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[Cebu Island Hotel Lounge Best 5] From Casual to High-Class

A hotel lounge where you can forget about your daily life and enjoy a quality and elegant time. The price is expensive, but I think many people often go to the hotel lounge because they like the extraordinary and glamorous time of the hotel.

I like hotel lounges, too, and I often have afternoon tea by myself when I stay in Japan.

This time, I would like to introduce Cebu Island in the Philippines, not the hotel lounge in Japan. I will introduce if there is a lounge in a hotel in Cebu, what kind of atmosphere and how much it costs, and if there is a dress code.

By the way, in Cebu Island, only ‘Radisonbull Hotel’ provides afternoon tea. So, I will mainly introduce the price of drinks and light meals in the lounge.

1.MAAYO Hotel

hotel lounge31
The first place I’d like to introduce you to is the Maryo Hotel. Midway between Mactan and Cebu City, great access from the airport.

hotel lounge34
The lounge is on the 7th floor with the front desk. The ceiling is high and the interior is stylish with a very calm atmosphere. The point is that it is not so crowded.

There are light meals such as clubhouse sandwich (240 pcs) and macaroni gratin (300 pcs). The drinks are 120 p mango shake and 90 p americano, so the price is very reasonable.

Also, there is a teatime buffet on 250 pages from 14 o’clock to 17.

hotel lounge32
Snacks such as sandwiches and pizza, and coffee, hot chocolate, and juice are free. This is more economical depending on the time.

hotel lounge35
This lounge has free Wi-Fi. There is no time limit, so it’s a good point! The speed is fast, so it is suitable for PC work.

2.Marco Polo

hotel lounge38
Next is Marco Polo Hotel. The location is very quiet on the way to the Cebu City mountains. In addition to the lounge, I recommend the buffet on the 1st floor, ‘Blubbar’ on the rooftop and the bar by the pool.

hotel lounge20
The lounge of Marco Polo Hotel is on your right as soon as you enter.

hotel lounge24
The lounge here is very spacious and the space between the seats is wide, so I can relax a lot. However, there are many sofa seats, so the desk may not be suitable for heavy computer work.

Cocktails are from 220 liters, coffee is from 130 liters, juice and soft drinks are from 120 liters and tea is from 140 liters. There are various kinds of wine, and the price of Dom Peri is 13,500 P! There are many kinds of alcohol, so it might be a lounge recommended for people who want to drink alcohol.

hotel lounge25
I recommend this dessert plate. It came with 4 small cakes and a drink, and it was only 250! It’s like petit afternoon.

hotel lounge19
In addition, there are cakes lined up in the show window at the entrance, and you can eat them in the shop. I had some cakes and everything was delicious.

hotel lounge23
This is a set of 4 pieces of 250 pieces petit cake and a drink. The drink was not only cappuccino in the picture but also tea. The black tea of Marco Polo Hotel is quite large, and I can get 8 cups of it in a cup.

hotel lounge21
This is blueberry rare cheesecake and tea. Blueberry cheesecake is also very delicious! I always have Earl Grey tea.

hotel lounge22
This is a fruit tart.

hotel lounge30
Finally, mango cheese cake. Mango is decorated in the shape of a flower and it is stylish! The cup of tea was changed to pottery, but I could drink 5 ~ 6 cups as usual.

The lounge of Marco Polo Hotel is very relaxing and very quiet as there are not many people there. The service of the staff was very speedy. The Wi-Fi speed is a little slow, but it’s fairly stable. However, since there is no outlet, it is not suitable for long time computer work.

Live music starts at night in this lounge. If you ask the doorman for a taxi, they will arrange it for you, so you don’t have to worry. If you don’t mind

3.Radisson Blu

hotel lounge11
Next is Cebu City, which is directly connected to the 2nd largest shopping mall ‘SM Mall’. Radisomble is a 5-star hotel and considered high class in Cebu City.

hotel lounge13
The lounge of Radisomble is in front of you. There’s no clear distinction, but the Lobby Bar and the tea-only T-Bar are separate, and you can order either menu wherever you sit.

T-Bar mainly deals with black tea and there are many kinds. From 14 o’clock, you can have the only afternoon tea in Cebu.

Tea is priced between 120 and 170 grams. There are a lot of flavored teas, and this is a lounge for tea lovers.

Lobby bar offers drinks other than tea, alcohol and light meals. Fruit shake 250 P, cola and sprite 130 P, coffee 130 P.

hotel lounge12
Earl Grey Ice Cream 150p.

hotel lounge14
Iced tea 130 p and clubhouse sandwich 450 p. Sandwich is quite big, so sharing with 2 people is just right.

hotel lounge10

hotel lounge15
Afternoon tea available from 14 o’clock. It’s 900p for 2 people and comes with 2 cups of tea. Even if it wasn’t tea, I could have coffee depending on the negotiation.

