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Climb the Chocolate Hills in the Baggy Kar! The latest tour experience of Bohol Island

Hello everyone!

Would you know “Bohol” which is about a 2 hour ferry ride from Cebu Island?

With more than 7000 islands, it is the 10th largest island in the Philippines, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country with its beautiful nature.

We’ve introduced you to island hopping on Bohol Island, famous for its scuba diving and snorkeling spots. Surprisingly, you can have a precious experience to encounter dolphins and sea turtles!

This time, we will introduce a track and field tour of Bohol Island, which has a different charm from marine activities.

They are tarsiers “Tasha”, “robot liver tour” which you can eat while cruising the river in the rain forest, and “Chocolate Hills” which is a hill shaped like a Hershey’s kiss. I would like to mainly visit these 3 spots which can be said to be the essence of Bohol Island tour.

Especially this time, I went on a one-day tour which is good for foreign students who want to go to Bohol Island but don’t want to stay overnight and want to use the limited time effectively.

By the way, I used the “Tabinaka ([Day Tour from Cebu to Bohol] Visit the tarsier “Tasha” and Chocolate Hills 2 popular spots ☆ Experience the buggy and zip bike (aerial bicycle))” plan this time, and I was able to return from Bohol Island to Cebu Island around 6 PM.

Let’s go to Bohol Island!

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island37
Take the ferry to Bohol Island’s “Tagbilaran (Tagbilaran)” at the ferry terminal “Pier (Pia)” in Cebu City and arrive in about 2 hours.

I used a tour company this time, so I don’t have to arrange a ticket by myself. As an option, they picked me up from my accommodation in Cebu City to the ferry terminal.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island36
When you get to Pier, go into the terminal. However, unlike island hopping, the airport security check requires a confirmation of reservation and identification. Be sure to prepare a copy of your passport in advance.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island35
By the way, there was a money exchange and ATM in the hall before entering the check-in counter. Of course, the exchange rate is not as good as in Cebu city, but in the worst case, I could exchange money here, so I was relieved. If you don’t have enough money on hand, please come here.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island34
Then, go to the check-in counter and check your baggage. Please separate into men’s and women’s parts and put all your belongings on the x-ray table.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island33
Here is the state of the meeting room. It was around 6 AM, but there were already many people waiting for the ferry. Also, I recommend you to prepare something to put on because the air conditioner is listening hard in the meeting room and the ferry.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island32
There are souvenir shops and shops like this on the first floor, so you can buy drinks and sweets.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island31
And if you go up to the second floor, there is a small cafe where you can order warm coffee, cupcakes and breakfast.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island30
It’s clean and has a nice set of tables, so you can relax while waiting here.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island29
It is 7 o’clock at last, and the boarding time. I got on this “Ocean Jet”.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island28
It is the state of the ship. It’s full because it’s Sunday morning.

The air conditioner is working really well (laughs). There is also a TV and toilet on the ship, and there are carts selling sweets, drinks and cup noodles.

It was completely fine on this day, but it may shake depending on the weather. If you are seasick, don’t forget to take some medicine!

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island27
About 2 hours later, at 9 o’clock, we will arrive at the port of Tagbilaran! It is already crowded with many tourists and tour companies. Blessed with the weather, I have a feeling that it will be a good trip!

Let’s go see the tarsier “Tasha”!

Then, I will take a car arranged by a tour company with a Japanese guide and go to the park where you can meet “Tasha” which is the 1st spot of the day.

In Japan, the tarsier “Tasha” is an endangered species that lives only in Bohol.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island26
They are very vulnerable to stress, and instead of being a facility like a zoo, we have designated forests that are as close to natural conditions as possible to protect them as “Tasha observation area”. There are 5 observation areas in total in Bohol Island, and this is one of them.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island25
This is a small museum where photographs of Tasha are displayed. We will move in a group to see Tasha, so we will wait here until the number of people gather.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island24
Then, I will follow the staff and go into the forest where Tasha lives. By the way, there are rules such as not to shout, not to touch the Tasha, not to flash the camera, so please be careful.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island23
Yay! I saw one! It’s really about the size of a palm. It is very lovely to see him grabbing the tree with his small hands and feet.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island22
This is my second. It’s so small that I have to use the camera zoom. In addition, since Tasha does not have a skull, it is sensitive to stimuli and should not be touched.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island21
This is my best shot, sleeping Tasha. It’s so cute.

The population was smaller than in other observation areas, and we were able to see a total of four Tasha that day. But you can see Tasha closer than other large parks, so it’s worth seeing. If you come all the way to Bohol Island, please stop by!

