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[Complete conquest of Ayala Mall] Supermarkets, taxis, ATMs, money changers

The 2 biggest shopping malls in Cebu are Ayala Mall (Ayala malls) and SM City (Shoe Mart).

If you read all of this, you will be able to know all about Ayala Mall!

Holy Land “Ayalamol”

There are various malls in Cebu city.

The largest malls opened in 2015 “SM Seaside”, “SM City”, followed by “Ayalamol”, (so-called patchmones) which sells similar products “Park Mall”, one of the oldest malls “Gaisano Country Mall”, “Robinson Mall” near Mango Street, “E-mall” in the downtown area, etc.

Ayala Mall is the most affluent mall in the world. That’s why it’s the mall with the best restaurants.

There are many restaurants in SM City, but there are many relatively cheap restaurants and fast food restaurants. In particular, Ayala Mall has a better atmosphere and comfort.

By the way, SM City and travel guidebooks often say “Shoe Mart” but there is no Filipino who calls it Shoe Mart lol.

Then, I will introduce you all of Ayala Mall.

Business days and opening hours

ayala mall cebu1
Weekdays: 10 o’clock to 21 o’clock
Weekends: 22 o’clock to 10 o’clock

Please note that the museum closes completely on holidays such as Holy Week (March or April), and the opening hours differ on Christmas and New Year holidays.

Also, restaurants and cafes have different opening hours. The cafe is open from 7 o’clock and some restaurants are open until after 25 o’clock.

Entrance and taxi stand

ayala mall cebu2
Ayala Mall has 4 entrances.

If you go to Ayala Mall by taxi, the driver will ask you about which entrance to go to, so please tell him about the following 4 points.

A taxi is waiting in front of each entrance.


ayala mall cebu3
This is recommended for those who want to go to Ayala Mall after 10 o’clock. You can’t get a return taxi from here.


ayala mall cebu4
The terrace is a restaurant area, so this is convenient if you want to go directly to the restaurant.

If you want to go to a restaurant or cafe before the store opens at 10 o’clock, please enter from here. If you tell the security guard the name of the restaurant you want to go, he will let you through.

There is also a return taxi stand. There are long lines waiting for taxis after evening.


ayala mall cebu5
This is good if you want to go to the specialty store area.


ayala mall cebu6
If you want to go to the supermarket, this entrance is convenient for rooftop on the roof.

ayala mall cebu7
As of March 2018

It is the time of the pickup car of each hotel which departs from in front of Lustance. Be sure to check the time as it may change.

Let me explain about taxis in Cebu,

Taxi in Cebu
1. Taxi often use shortcut course.
2. Don’t be surprised if it’s locked. (Measures for street children)
3. Be aware that there are many one-way streets in Cebu.
4. There are very few bad taxis in Cebu city. It’s basically safe.
5. Taxis on the McTan side have bad manners compared to drivers in Cebu city such as “Do not use the meter” and “Hide Meter”.

At first, you might feel uneasy “I WONDER IF HE’S TAKING ME TO A WEIRD PLACE!?”, but the taxi driver only has a short cut, so don’t panic and hold on tight!

I ride a taxi in Cebu city several hundred times regardless of day and night, but I think you can almost trust it because you haven’t been threatened with a knife so far.

In Cebu city, the taxis waiting in front of the club called OQTAGON and in front of the Bay Front Hotel are famous for being blown off. Also, a taxi I picked up on Mango Street late at night and charged me 100 peso twice.

However, women should take a taxi from a hotel or a mall as much as possible just in case. When you take a taxi from a hotel or a mall, they give you a receipt number list, so the driver cannot do anything careless.

Jeepney V Hire

ayala mall cebu8
Across from H & M there is a terminal called PUVterminal, which is a Jeepney-V-hire (riding van) terminal.

ayala mall cebu9
I don’t recommend using Jeepney because there are many pickpockets and it’s not a safe ride. Let’s not ride especially at night.

ayala mall cebu10
The route number and the name of the place are written on the ceiling.

ayala mall cebu11
V-hire. There is no timetable, and it will leave if there are 18 passengers in this Hiace except the driver. Basically, there is no stopover, so once you start, you don’t stop at your destination. (There are a few customers who want to get off on the way lol) There are many long-distance routes, such as the one to Mactan, and the one-way fare is about 30 pesos (Approximately \63).


