 24 hours and it is cheap! It’s not only for men but also for women, so please visit it.

5.Watermeron Health Spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa25
Business hours: 24 hours (No Map)
I can’t tell you the exact place because there is no map when I search, but it is near the Crown Regency Hotel. I thought it looked like a strange massage parlor, but it seems that there are some shops in Cebu City.

The store is open 24 hours a day.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa24
As the name of the shop suggests, the massage called Water Melon Body Scrub is 950 P.

In addition, body massage is 250 p for 60 minutes, hot stone massage is 500 p, and foot spa is 300 p.

Maribago Resort Area


Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa51
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 27: 00 Resort area, near Bluewater Hotel (map)

This is Bliss Day Spa which just opened. Stylish appearance enhances resort feeling. At the time of April 2018, construction was still underway, but a hotel and restaurant will also be built next to the spa.

The spa is located on the main street with the Coconut Pension Hotel, Korean Yakiniku YAMIGA and Malibago Grill. You can walk to the Malibago Blue Water Hotel, but you should make a reservation and ask them to pick you up.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa57
The front desk looks like this. It is a relaxing space with a large sofa.

There is also a Japanese menu, so it is easy to understand even for those who are not good at English.

It is 1200 p with 90 minutes dry or aroma massage + foot massage. Other than that, it was 60 minutes and 1000 points for dry or aroma massage only. It is rather expensive compared to the cheap massage in Cebu City, but the resort area and the facilities are very beautiful and the quality of the masseuse is also good.

I heard that there is a 20% discount during happy hour from the opening time to 15 o’clock.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa56
Please note that you can only pay by cash, not by card. Besides pesos, dollars and Japanese yen are also available.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa55
There is also a kids’ room and souvenir space in the facility. Papaya soaps are popular on Cebu Island, where there were baryty soaps such as Moringa soaps and coconut soaps.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa54
Foot washing area. It has a resort feel and is very stylish!

This time, Lighter Miho paid for 60 minutes of spa oil massage at 1000 his own expense and came here.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa53
I was shown to this room. It’s a resort area, so there are many 2 beds like this. Of course, there is no additional charge even if you use it alone.

The face of the bed is perforated. There was a hot plate on the bed and it was very warm during the massage. I mean, massage parlors in Cebu are so cold when I get an oil massage naked partly because the air conditioner works so well 。。。

So this service is very helpful for women!

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa52
Each private room has a washroom, toilet and shower. Toilet during massage is the enemy, so you don’t have to worry (lol) If you get oil massage, it’s hard to go to the toilet on the way, so 。。。

Tea will be served after the massage. If you want to get a spa massage with your female friends, lovers or family, this is the place to go!

2.Flower Tree Spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa46
Business hours: 24 hours resort area, close to White Sands (map)
This spa has just opened in Mactan Island.

The location is in the center of the resort area and is also easy to walk to from hotels and language schools. Language schools of QQ English and Seb Blue Ocean are within walking distance.

It’s just across the street from Save More Supermarket. It has become a bit of a comprehensive facility, with one more massage parlor, bar, cafe, ice cream parlor and Japanese restaurant type in addition to the spa. It’s on the second floor, above the seed restaurant.

The feature of this spa is that it is open 24 hours! You can take a massage at night after playing at the beach, or you can take a massage after drinking late at night.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa41
Front desk. It is a small spa, but it is beautiful and stylish.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa43
The foot washing place is like this. The inside of the store is as clean as the first place Bliss Day Spa.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa44
There were souvenirs on the wall of the shop.

The foot and dry massage is 60 minutes 440 p, and the aroma oil is 60 minutes 490 p.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa42
The room looks like this. It is a private room type separated by a curtain and a wall, and there is a hole on the face of the bed. If you are a tourist, I recommend Bliss Day Spa, but for foreign students, I recommend this one which is cheap.

3.thai thai

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa6
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 23: 00 Resort Area Near EGI Hotel (map)

It is located across the street from the EGI Resort Hotel, and in addition to being easy to get to from the resort area, it is a massage shop that I highly recommend as it is extremely cheap and somewhat clean.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa40
Here’s the menu. Foot 30 minutes 170 p, body massage dry 60 minutes 240 p, oil 60 minutes 290 p. The great thing about this place is that it is half price from 10 o’clock to 13 o’clock when it opens.
In other words, 60 minutes of oil massage is only 145!

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa7
The room is simple with only curtains, but you don’t have to worry about being seen by the people next to you.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa8
The bed is futon type. I recommend foreign students to visit during the day on Saturdays and Sundays. I recommend this place rather than Nuattai massage.

4.POP Spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa12
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 22: 00 Resort Area Near Save More (map)

It is a spa located at the end of the street before Save More Super, a resort area of Mactan Island. Although it was posted as a Sevtrip, there was no sign of the spa, so I was quite lost.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa10
The store was pretty big. Each massage room is a private room, which keeps you private.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa11
The room looks like this. They are run by Koreans and designed for Koreans, so there are many beds in each room, which may be for groups.