All the afternoon tea desserts are sweet and you may get heartburn if you eat them all.

The second and the third are the same sweets. There were sandwiches and scones on the first floor.

hotel lounge9
Mojito 250 P. Peanuts came out when I ordered alcohol. This lounge is very calm, so it is a recommended lounge where even a woman can drink slowly.

Radisomble also has free Wi-Fi. The speed is not that fast. Also, sofa seats are the main seats, so it’s not suitable for computer work. The outlet is far from my seat, so it’s a little hard to use if I go there for the purpose of power supply.

This lounge is suitable for chatting with one person or friends, not for computer work. The toilet is clean, so I recommend you to use it as a break during shopping at SM Mall.

4.Waterfront Cebu

hotel lounge8
It is no exaggeration to say that the most popular hotel in Cebu is the Waterfront Hotel Sevcity Hotel. There are two waterfront hotels, Cebu City and Mactan International Airport, so please be careful not to mistake them.

hotel lounge7
The waterfront lounge is in front of you. It has sofa seats and table seats, and is suitable for computer work.

hotel lounge3
The hotel is always crowded with people, but the lounge is not cramped as there is a wide space between seats. It’s a large lounge, so if the staff doesn’t notice, they won’t notice unless they ask for a menu.

The water front lounge has 160p of tea, 96p of iced tea, 180p of fruit shake, 90 ~ 110p of soft drinks, 120p of local beer and 110p of coffee.

hotel lounge5
Earl Grey tea 130 p and clubhouse sandwich. The potatoes are surprisingly delicious! I can take about three cups of tea.

hotel lounge6
If you run out of tea, you can add hot water, but it’s too thin to recommend. Tea and coffee come with a cookie.

hotel lounge4
Buco juice. It’s not on the menu, but they brought it to me when I asked. Coconut juice. It is very good for beauty if you have it split after drinking and eat the white one around it.

hotel lounge2
Waterfront Special Ice Tea 108 P. I don’t recommend this. To be honest, it tastes pretty bad. 。。。 It tastes like flour.

hotel lounge1
Mango shake 180 p. Santa hats and decorations are amazing because it’s Christmas season.

hotel lounge17
Waterfront Burger. It’s pretty big and voluminous. Don’t bite, use a fork and knife.

The waterfront lounge is famous for its stable and fast Wi-Fi. Drinks are not so expensive, and the space between seats is wide, so you can calmly use a computer and chat.

Taxis run by, so you don’t have to worry about returning.


hotel lounge29
The last one is the lounge inside the Mandarin Hotel, which is about a 5 minute walk from Ayala Mall. There are several large hotels around this hotel, but the Mandarin Hotel is the only one with a lounge area. Other hotels have simple cafe and cafe spaces.

hotel lounge28
The lounge is inside on the left. There are many seats and the space between the seats is wide, so you can relax. They are all table seats and the height of the chairs and tables are just right.

It feels good to have a bright sunshine in the afternoon. It is not noisy and there are not many customers, so I can relax.

Fruit shake 120 p, soft drink 55 p, San Miguel light 70 p, tea 40 p, coffee 60 p.

It is by far the cheapest hotel lounge I have ever mentioned. Not only lounges but also ordinary cafes don’t have the 40 ~ 60 point price for coffee and tea (Boss, coffee, etc., 100 p ~). But tea is like Lipton leaf tea.

Even so, it is very cheap as a tea to drink as a cafe outside.

hotel lounge27
I tried ordering milk tea. It’s pretty sweet, but very delicious. This is 40 pages (90 yen), so I think it’s a good deal.

The height of the desk and the chair are just right, so they are suitable for working with computers. However, it is troublesome that you have to set a Wi-Fi password every hour because there are few seats that can turn on the power and Wi-Fi is set to disconnect in an hour.

If you use the lounge alone for reading or chatting with friends, it is cheap and recommended. But it’s not a lounge where you can feel elegant.


hotel lounge36
As for the dress code, all hotels have no dress code. Guests and ordinary people can enter and exit freely. It’s no problem to wear short-sleeved shorts and sandals.

We have introduced 5 hotel lounges, but the only lounge where you can have afternoon tea is ‘Radisomble’. The price is 900 pages (2,000 yen) for 2 people, so it is cheaper than other countries, which is attractive. Also, there is a harp performance in the Radisomble, so you can feel quite elegant.

Lounge use in the Philippines is cheaper than in Japan, so it’s a good deal. If you want to study, eat, or work in a quiet place, you should definitely use it.

Also, the restrooms in all the hotel lounges are clean, toilet paper is well provided, and it is recommended to stop by for a rest. Ayalamor Radisonbull, in particular, is directly connected to a large shopping mall, so you can go to the hotel just to use the bathroom.


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