Ayala Mall has more than 50 restaurants and cafes.

Top 3 recommendations

First, I will introduce the top 3 recommended restaurants.

3rd: KUYA J Filipino cuisine

ayala mall cebu12
Near the center of the second floor of the terrace. It’s next to the escalator.

This is our most recommended Filipino restaurant. You can order anything you like. The taste is relatively strong.

ayala mall cebu13
Generally, Filipino restaurants serve dishes in large plates, but KUYA J is not that big.
There is a mark on the recommended menu, so there is no mistake if you order it.

ayala mall cebu14
“Grildskarps (Grilled Scallops), 165 pesos (Approximately \345)”
Scallops baked with cheese and butter. The cooking is just right.

ayala mall cebu15
“Rupiah (LUMPIA PRESKO), 75 pesos (Approximately \160)”
Filipino spring rolls. They are crispy. The taste is strong.

ayala mall cebu16
“Sisig (Sizzling Sisig), 185 pesos (Approximately \390)”
Sisig is a sauteed minced onion with pork cheek, ears and internal organs. At the end, raw eggs are dropped and served on a hot iron plate.

The shisig of Kuya J is cut into small pieces, and the meat looks like minced meat.

ayala mall cebu17
“Choppy (Chopusey), 160 peso (Approximately \335)”
Stir fried vegetables. It’s full of garlic. Pork and liver are also in it.

ayala mall cebu18
“Pork belly (Pork Belly), 125 pesos (Approximately \265)”
It is seasoned pork ribs grilled over charcoal. It must be delicious!

ayala mall cebu19
“Bravo (KUYA J’s Bulalo), 330 peso (Approximately \690)”
This is one of KUYA J’s signature dishes. It’s peppery.

ayala mall cebu20
This is halo halo. It’s shaved ice from the Philippines. It is a Ministop in Japan.

From left to right: Halo-Halo Espesyal (Normal), Ube Halo-Halo Espesyal (purple sweet potato), and Saba Halo-Halo (Banana). 109 pesos, about 230 yen. This halohalo is famous in Kuya J. Filipinos also order a lot.

ayala mall cebu21
It looks like this from the side.

There are coconut, banana, nata de coco and other ingredients in the bottom, so please mix them well before eating. The pudding on top is a Filipino pudding called Leche Flan (Rechfran). It’s super sweet, but it’s rich and delicious. You can also order Leach Flan only.

2nd: Italianni’s Italian cuisine

ayala mall cebu22
The first floor of the terrace. If you want to eat delicious Italian food, this is the place!
It’s a little expensive, but you can recommend any kind of pizza, pasta, and salad.

ayala mall cebu23
Margherita. It is characterized by the thick and chewy texture.

1st: THE SOCIAL International

ayala mall cebu24
The dinner is of course delicious, but the atmosphere is also excellent. In particular, you can’t feel the openness of the terrace seats outside in Japan. There is a live band on weekend nights. It is also recommended for those who want to drink from noon (laughs).

There are soft drinks and coffee other than alcohol, so you can use it as a cafe. WIFI is also fast.

Open: 10 o’clock to 25 o’clock

ayala mall cebu25
I recommend pizza, nachos and meat dishes.

ayala mall cebu26
We have imported beer as well as local beer. There are many kinds of cocktails.

ayala mall cebu27
We also have value lunch sets. 190 pesos (Approximately \400).

Japanese restaurant

Ayala Mall doesn’t have many Japanese restaurants. Most of the Japanese restaurants introduced here are owned by Filipinos.


ayala mall cebu28
4th floor roof top. A Japanese restaurant that has opened branches one after another in Cebu.

They don’t have Japanese food such as sushi but mainly B-class gourmet. Ramen, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, etc. There are stir-fried dishes such as fried meat and vegetables, so you can order rice and miso soup and make a set meal.


ayala mall cebu29
Japanese people are familiar in Japan. The Japanese people in Cebu are not Izakaya but the atmosphere of Japanese restaurants, so I don’t recommend it as a drinking place.

It used to be a pork cutlet restaurant, so there are many pork cutlet menus.


ayala mall cebu30
That UCC coffee. I recommend it as a cafe. There are a lot of dishes such as curry and ramen, but I don’t recommend that much.

Also, there is only UCC for coffee, and you can choose from American, UCC blend, and organic coffee, so I recommend it to coffee lovers.