Robocrever cruising with on-board lunch

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island20
Next is a cruise that takes you on a pleasure boat to see a river in the tropical rain forest called “Loboc (Robock)”. I am glad that it comes with a lunch buffet on board!

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island19
The inside of the sightseeing boat is like this. I am sorry for those who imagine sightseeing boats in Japan, but it is a Philippine style boat made of wood. Judging from the red lantern, the owner of the ship may be Chinese.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island18
The cruise starts when the boat is full. It is a system to use the buffet corner in the middle of the ship while waiting for departure.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island17
The main dishes are Filipino dishes with less vegetables and more meat. There were desserts such as fruits and bite-sized sweets, and iced tea was all-you-can-drink.

Soft drinks and beer are extra. I ordered a San Miguel Light and it was not bad at 80 pesos (Approx. ¥170).

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island16
Finally, the pleasure boat started to move forward and the live band on the boat started playing. And this view spreads out before your eyes. It is truly a tropical rain forest landscape that is unique to the Philippines. Singers’ singing voice and the wind crossing are very comfortable.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island15
Inside the boat, you can eat rice, look at the scenery, take pictures and so on.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island14
After advancing for about 30 minutes, we reached the turning point of the ship.

On the side, there’s a group that sits on a paddle boat and enjoys yoga. I think I can get a lot of power by doing yoga in this nature.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island13
The first building I went to was this suspicious building. If you look closely, it looks like it is floating on the river. Then, for some reason, the ship began to approach it.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island12
The people who were waiting for us there were local residents. Wearing matching clothes, the children greeted us with dances and the adult women with ukuleles.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island11
We also sell this cute ukulele as a souvenir at 800 pesos (Approx. ¥1700).

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island10
After singing and dancing, a traditional game using two long bamboo sticks will be performed, and visitors who want to try it together can get off the boat and participate or take pictures together.

Whether or not you participate after getting off the ship is not a must, but an individual choice, so it’s all right to just look at it. But if you want to join! If you like that, don’t forget to put a little money as a tip in the “donationbox” next to it!

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island9
This ended the one-hour reverse cruise. Let’s change cars again and move to the next spot!

Commemorative photo taken at Manmade Forest

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island8
I stopped by “Manmade Forest” on my way to the Chocolate Hills. It is a place where mahogany trees are planted closely on both sides of the road for disaster prevention measures.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island7
Many tourists stop their cars on the road to take pictures because they look great. It is now a popular tourist spot.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island6
While I was away from my car, I put one in the camera. It’s cool and the air is clear, so it’s good for a change!

What is Chocolate Hills that you climb with a buggy?

So, for today’s last event, we will head to the “Chocolate Hills” where you can see the hills in the shape of Hershey’s Kisses.

This is my third visit to the Chocolate Hills, but up until last time, it was standard to go up to the observation deck and look at it from a distance as shown in the picture.

But this time, I’m going to climb the Chocolate Hills directly in a buggy!

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island4
When you arrive at the Baggy Camping Ground, you will choose the type of car from the single passenger car on the upper left and the double passenger car on the upper right in the photo. I chose a one-person ride because it was a rare experience. And listen to the explanation of the course. But there is actually a guide of Filipinos, so you don’t need a map, so you can feel at ease.

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island3
All right, let’s go! It’s about an hour round trip. However, the road gets very muddy and there are many puddles. Therefore, I recommend you to prepare separately aqua shoes which are easy to wash away dirt. By the way, I put a plastic bag on top of the shoes (lol)

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island2
After driving for about 20 minutes to the foot of the hill, you get off the buggy and walk up the alley for about 5 minutes.

Then you reach the top of a certain chocolate hill. And this view that spreads all over …

The latest tour experience of Bohol Island1
The Chocolate Hills you see up close is different from what you see on the observation deck, and there is an indescribable emotion.

We hurried back to the camp because it was getting dark due to rain clouds, but it was the best feature of today’s tour. It’s worth going!

That’s all. How was it? It was a nice and compact trip to Bohol Island, about 2 hours away from Cebu. Bohol Island has many attractions that you can’t experience in Cebu Island, so please come visit!

-The itinerary of this trip
•5:45 AM: Pick up at the accommodation.
•6:10: Arrive at the ferry terminal and have breakfast at cafes and shops.
•7 o’clock: Depart Bohol Island
•9 o’clock: Arrive at Tagbilaran Port
•9:30 to 10 o’clock: Tasha tour
•10:30 to 12 o’clock: RoboCliff Cruising
•12:30: Commemorative photo at Manmade Forest
•13 o’clock to 14:30: Baggy + Chocolate Hills
•15:30: Arrive at Tagbilaran Port
•18 o’clock: Arrive at ferry terminal in Cebu City and pick up and drop off.


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