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Balanban no Oka [Nelysville] Cebu Island Ultimate Instant Spot! How to get there and introduce 5 popular places

I installed the application of Instagram on this day.

Nerisville # selfie corner on the hill of Balanban is one of the best Instapots in Cebu! It looks like ・・・.

It became famous because Fujita Nicol and Hirano Nora introduced it on TV “Jemi Ariyoshi” the other day.

Even if you’re not interested in selfies or instagrams, if you like the wilderness of the mountains, it’s a great place to visit.

This time, we will introduce you how to get to the ultimate selfie spot in Cebu City, Nelysville Selfie Corner, the park itself, and photo spots, along with other sightseeing spots we recommend.

Where’s Nelysville?

Nelysville Selfie Corner is located deep in the mountains of Cebu City, called “Balanban”.

You’ve never heard of it 。。。 I’ve never heard of it before visiting this place.

There are two routes to get to Nelysville.

Vanilla, the way out of Taran Ban.
This route is closer to those staying in Mactan Island or near AS Fortune Street like Toyoko Inn.

The other way is through the top (summit) which has an observation deck that is also a tourist spot.
This is for those who are staying in the center of Cebu city.

I recommend the route around the second top.

This route will take you to several sightseeing spots where you can enjoy the mountains of Cebu, including the Top on the Mountain (TOPS as the name suggests), a scenic restaurant and the Shirao Garden.

How long does it take from downtown to Nelysville?

The standard is “time it takes to get through the city” + “Mountain climbing time (1 hour to 1.5 hours)”.

I measured the time from JY Mall (a place before starting to climb a mountain), and it took me about 20 minutes to get to Tops and 1 hour to Nellysville in Balanvan.

It’s about three times as far as the top, so when you get to this point, the top looks like a neighborhood lol.

Tops are almost the top of the mountain as the name suggests. So the road itself “Climb the mountain by car once and get close to the top → go down the mountain → climb the second mountain again” to Nelysville.

Both routes take about the same distance, about an hour to an hour and a half, and the road conditions seem to be similar, according to other routes. So the point is, which way will take more time to get through the city center?

On Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, especially from morning to noon, the streets are not crowded and it will take less than 30 minutes to get through the city. However, on weekdays (Especially after lunch.) it takes more than 30 minutes to clear the street, as it begins to get very crowded.

Therefore, I recommend you to start climbing the mountain by the first day of the morning to around noon.

How do I get to Nelysville?

There doesn’t seem to be any tour to Nelysville right now (Or, even if there is, I don’t recommend it locally.), so you can rent a car or have a taxi driver take you there.

Reserve a rental car with a driver in advance
It’s far from the city anyway, so it’s best to rent a car there. In the Philippines, a rental car comes with a driver, so you don’t have to drive by yourself.

If you can reserve a rental car by yourself, you can go anywhere you want compared to a tour that takes you to a certain course at a certain time.
Also, many drivers of rental cars know this place, so it’s an advantage that you don’t have to tell them on the day.

This is the rental car company we used this time.
->CITI CARS (English)

Our base is in Cebu City, but we also offer tours to Mactan Island.
I rented a 12 seat car for 10 hours and it was 6000 Peso. We need to communicate in English.
There are a lot of cars, so if you can get in touch with them even the day before, there is a high possibility to secure a car.

This is a rental car company run by a Japanese who has lived in Cebu for a long time.
In English, the hurdle is high, so when I looked for various things, my friend ran it.

The advantage is that reservations can be made in Japanese!

Nissan van has 14 employees and Inova has 7. The driver is included.
・Sightseeing around the city 3500 pesos 8 hours
・If you put it near the top, it will be 500 pesos plus 4000 pesos.
・This time, if you go to Nellysville, it’s 4500 pesos.

So it’s pretty cheap.

Negotiate with the taxi driver

Another way is to negotiate with the taxi driver.

In the case of a taxi, if the driver doesn’t know the way, we have to guide him, so Google map is necessary.
*Please check before getting on the driver.