5.Gold Moon SPA

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa16
Opening hours: 12: 00 ~ 24: 00 Facing the J Center Mall (map)
It is a spa located across from the resort area, J Park Resort Hotel. In addition to the spa, there is also a restaurant, nail salon and cafe.

The price of shiatsu massage aroma was 1400 P for 60 minutes. It’s quite expensive. However, it is said that they have a regular discount and it was half price when I went there, but the time and period are not fixed, and it is held irregularly when there are few people.

6.The thai

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa5
Business hours: Unknown near Metro Super (map)
A new massage and spa shop in the resort area and on the site of the Metro Super.

The price of the massage is 800 pesos for 1 hour, which is a little expensive, but we had a promotion because it was newly opened and customers haven’t come yet.

Happy Hour: from 10 o’clock to 14 o’clock, 100 pages off, currently 200 pages off in Pro mo (As of April 2018, period undecided), 100 pages off if you make a reservation! Foot massage is not included.

Happy hour and reservation discounts are always available. It’s not clear when Promo 200 P Off will end.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa4
Foot washing area. The Asian atmosphere is very cute.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa3
The shop itself was small and there were only about 6 rooms. All rooms are private rooms with doors and the inside of the room is very clean.


Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa58
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 23: 00 Just outside the resort area (map)
I changed my name from Plana Spa to Arnicaspa. Close to the Blue Water and White Sands hotels in the resort area, it is the most popular spa among tourists.

There is a Japanese staff stationed here, and if you don’t want to be extravagant with the atmosphere of southern countries, I recommend this place!

There are various package plans such as full package massage of 180 minutes and 130 4500 minutes and 2500 minutes. It costs about 10,000 yen, but it is much cheaper than Japan. Please try it on Cebu Island.


Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa45
Opening hours: 11: 00 ~ 24: 00 2nd floor of Resort Area Mac (map)
It is a massage shop next to the flower tree spa. It is 350 liters for 60 minutes dry and 400 liters for oil. The shop was compact but clean. But for this price, I would recommend the flower tree spa next door.


Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa59
Business hours: 10: 00 ~ 24: 00 (Friday 27: 00) next to Save More Super

You will see this blue sign many times when you are staying on Cebu Island. This is Nuattai, the largest massage shop in Cebu. There are many shops owned by Japanese and you can get a massage at a low price.

There are many stores in Mactan Island, and there are many from the resort area to the town, so it is easy to use. This store is located next to Save More Supermarket, the center of the resort area.
Body massage 60 minutes and 250 minutes, foot 30 minutes and 150 minutes.

Shangri-La Hotel Area

1.Eco SPA

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa50
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 21: 30, close to McTan New Town and Big Foot (map)

It is located in the middle of the airport and the resort area, so it is convenient and easy to use. The location is a bit confusing, but it’s near a place called BigFoot. If you have more than 2 people, they will pick y

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa49
The great thing about this spa is that each room has its own main building! I stayed alone, but they showed me to such a wonderful private room.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa48
There is a foot-washing area, a bed and a jacuzzi in the private room, so you can relax without worrying about others.

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa7
Full of resort feeling!

Here’s the menu.
★Stone massage (120 mins): p 1300
★ECO Luxury Spa (150 mins): Page 2800
Organic aroma oil massage (90 mins): Page 1000
Thai herbal massage (120 mins): p 2000

tab page contains the functions for defining the number format. Since the menu of ★ is a promo menu of Cebu Pot, I am not sure if it is still on. Please ask. When I visited, I received “Eco Luxury Spa 2800 p”.

This spa is recommended for those who want to enjoy an elegant feeling in a private room at an affordable price.

2.Tree Shade Spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa2
Business hours: 24 hours (map)

It is a spa located near Shangri-La, Mouvenpick and Abaca Hotel, luxury resort hotels in Mactan. We also have a store in Cebu City. Acupressure or aroma 60 minutes 780 P, 90 minutes 1120 P. Compared to Cebu City, this one is more expensive around 100 P. I recommend you to make a reservation because it is popular with many people whenever you come.

3.CHI Spa

Mactan Island Recommended Massage & Spa33
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 22: 00 Inside Shangri-La Hotel (map)
The highest quality spa at Mactan in Shangri-La Hotel.

60 minutes of aromatherapy wellness massage for an amazing price of 5000 pages (Approx. ¥12,000)! A 10% service charge and 12.75% tax are added to the price.

Let’s go if you want to enjoy the luxurious feeling! By the way, guests can get a 30 minute massage for free. So, if you want to go there other than staying overnight, please make a reservation from the official website.


Other than that, resort hotels in Mactan island usually have massage and spa shops. The spa at Shangri-La Hotel is especially famous for its finest quality.

The massage is cheap and the quality of the masseur is good, so please visit many different places during your stay.

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