Cheap restaurant

food court

ayala mall cebu31
The food court in Ayala Mall is rather small. It’s in the central atrium on the fourth floor.

ayala mall cebu32
I recommend CNT LECHON.

Retchon is a whole roasted piglet. What is the most famous Philippine dish in Cebu? Almost everyone says, “Lechon”. The reticulin of Cebu is famous for being the most delicious in the Philippines.

However, this food court is the only retchon specialty store in Ayala Mall. It’s perfect for those who want to try it a little.

Mall Express Cafeteria

ayala mall cebu33
It is a local restaurant called Calenderia. Even so, it is more beautiful than the shops along the road, so I am relieved.

It’s a restaurant that even the local Filipinos don’t know. It is located in front of the Gold Gym. Staff working at Ayala Mall often use it.


ayala mall cebu35
The second floor of the central atrium. Joliby is a fast food restaurant that I want to visit at least once when I come to Cebu in the Philippines.

Besides Ayala Mall, they are everywhere in the city. It is because the only countries where McDonald’s cannot be the top share in the world are the Philippines and Joliby. Especially in Cebu, where Joliby is strong in the Philippines.

The standard menu is a set of 1 fried chicken called “C1” with rice and drink for 82 peso (Approximately \170). We have original and spicy fried chicken, but spicy flavor is recommended. A hamburger called “CHAMP” is also delicious.


There are many cafes in Ayala Mall. There are coffee shops and Starbucks only in the Philippines.

By the way, the biggest problem with cafes overseas is WiFi and toilets. If there are more than 2 people, you can take turns, but what should I do if my luggage is stolen while I go to the bathroom alone? I thought about it many times.

No, I still think so.

Specifically, the following methods are recommended.

When I go to a cafe in Cebu by myself
1. Use the cafe in the bathroom.
2. Use a cafe with as few people as possible.
3. Move away from the entrance.
4. Sit in front of the security guard.

It might be better to bring things into the toilet except for the things that can be stolen. To be honest, if you don’t leave your computer or cell phone outside, it won’t be stolen even if you leave your computer or cell phone in the cafe and enter the bathroom.

However, it won’t be as expensive as in Japan, so please be careful and don’t leave it as it is.


ayala mall cebu36
A cafe that serves coffee from the Philippines.

The morning set costs around 200 peso (Approximately \420) and comes with an omelet, sausage and coffee, so it’s a good deal. WIFI available.

Open: 7 o’clock to 24:30

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

ayala mall cebu37
A coffee chain store that originated in Los Angeles.

Bagels are recommended for meals. Only people who have a membership card can get a password for WIFI.
Open: 7 o’clock to 24 o’clock


ayala mall cebu38
Starbucks is also popular in Japan.

Open: 7 o’clock to 24 o’clock

money changer

There are 9 currency exchanges in Ayala Mall. (As of April 2019)

I checked the rate between 1 PM and 2 o’clock on September 21, 2018. I will introduce in order of the best rate.

1st: MAIL and MORE (4,765 pesos)

ayala mall cebu39
Near the Gold Gym on the 4th floor, in the More Service in front of Mr. Donut.


ayala mall cebu40
It’s near the Gold Gym on the 4th floor, at the end of Mr. Donut, on the left.

3rd: i CHANGE (4,753 pesos)

ayala mall cebu41
Inside The Maze on the 3rd floor. It’s next to Chinese restaurant Harbour City. This requires an ID (identification card).

4th: X change (4,750 pesos)

ayala mall cebu42
It’s next to the outdoor Shakes on the 3rd floor, just above the Bo’s coffee on the 2nd floor.

5th. DROP BY (4,740 pesos)

ayala mall cebu43
The entrance to Lustance.

6th: GPC MONEY EXCHANGE (4,725 pesos)

ayala mall cebu44
It’s near the central stairwell on the first floor. There is always a line.

7th: FOREGIN EXCHANGE (4,700 pesos)

ayala mall cebu45
It’s near Kuraiken on the second floor. The location was bad and the rate was the worst.
They don’t give you a rate, so you have to ask them.

Summary of Money Exchange Offices
The easiest place to go is GPC MONEY EXCHANGE which is the 6th place. Many foreigners are always lining up. There is no big difference in any money exchange, so I think you should change it at the money exchange place you found.