As for the internet environment, it was connected to almost all the mountain roads on the way (It became 3G along the way,), so I think those who have local SIM cards should be fine.

How about a taxi 。。。

It depends on the time of your stay, but usually it costs about 3000 pesos for sightseeing around the city, so it will be about 4000 pesos for sightseeing around Nellysville.

Also, around JY Square, motorbike taxis say “Top! Silao!” but you should definitely avoid them.
If it rains on the way back, I have no choice but to go back by motorcycle. It is very dangerous to ride a motorcycle with 2 people down the mountain path. Even if you have an accident, you cannot go to the hospital immediately because it is not in the city. Please never use a motorcycle taxi.

Nelysville Park

I forgot to take it this time, but when I start going down the mountain over the top, the beautiful mountain scenery spreads all over. I thought for the first time that there is such a place in Cebu Island.

It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to get there, but the view makes you want to take pictures, so I hope you will enjoy the mountain scenery.

Here’s a review of Nelysville.

When you get close, you can see the bifurcation point like this. This is the way to Nellysville Selfie Corner.

If you climb lightly, ・・・

The chickens will meet you.

You can see the entrance of Nelysville right away. What is this? The quality of the entrance that you can’t expect anything from 。。。

I’m going to go in though I’m wondering if it’s okay.

First, please pay the admission fee at the reception.

Entrance fee is 50 pesos (Approx. ¥110)! Very conscientious.

Also, water is sold inside, so if you forgot to buy it, you can also buy it here.

Here we go!

If you look around the park, there are many devices in the park like Hobbit Village.

Are you okay the moment you enter? I thought so, but when I actually start shooting, this is pretty interesting!

Recommended 5 major Instagram spots

There were probably about 20 shooting points, but I prepared it with instar installed for this Nellesville in advance.
Pick up the popular points.

Photo Spot 1: Bouquet

The bouquet is a very popular photography spot in Nellesville.
It might be Balinese.

This picture only shows a woman sitting normally, but is it like that? You can take nice pictures.

Like this ring, the mountain behind it looks great.

I was interested in the fact that it was made with a lot of thought while filming.

The name of the park is Nellysville Selfie Corner, so of course it is designed so that you can enjoy selfie (selfie).

This bouquet series has a variety of colors.

As you can see, there are many slopes, so children between 2 and 3 years old may fall down. If you are with small children, please keep an eye on them.

Photo 2: Bird’s Nest

This is also a good spot to take pictures.

It is a great spot for men who are not good at taking a camera, because if you take a picture above the nest without thinking about anything, it will be good. It’s so interesting that people who don’t know anything may think it was synthesized.

By the way, the ingredients are like this.

Photo Spot 3: Hanging Garden

You can take beautiful pictures with the mountain in the background. This is also a recommended spot of Nelysville.

I don’t know if they only left two big trees or if there were only two trees from the beginning, but this is also a wonderful view from a distance. It might have been difficult if it wasn’t in a mountain like Balanban.

A closer shot of the above spot is ・・・

This picture

It is subtly set with pink flowers, and serves as an accent.

It is 45 mm of a single lens, and it is about this distance.

I built a bridge and made a sense of distance.

And this one is taken from the side.

But the shooting distance right next to it is about 15 to 20 meters, so 2 times the zoom of a smartphone may not be enough.

I would like to use the zoom of a compact digital camera, mirrorless camera, and a medium telephoto lens (About 200 millimeters?).

Or, on the other hand, a wide-angle lens like a GoPro could make your subject look so small that you could feel the grandeur of nature.

*Some of them took the trouble to bring a coffee cup and a saucer.

Photo Spot 4: Dwarf’s House

I have a small house.

Standard style.

It seems interesting even if a child comes in.

Photo spot 5: swing

The swings were taken with an iPhone.

With my camera, I can take better pictures of moving objects with my iPhone than with a single lens reflex camera. It’s wonderful that you can see the distant view clearly.

