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[Chibori] If you want to eat sushi, sashimi, or shabu-shabu in Cebu, this is it!

When you eat Japanese food in Cebu, which restaurant do you use? Do you have a favorite shop?

There are many Japanese restaurants in both Seventy Mactan Island. I eat a lot of Japanese food even in Cebu. Especially when you eat by yourself somewhere, you eat a lot of Japanese food!

I always wanted to go there this time, but I went to Chiri-ri, a Japanese restaurant that I couldn’t go. It is located a little far away, so it is easy to miss, but I recommend it because it is excellent in taste, price, and atmosphere.

Location of Chibori

The location is at the far end of the IT park. If you enter the IT park from the front opposite the waterfront, it’s hard to find a store. Actually, I went around to see what kind of shops there were, but I haven’t seen Chibori! I looked for it in a hurry.

To get there, go through the gate that says IT Park, go to Skyrise 4 which has QQ, go straight, and you’ll see McDonald’s on your left. If you walk to the right along the street, you will see Chiburi village.

The exterior and interior of Chibori

It’s night and it’s hard to tell, but this is the exterior. There are two entrances, one is surrounded by this pond and the other is right next to it. The pond is tasteful with carp swimming in it!

This is the counter section. There is an ashtray, so it’s also a smoking area. Hot pots are prepared, so it’s nice to have a relaxing one-person hot pot here! There are many counters, so you can enter without hesitation.

This is the table in the back. This is a non-smoking area as a whole.

We always have customers in, day and night. I went there for lunch the other day, but all the tables were full and I sat at the counter.

There is also a sushi counter. There are many sushi toppings lined up, and there are ships like this.

This is the sushi topping at the sushi counter. It looks delicious!

Menu of Chibori

Next, I will introduce the menu of Chibori.

Not to mention sushi and sashimi, there are many Japanese foods such as shabu-shabu, tempura, noodles and rice bowls.

There is also a set menu for lunch, and there are cheap and filling menus such as Chicken Namban Set Meal and Bitter Melon Chanpuru Set Meal!

Then, I’d like to introduce what I actually ordered.

Some photos are not on the menu right now. Also, the price may have changed.

First, here are 2 kinds of ramen. By the way, I ordered it because it was the time when I was looking around ramen shops.

This is Tonkotsu Ramen 300 pages. Baricata is the same chain store, but they don’t seem to use those noodles or soup. It’s not a specialty shop, so it’s not that authentic ramen, but it’s perfect for a drink after a meal.

This is 260 pages soy sauce ramen. It’s light and delicious.

Table set. Whatever you order, it comes with a small bowl which makes me happy! It comes with a wet towel and you can get Japanese service.

This is the chicken nanban set meal I had for lunch, 310 pages. Miso soup rice and small bowls are included. I’d like a heaping helping of cabbage. As for the taste, tartar looks like mayonnaise, but it is proper tartar. Chicken nanban is juicy and delicious! I ate it up.

Water melon shake 130 p. After all, you have to drink Shake in South country Cebu.

This is mango shake 150 p. Mango is a little expensive, but it tastes good. It’s very Japanese to have a Japanese-style umbrella with each shake.

Karamansea shake. If you don’t like it too sweet, I recommend the refreshing sour shake of Karamancy.

Premium sashimi platter 690 pieces. The salmon is tender and thick! I don’t expect much of sashimi overseas, but the sashimi here is delicious! It’s expensive, but …。 is this about 1500 yen? But it’s super delicious!

I also tried California Roll. I didn’t like eating, but it was very delicious.

Tea soba 240 pages. I like the vivid colors and the picture. I’ve never had Chasoba, but it was very delicious.

See ya! Here comes the hot pot! What I ordered was …。

Shabu-shabu! And the cow. I had a little luxury. As for the meat, it was still a little hard, so I had an impression that it was frozen. It doesn’t taste bad. But I think I don’t have to eat shabu-shabu here at this price.

This is seafood rice bowl for lunch.

A bento with sashimi and tempura set.

This is a super voluminous bento with sushi, udon and even meat on top!

This is sushi.

Goya Champuru lunch set.

Pork shabu-shabu set meal.

Kaku Highball.

Lunch salmon tekka ju. It was less than 500 p with such salmon on it! It’s cheap.

Udon noodles. It is a perfect menu for the last meal.

Any menu is really delicious in Chihuli! Especially the lunch menu is reasonable. There are many kinds of alcohol, so it’s good to use Izakaya.


The menu of Chibori was all delicious Japanese food of Japanese quality! Some of them are a little expensive, but some are reasonable, so I highly recommend them.

Especially, it is easy for 1 person to enter, and the beer of San Miguel is as cheap as 55 liters, so I think it is also good to have a drink at night. Also, it’s in the IT park, so it’s easy to go there and take a taxi on the way back.

I also recommend it to QQEnglish students! Please try it once.


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