If it is the exchange place with the best rate, let’s go to MAIL and MORE. The ranking varies a little depending on the day.

By the way, there are 3 exchange places in SM city, but all of them are managed by SM, so the rate is the same, and it is 50 peso (Approximately \105) lower than the lowest rate FOREGIN EXCHANGE in Ayala mall.


If you come to Ayala Mall, you will be able to get most of the souvenirs!

Then, I will introduce a recommended souvenir you can buy at Ayala Mall.

Souvenirs available at supermarkets

There are two grocery stores in Ayala Mall.

ayala mall cebu46
Food supermarket “Metro”. It’s near H & M on the first floor.

ayala mall cebu47
The other is “Lustance”. It is on the first basement floor of the new building (New Wing).

Lustance is known as a luxury supermarket in Cebu. However, the packaged products are not so different from other supermarkets. Vegetables, meat and fish are expensive because we have good ones. Unlike Metro, the register of Lustance is fast, so I recommend it.

7D dry mango

ayala mall cebu48
Even though Cebu is famous, more than 10 kinds of makers sell dry mangoes, but if you have this 7D dry mango, you can buy it without hesitation. The 7D dry mango is not stringy and the meat is thick and delicious.

ayala mall cebu49
There is also chocolate covered one.

ayala mall cebu50
If you want a boxed, individually wrapped dry mango when you take it to work, I recommend this.

This Philippine brand is also famous in Cebu. The price is a little over 300 peso (Approximately \630), but I use only the good parts of mango. It contains 12 pieces.

JOVY’S Banana Chips

ayala mall cebu51
There are many kinds of banana chips, but let’s buy this JOVY’S banana chips. Banana chips are fried in coconut oil, so they smell good.

ayala mall cebu52
There are also small bags.

ayala mall cebu53
Filipino coffee beans. This is only available in the Lustance.


ayala mall cebu54
There are also cans for those who like San Miguel Light and want to drink it in Japan. 40 pesos (Approximately \84).

Instant noodles

ayala mall cebu55
Local instant noodles. The picture is yakisoba.

The LUCKY ME brand holds the top share in Philippine instant noodles. This green has a citrus taste like Philippine lemon called karamathy. 9 pesos (Approximately \18).


ayala mall cebu56

Soup stock granules

ayala mall cebu57
This is Knorr soup stock. Another popular product is Magic Sarap, a Filipino brand. It is good that it is not bulky.

Peanut Kisses

ayala mall cebu58
It’s about 2 hours away from Cebu by ship and it’s a souvenir from Bohol Island.

I think the triangle shape is similar to chocolate hill in Bohol Island. It is a snack made of chocolate mixed with nuts and has a crunchy texture. The taste is popular among Japanese.

hair treatment

ayala mall cebu59
Cuticle coat by VITRESS. Women like it very much because it becomes smooth when applied to hair. It’s small and not bulky, so it’s perfect as a souvenir for balamaki. About 70 pesos (Approximately \150).

Souvenirs available outside the supermarket

Starbucks mugs

ayala mall cebu60
A Starbucks local mug. 450 pesos (Approximately \945). It is a little expensive, but it is well made and comes with a box. We also have tumblers.

There are two Starbucks in Ayala Mall. It is the first floor and the fourth floor of the terrace.


ayala mall cebu61
BENCH/mostly in big malls. The uniform of Cebu Pacific Airlines is also BENCH /. It’s like Uniqlo from the Philippines.

ayala mall cebu62
Bags and wallets come in a variety of designs. If you are looking for a small shoulder bag, it starts from 300 peso (Approximately \620), so it’s a good souvenir.

ayala mall cebu63
We also have sunglasses, beach sandals, and wallets. We also carry perfumes.
Next, I will introduce souvenirs you can buy at the pharmacy.

ayala mall cebu64
A beautiful drugstore called WATSONS. It’s on the second floor of the central stairwell. You can buy what I’m going to introduce at other drugstores too!

coconut oil

ayala mall cebu65
Coconut oil that was popular in Japan a few years ago can be bought at a reasonable price in Cebu.

Choose the one that says Virgin Coconut Oil. The oil marked Virgin (Virgin) is additive-free and purified.