If you want to make it look like you’re in the air, it’s probably a good idea to take a picture without putting the ground underneath.

Other instar spots

Photo spot: Sunflower

A sunflower spot near the bridge.

There was sand where you sit, so if you don’t want to get dirty, you should spread something.
I blurred out the bridge in the back to give a sense of perspective, but it was a round and flat place, so it’s standard to shoot from above? for more information.

Photo spot: Suspension bridge

The suspension bridge shook quite a bit.
It’s plain and scary. It might not be good for those who have acrophobia. ・・・

Photo spot: Orange chair

At first, I took a picture beside, but I don’t know what it is. 。。。

I was able to create some fantasy feeling with the vertical one.

a large nest. Your child will look smaller if you enter here.

There was an egg, but it was too small compared to the nest and the usage was ・・・

This is a spot with a triangular composition without doing anything.

So, that’s all for Nelysville Selfie Corner. We’re still building lots of spots, so by the time you read this article, you should have a new spot!

There are some shops at the exit.

Banana Cue is a Philippine snack food made by baking bananas and sprinkling them with sugar.
Chocolate banana, a food stall in Japan.

Since the banana is already sweet, it is very sweet.

And BUKO JUICE means coconut juice.

You can enjoy fresh coconut juice (20 pesos).

The waitress’s shyness is the best. Prince Hanikami of Nelysville No.1.

Nerysville recommended time zone
Since I visited here on a weekday and in the morning, there were almost no people and I was able to take pictures thoroughly. However, despite the distance, the nearest parking lot was full at around 12 o’clock noon when we left, so it might be better to come in the morning whether it is weekdays or weekends.

I think I can take beautiful pictures in the evening, but considering that it takes at least an hour to get home, I want you to avoid going back in the dark.

There is no place to eat, but there is a simple shop. They sell coconut juice, banana cues and water.

Banana cues don’t get caught in the exhaust gas like the ones sold in the open air in the city, so I don’t think they will cause food poisoning, but the condition will change over time.

It is better not to eat if you are not confident about your stomach.

We also have coconut juice. The coconut juice was cooled, so it should be okay, but I don’t recommend it unless you are not used to the local area, because I think the dishes are washed and reused.

Q & A with Nelysville
Is there a place to change clothes?
When we looked around, we brought our own accessories and clothes, and everyone was trying their best.
The background is natural things like flowers, trees, and greenery, so many people wore matching clothes.
There was another photographer who regretted his clothes so 。。。

But I think you can only change clothes in the toilet or in the car.

Some people wear wedding dresses and take photos in advance, but you should contact them on Facebook just in case.

You can fly drones, but the garden itself isn’t that big, so it might not be a great video. If you’re using a drone, it’s definitely better to stop by a beautiful mountain on the way.

Can I have a meal nearby?
As mentioned above, the meal was a light meal with banana. People with weak stomach should not buy it here just in case.
I recommend you to stock up before climbing a mountain.
I recommend driving through from Joliby or McDonald for small groups. Drive-thru is faster and easier than buying at a store. However, it takes time for people who are not good at English or large groups.

If you are a large group, you should buy sandwiches and light meals at a convenience store.

Nelysville Summary

As the name suggests, this spot is made for selfie (selfie).
Not only can women who like taking pictures enjoy it, but it is also recommended for those who want to get in touch with nature in a clean place on weekends for a change.

It takes about an hour to an hour and a half by car to get to the mountains, so it might be a good change for a foreign student who is studying hard.
I think it’s the best spot for people who like cameras, whether it’s a smartphone or a single lens.

When I think of Cebu, all I think of is the beach, but these mountains are also attractive. If you want to take a close look at tropical plants, flowers and trees, visit Nellysville or Shirao Garden.

Sitio Bombil, Brgy. Lusaran, Cebu City
Brgy. Lusaran, Sitio Bombil, Cebu City

Tel: 09225389641
Opening hours: 8: 00 ~ 17: 00 on Google map
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nerisville-Selfie-Corner-425314241329065/


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