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[Chikuzenya] An authentic Japanese restaurant where you can eat giblet hot pot.

When you study hard every day on Cebu Island, the moment comes when you say, “The food at the language school is good, but sometimes I miss Japanese food.”. One of the Japanese restaurants that will make this wish come true is ‘Chikuzenya’ which we will introduce this time.

Chikuzen-ya is a Kyushu Izakaya restaurant where you can enjoy hot pot dishes such as “Giblet hotpot” and “Pork belly hotpot” which is rare in Cebu. Hot pot dishes are said to be a feature of winter in Japan. You may not get the image of eating it with Cebu in perpetual summer. But this is the best.

I would like to introduce you to one of the few Kyushu style Chikuzen restaurants in the Philippines.

Location of Chikuzenya

First of all, the location of Chikuzenya is along AS Fortuna Street where J Center Mall is. Go through the intersection of McDonald’s when you go out AS Fortuna street from Maboro direction, go to J Center Mall direction, and it is on your left after going about 100 meters.

The site faces the road, but the entrance of the building is located a little far back, so you might miss it and pass by, so you need to be careful.

The exterior and interior of Chikuzenya

The exterior of the store is a grid-shaped wall with two large lanterns hung on both sides of the entrance, giving it a machiya feel. On the upper part, it says “KUSHIYAKI CHIKUZENYA JAPANESE RESTAURANT” in alphabet, so you can feel Japanese modern atmosphere.

When you step into the store after passing through the entrance, you can enjoy a calm atmosphere without gaudiness.

Some areas are surrounded by low compartments.

The area is like a small rise. You can look around the store.

It is a good thing for Japanese people that they have private rooms.

The restaurant is spacious and perfect for a large group.

Chikuzenya’s menu

Then, let’s take a look at the menu of Chikuzenya.


The Japanese beef giblet hot pot for the main dish is 890 pesos. And the pork belly hot pot is 690 pesos.

Other side dishes are around 150 to 300 pesos.

90 pesos per skewer is the most popular. Ramen is 300 pesos.

The unit price of sushi and sashimi, which can be said to be a standard in Japanese restaurants, has risen a little and is now mainly around 300 pesos.

Other than that, there are various kinds such as Teppanyaki like Okonomiyaki and Karaage.

Let’s look at the individual menu.

The feature of Chikuzenya is that you can enjoy authentic Japanese hot pot dishes while you are in Cebu.
This is Motsunabe, one of our signature dishes. There is no custom to eat beef offal in the Philippines, so you can only eat it here.

Another hot pot dish is this pork belly hot pot.

The pork belly piled high with vegetables is impressive! If you take a Filipino who values appearance, it will surely be fun. In fact, I don’t know if it’s because of its appearance, but Filipino customers often use it because pork belly suits Filipino’s taste.

Hot pot dishes are basically for 2 to 5 people. It’s perfect for a group meal.

Tonpeiyaki (pork omelet). It’s like the izakaya menu is fully opened. The flour menu looks small, but when you eat it, it is voluminous and you will be full.

Pork kimchi. If you like spicy food, I recommend this. Like Tonpei-yaki, it is voluminous.

Kushiyaki. The sign says “KUSHIYAKI” so naturally we have grilled skewers.

Even in the Philippines, which tends to run out of vegetables, this restaurant has a variety of salads. The picture shows Caesar salad.

We also have chicken salad. Although it is a salad, the amount of chicken is enough. You can enjoy savory chicken with fresh vegetables.

Chikuzen-ya is basically a Kyushu style restaurant, but the unexpected thing is that there are many Okinawan dishes on the menu.

This is Goya Champuru, a standard Okinawan dish. Actually, there is a dish similar to Goya Champuru in the Philippines.

Among Okinawan dishes, I especially recommend this peanut tofu. This tofu is made from peanuts, so the taste is very rich. Even in Japan, you can’t really taste it unless you go to a restaurant specializing in Okinawan cuisine, but I’m really happy that you can taste it here in Cebu.





I will add a picture of my visit later. The Motsunabe arrived safely and I was able to eat it. It is easy because the staff will serve it.

Summary of Chikuzenya

My budget is around 700 pesos to 1000 pesos per person for side dishes such as hot pot. I think it’s one of the higher class restaurants in Cebu.

However, it is suitable for group meals, and the more people there are, the cheaper the unit price per person becomes.

It is widely used by Japanese living in Cebu because of its calm atmosphere and the fact that it offers the same quality of food as in Japan. It is also a popular place for a group of Japanese businessmen to visit for dinner.

Lunch: 10: 30 ~ 14: 30
Dinner: 17: 30 ~ 02: 30
Address: G/F GASVI BLDG A.S Fortuna St. Banilad 6000 Mandaue City
Phone: 032−239−8976/0920- 229 7923


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