Papaya Soap

ayala mall cebu66
There are many kinds, but this is the standard Silka. We also have bags for daily use. Other than that, there are some good souvenirs in fancy boxes.

rubbing alcohol

ayala mall cebu67
This is a spray type. Most Filipino women also have it. There are scented ones and ones in a case like a key chain.


ayala mall cebu68
Close to H & M on the second floor. It’s a souvenir shop for foreigners, so the price is high. We also have irabseb T-shirts.

Original sticker

ayala mall cebu69
Inside Meza on the 3rd floor. A store that sells key chains and stickers.

ayala mall cebu70
There are many famous logos. From about 20 pesos (Approximately \42).

ayala mall cebu71
It’s a key chain. The smallest is 50 pesos (Approximately \105).

If you put the photo data in your smartphone and bring it with you, it will make an original sticker and key chain. The keychain takes about 2 days to complete, but it is made at the same price of 50 peso (Approximately \110) without additional charge as the one for sale. The stickers seem to be ready quickly.

Woodchunk (made of wood or cork)

ayala mall cebu72
Between H & M and Lustance on the first floor. We sell small items such as wooden sunglasses, watches, cork shoes, hats and wallets.

ayala mall cebu73
There is also an iPhone case. About 800 pesos (Approximately \1,680).

accessory keychain

ayala mall cebu74
There are several places in Ayala Mall.

ayala mall cebu75
I’ll blow it off a little, so let’s buy it after negotiating the price. A small key chain costs about 50 pesos (Approximately \105).

Massage shop

Ayala Mall has slightly more expensive massage parlors and cheaper ones in Cebu for 1 hour 1000 peso (Approximately \2100).

If you don’t mind, I’ll give you about 20% tip after the massage. (In case of 1000 peso, 100 peso is fine. Let’s avoid coins because they are rude.) There is basically no tipping culture in Cebu, but tipping is common among Filipinos at massage parlors and beauty salons.


ayala mall cebu76
As a shop in Cebu city, it is a high-class massage shop. 1 hour from 1000 pesos (Approximately \2100).
There is also a shop at the international departure terminal of Mactan Airport.


ayala mall cebu77
It is the innermost area where there is a ticket office and a money exchange on the 4th floor.
1 hour from 300 pesos (Approximately \630).

Cheap massage

There are 4 places in Ayala Mall. People with visual or hearing impairments work as masseurs. common in Cebu malls.

ayala mall cebu78
Inside The Meza. You can choose from foot massage and upper body massage for the massage you receive while sitting. 100 peso (Approximately \210) for 30 minutes and 200 peso (Approximately \420) for 60 minutes.

ayala mall cebu79
At the back of the souvenir shop on the first floor of the central atrium. This course is the same.

ayala mall cebu80
It’s on the second floor of the Lustance entrance. This store starts at 150 pesos (Approximately \320) in 30 minutes.

More Helpful Info

SIM card LOAD card

ayala mall cebu82
There are two places in Ayala Mall. It’s near the second floor Kairaiken and near the central wellhole on the same second floor.

I think the shop is hard to find, so please ask the staff somewhere, “Where can I buy a load?”.

ayala mall cebu83
If you have a SIM free smartphone or a WIFI router, you can use the local network by purchasing a SIM card and LOAD (In the Philippines, charging is called loading.). Prepaid cards can also be purchased in units of 100 pesos (Approximately \210).

movie theater

ayala mall cebu84
Almost all the movies shown in Cebu don’t have English subtitles. If you are a foreign student, let’s experience it while studying English on Saturday and Sunday when school is closed.

Tickets are 240 pesos (Approximately \500). The way to buy tickets is the same as in Japan. Tell the receptionist the movie you want to watch, the running time and the number of tickets. It’s a reserved seat, so you choose your favorite seat and get a ticket issued.

ayala mall cebu85
You can check the monitor in front of the ticket office for information on the movies currently showing.

iPhone repair

ayala mall cebu86
Apple’s Authorized Service Provider (authorized service provider). Apple certified staff will repair it with the same quality as the Apple Store. All repair parts are genuine.

If the condition of your iPhone or other Apple products is bad, let them check it. If it is within the warranty period that comes with the purchase in Japan, we can repair it for free here.

If the repair period has passed and you want to repair it cheaply, you can do it cheaply at the mobile phone repair shop in the mall, but the price is negotiable and the parts are not genuine. He is also good at repairing. There are some in Ayala Mall, but there are many in SM Mall.

