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[EGI Resort] Recommended for those who want to dive in Cebu! Location: A resort hotel within 10,000 yen

EGI Resort


This is in the Maribago district of Mactan Island. This is the busiest central resort area of Mactan Island. Maribago Blue Water Hotel, White Sands Hotel and J-Park Resort are nearby.

There are many restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and massage parlors on the street in front of us. We recommend EGI Resorts as they are in a very good location and cheaper than other resort hotels because they are so lively that you won’t have any trouble staying there.

2.front desk, facility and pool

First, I will introduce the area around the EGI Resort Hotel’s front desk and the pool.

EGI Resort23
The entire entrance of EGI Resort Hotel.

EGI has a language school ‘Cebu Blue Ocean’, so there are many students. Students often play basketball in the orange part in the middle of the picture. It’s not so much a tourist resort as a hotel full of students.

EGI Resort6
This is the front desk. It’s been renovated and clean.

EGI Resort38
When I checked in, the man in the picture showed me in fluent Japanese. The check-in time is 14 o’clock and the check-out time is 12 o’clock, but if there is a vacancy in the hotel in Cebu, you can check in relatively easily even if you go early.

I also visited EGI Resort Hotel after 12 o’clock and checked in early. I didn’t need any deposit.

EGI Resort37
There is a restaurant at the back of the front desk. I thought this was the breakfast room, but the breakfast room is a different place.

Next, I will introduce the pool that I am interested in.

First, you need to get a ticket at the front desk to go to the pool facility. They will explain it when you check in, so don’t forget it.

There is a staff in front of the pool facility, so I will give the ticket to him. But the breakfast room is near this pool, but you don’t need it at that time.

EGI Resort22
EGI Resort has two outdoor pools. The pool in the picture is the one right after you enter.

EGI Resort20
There were a lot of chairs around this pool and everyone was relaxing by sleeping and reading.

EGI Resort8
There is also a pool at the back of this pool, below the stairs. No one was swimming, so I thought it was a pond, not a pool. (Laughs) It looks like you can swim here, too.

EGI Resort21
Some reviews said that the pool water of EGI was dirty, but when I visited there, the water was very clean and there was no garbage and it looked like it was well maintained.

I think it has been kept clean since it was completely renovated.

EGI Resort17
This is the second pool area. This one is wider, the water depth is shallow and there is a slide, so it is also for children.

EGI Resort16
It’s spacious and comfortable.

EGI Resort15
The water in this pool is also clean. The deep blue part in the back is deep, so be careful. There is a diving shop, so it is for practice.

EGI Resort10
There are many roofed rest areas on this side.

EGI Resort9
EGI Resort is a cheap resort hotel, but it is especially recommended for families with large pool facilities.

EGI Resort13
There is a road to the beach at the back of the pool. It depends on the time zone, but the tide was high when I saw it. When the tide is low, there is almost no seawater.

EGI Resort12
You can swim, but I don’t recommend it. In Mactan resort hotels, there are few beaches where you can swim. The only recommended beaches where you can swim are Shangri-La and Mooven-pick Hotel.

EGI Resort11
There are photo spots on the beach! I love EGI! (Laughter)

EGI Resort19
There are some restaurants around the pool where you can have some drinks and light meals.

EGI Resort7
The swing style chair is stylish!

3.guest room

Next, the guest rooms of EGI Resort are introduced.

The room I will introduce this time was a superior room with 2 single beds, and it was 8,913 yen per night including breakfast including tax.

EGI Resort5
The corridor of the guest room. It’s bright and beautiful.

EGI Resort34
This is a superior single room with 2 beds. Many rooms in Cebu hotels are dark even with all the lights on, but EGI is very bright and nice. The room was clean and spacious, and I liked it.

EGI Resort24
Even a single bed is about the size of a semi-double bed. The bed is soft and comfortable to sleep in. There are outlets at the bedside of both beds, so you can charge your smartphone while sleeping.

Surprisingly, most of the hotels don’t have outlets at the bedside, so this is helpful.

EGI Resort33
This side has a diving table and a simple kitchen. But there were no cooking tools and only a faucet.

EGI Resort32
When I opened the upper door, there was a microwave, an electric pot, water and coffee. This is a little hard to notice. Many people don’t know where the free water is.

I have a microwave but rarely use it, but 。。。 I don’t have a hair dryer, so I would appreciate it if you could set one for me.

EGI Resort31
Faucet. I have no use for it. The lower door was empty.

EGI Resort30
An electric pot, free water and coffee. Most coffee is stick type, but EGI is bag type. You can drink a lot.

EGI Resort29
TV and refrigerator. It is good that there is always a refrigerator.

EGI Resort26
These towels are for the pool. The towels used in the bath in the room were in the bathroom separately.

EGI Resort25
Closet and safe.

EGI Resort36
Bathroom. It’s beautiful! However, as the reviews say, the water pressure of the shower is weak. Also, there was not much water in the washstand, and it was hard to handle it because it hit the pottery right away. It was nice and stylish, but it was hard to wash my face.

EGI Resort35
The amenities included a toothbrush, comb, shower cap, cotton swab and shampoo in a long and narrow box. I don’t have a razor.

EGI Resort28

EGI Resort27
I don’t know if room service is available, but there was a restaurant menu. It’s a resort hotel, but apparently the price is not that high.


EGI Resorts offer free breakfast. Breakfast is served between 7 o’clock and 10: 00 and you can eat in the red roofed building in the area with the pool.

EGI Resort18
This is the building with the red roof.

EGI Resort2
Around 8 AM. There are many Korean customers.

EGI Resort3

EGI Resort4
Breakfast at first glance is about 5 kinds of side dishes, rice, bread and dessert. There are 2 kinds of drinks and coffee.

Compared to the breakfast buffet of other resort hotels, I felt the quality was quite low.

I recommend EGI Resort because of its good location. Also, the pool is big and clean. The guest room was renovated and became very clean, but the shower output was very weak.


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