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Casa Verde | A long-established restaurant where you can enjoy giant burgers and back ribs.

Casa Verde is one of the first restaurants to recommend to teachers while studying in Cebu.

This American restaurant is very popular among Filipinos.

Recently, it is published in a tourist guidebook of Cebu Island in Japan, so we often see Japanese tourists.

Casa Verde means “Green House” in Spanish.

Casa Verde Location

IT park store

It is located in the “The Walk” area of the IT Park. It is behind the Mexican restaurant “Mooon Cafe”. Nearby are “RAMEN DOJO” and “McDonald’s”.

Ayala Mall

Ayala Mall is on the second floor, outside the terrace area near the entrance to Starbucks. It’s on the 1st floor “Seattle’s Best Coffee”.

For your information, Ayala Mall also has a high-class restaurant called “Casa Verde” “The Suite Room”.

Ramos Street

The main store is here on Ramos Street. It’s near the Othmenian Circle, but the location is hard to find. The students of CEGA are close.

I think most people know a taxi driver, but if they don’t know, they get lost. Let’s ask someone on the road when we get close. It’s dark around here, but it’s not a dangerous place. It’s like going straight off Ramos Street.

Casa Verde exterior and interior

Casa Verde3
I will introduce IT park store.

Especially during dinner time, there are many waiting, and it is crowded with many people.

Casa Verde5
It was close to 14 o’clock on a weekday, but the store was still full of customers.

Casa Verde6
There are seats in the back, but there are not so many seats in IT park shops.

Casa Verde4
Actually, there are terrace seats, but I don’t see many people eating outside because it’s hot (lol).

If it’s weekend dinner time, I think it’s better to make a reservation before you go. Ayala Mall also tends to wait for waiting.

Casa Verde menu and dishes

Casa Verde10

Casa Verde11

Casa Verde12

Casa Verde13

Casa Verde14

Casa Verde15

Casa Verde16

Casa Verde17

Casa Verde18

Casa Verde19

Casa Verde20

Casa Verde21

Casa Verde22
Cheese sticks, calamares (Deep-fried squid), fried cheese, chicken wings, nachos, etc.

■soup and salad
This week’s soup, potato soup, country salad, watermelon salad, etc.

Club sandwich, classic sandwich, etc.

CASA VERDE Burger, Bacon Mushroom Burger, THR MIGHTY TON Burger (giant burger), etc.

■chicken pork
Pork rib, pork steak, fried chicken, etc.

Tenderloin steak, etc.

Seafood carbonara, Victoria secret spaghetti, etc.

Shrimp Barbie, fish and chips, etc.

Chocolate cake, cheesecake, etc.

Shake, juice, iced tea, beer, wine, etc.

Casa Verde7

This is the most basic salad.

The ones on the top are chicken and fried chicken, so they are coated, but they have a lot of protein because they have little fat. The lettuce should be a bit crispier.

Casa Verde8
Brian’s RIBS 288 pesos

Speaking of Casa Verde, this pork rib! Don’t forget to order when you come here.

It has a lot of bones but it is filling and filling. Japanese people also like the sauce. If the meat is a little softer, it’s actually the best! This one is fine when you are alone.

Would you like rice or mashed potatoes with that?

Casa Verde9
AWSOME Appetizers 368 pesos

It is on the appetizer page, but it is a plentiful menu. Casa Verde focuses on menus with strong flavors.

Source is from left
・sour cream
・marinara sauce
・blue cheese

You don’t have to dip them in sauce, but all of them are delicious! The middle wing is a little spicy, so please be careful. Next is a cheese stick.

Casa Verde2
THE MIGHTY TON 888 pesos

Along with pork ribs, this is another popular menu from Casa Verde “Huge Hamburger”.

12 inches, 30 cm in diameter!! It’s about the same height as a 2-liter plastic bottle, so you just have to draw a circle with it. (Laughter)

Casa Verde1
At that time, 6 people shared it and it was just right. I don’t think four people can eat it all.

It may be surprising, but this hamburger is delicious. And potatoes. So, you can enjoy not only the topping but also the taste of the hamburger itself.

Casa Verde is a restaurant famous for its pork ribs and giant hamburgers on the island of Cebu.

The taste is strong, but every menu is filling and relatively cheap! I think it’s a cheap restaurant that everyone can enjoy. Please visit once while studying abroad. I like Filipinos too, so it might be good to go with a teacher.

If you want to eat the most delicious pork ribs on Cebu Island, you should go to “RACKS” on SM Seaside. If you are looking for something in Ayala Mall, we recommend “SOCIAL” and “SIAM”.


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