By the way, you can’t buy Apple products here, but there is an Apple product store called iStore just across from Ayala Mall. From the latest iPhone to Mac. A little higher than Japan.

Bohol Island Ticket

ayala mall cebu87
There is a place selling ferry tickets to Bohol Island just left of the fitness center on the 4th floor. There are some travel agencies.

ayala mall cebu88
It is a timetable and fare table as of March 2018.


ayala mall cebu89
There is a famous gold gym in Ayala Mall in Japan. It’s on the fourth floor.
The equipment is a little old, but it has a training machine and a shower.

The monthly fee is 3500 peso (Approximately \7350), but 10 coupon tickets are also sold at 2750 peso (Approximately \5750), so it’s good for international students. You can use it only once, but I don’t recommend it because it costs 900 peso (Approximately \1890).

I want to buy a present.

For those who want to give presents to teachers and friends who helped them during their study abroad.
(I think it is prohibited to give presents to teachers depending on schools, so please check there.)

ayala mall cebu90
It’s on the second floor of the central stairwell. A store that sells accessories for women.

ayala mall cebu91
These are the BENCH socks we introduced above. The price may be reasonable for men’s gifts. About 60 pesos (Approximately \125).

ayala mall cebu92
Want to buy something a little better? We also have L’Occitane. It is the first floor of the stance.

By the way, there is a wrapping service in the bookstore called National BookStore on the second floor of the central stairwell. You can also choose wrapping paper or ribbon.


ayala mall cebu93
We have Japanese Daiso. 88 peso (Approximately \185) flat in Cebu. There are also clothespins that are hard to find in Cebu.

beauty parlor

ayala mall cebu94
It is above H & M. This is a little expensive salon at Cebu, and a cut is about 300 pesos (Approximately \630).

Most of the beauty salons are located in the 1st basement and 2nd basement of the central atrium, and there are nearly 10 shops. It’s a bit cheaper, with a cut of 100 pesos (Approximately \210).

In the Philippines, clippers are often used to cut men. If you don’t say anything, you’ll get cut off, so please be careful. Also, many hairdressers and barbers use razors around, so you should not use them.


ayala mall cebu95
There are many red BPI ATMs in Ayala Mall. The yellow ATM on the left in the picture is only for deposit, so you can’t withdraw money. It’s all over the mall.

It is often crowded around the entrance at one time. It is on the second floor or higher and in front of the stance.

ayala mall cebu96
This mark is the mark for overseas correspondence. As long as you have this mark, you can use any bank’s ATM.

ATM Considerations
*Foreign ATMs accept credit cards and cash cards with a mark that can be used overseas.
*For some reason, certain ATMs don’t accept marks (? In that case, use another ATM.

*An ATM is always 200 peso (Approximately \420) for 1 withdrawal. In addition, you can withdraw 10,000 peso at Max for 1 time, which is about 21000 yen, so it costs more to use an ATM than to exchange money. It is an ATM for convenience, but if you want to study abroad for a short time, I recommend you to bring cash.

*In the early morning malls, sometimes ATMs are “There is no money in it.” so you may not be able to withdraw. In that case, the cash card doesn’t come out often, but please wait there without panic. It will come out in about a minute.

*Some ATMs don’t even have more than 10,000 pesos in the first place (Confirmed at Mactan New Town). Don’t complain about not being able to use your card. Change the time or use another ATM.

Even if the card doesn’t come out (So-Called state of being swallowed), the receipt often comes out, so make a call using it as evidence.

smoking area

ayala mall cebu97
There is one in Ayala Mall now. 4th floor roof top. There is an entrance next to the escalator near Social.

On the rooftop, ask the shop assistant of some store, “Where is the Designated Smoking Area (smoking area)?”.

A presidential decree banning smoking was enacted in the Philippines in 2017, severely restricting smoking areas. Smoking outside designated smoking areas, including on the street, will be fined.

In particular, large fines are imposed on private land such as Ayala Mall and IT Park. Try to smoke in a smoking area with a green sign that says “Designated Smoking Area”.


ayala mall cebu98
Ayala Mall has a relatively large number of toilets and is clean, so I don’t think you will have any problems.

One thing to note is that there is no toilet paper in the private room. You can take as much toilet paper as you need from the washroom, or you can buy some for 5 pesos (Approximately \10).


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