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A coconut pension recommended for solo travelers within walking distance of the Mactan Island resort area.

A 5-minute walk to the most prosperous Maribago area in the resort area of Mactan Island, this is a recommended accommodation for people who want to dive as it is reasonably priced and has a place to dry equipment.

Hotels in the resort area are expensive! This hotel is perfect for those who want to save a little more money because they are traveling alone, but want a good location, and want to save money as much as possible because they are staying for medium to long term for diving!

This time, I would like to introduce “COCONUT Pension House” which I actually stayed, and the surrounding area.

COCONUT Pension House

Here’s the location. It is close to the “Malibago Grill Restaurant” that is always featured in tourist magazines. It is a good location where you can go to the Maribago Blue Water Hotel in 3 minutes and the Save More Supermarket in 5 minutes.

If you take a taxi from Mactan, I think you can get by with “Coconut Pension”. If you don’t know the driver, it’s easier to understand if it’s close to the Malibago Grill.

Coconut Pension5
This is the signboard of coconut pension. There is also a security gate, so it’s safe.

Coconut Pension6
When you enter the site, the front building is surrounded by guest rooms.

Coconut Pension4
The front desk, restaurants and shops are on the first floor, and guest rooms are on the second floor.

Coconut Pension18
The grass and palm trees are lush and well maintained.

Facilities in the hotel

Next, I will introduce the facilities in the hotel.

Coconut Pension11
Front desk. The staff was very friendly and pleasant. Since many Japanese stay at this hotel, they explained about the hotel with some Japanese.

If the room is ready, they will guide you even before you check in. Even if you arrive early, please visit once. We can keep your baggage for free.

Coconut Pension21
There is a restaurant next to the front desk. You can eat here from breakfast to dinner.

Coconut Pension22
It is the shop space next to the front desk. We have some marine goods, cup noodles, sweets, drinks and cigarettes.

Coconut Pension17
There is a supermarket 5 minutes’ walk from here, but if you don’t have time to go shopping like arriving late at night, I think you should use it.

Coconut Pension10
I also bought water and Sprite here, and they were both 75 P. You can get it cheaper at the supermarket, but it’s not that expensive here.

Coconut Pension20

Coconut Pension19
Free magazines and marine sports brochures are available at the front desk.

Coconut Pension23

Coconut Pension26
A common space in front of the hotel’s guest rooms. There are benches and sofas, and there is a space where you can chat with your friends.

hotel guest room

Next, I will introduce the guest room.

What I stayed this time was 3,291 yen per night including non-smoking in the Standard Room and breakfast in a queen-size bed.

Coconut Pension9
I actually stayed in room 4.

Coconut Pension8
The rooms are non-smoking, but there is a table and chairs in front of each room, and there is also an ashtray. There was also a laundry stand.

Coconut Pension15
This is the room I actually stayed.

Coconut Pension16
Even a standard room has a large refrigerator in the room. The room is spacious, and there is a large closet space and a table, so I don’t feel cramped.

Coconut Pension14
Most hotels in Cebu don’t have a refrigerator, but this one has a refrigerator even though the price of one night is cheap! It is helpful for those who are staying for medium and long term. Holds plenty.

Coconut Pension13

Coconut Pension12
There is no problem with the temperature and amount of hot water in the shower. There are buckets and buckets, so you can do a little laundry.

Coconut Pension24
This is a different room. It’s a twin room.

Coconut Pension25
It costs about 3,200 yen and two people can stay, so it is very cost-effective. There is no swimming pool in the hotel, but I recommend this hotel for a solo trip or a mid- to long-term stay.


The hotel has free Wi-Fi. However, there is only one radio wave, and the radio wave may be very weak in the guest room, or it may not reach depending on the place of the guest room.

I think it is better to think that it is connected mainly near the front desk.

Advantages and disadvantages of hotels

The pros and cons of coconut pension I felt. It’s just my personal opinion.


・The staff is nice.
・Refrigerator included
・There is a laundry drying area (But you can see it in front of the entrance.).
・Resort area within walking distance


・There is no pool.
・There is no dryer (Go to the front desk and if you have it in stock, you can borrow it.).
・Wi-Fi is hard to reach the guest room
・The room is dark.

restaurants and facilities around the hotel

Here is a brief introduction to the restaurants and facilities around the Coconut Pension Hotel. It’s close to the resort area, so if you go there, there are more restaurants and cafes.


Coconut Pension3
A Korean barbecue restaurant across from the hotel. It’s a popular restaurant, so you should make a reservation for dinner.

maribago grill

Coconut Pension30
A famous Philippine restaurant just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. There are many cottage-style seats, perfect for the tropical Philippine atmosphere. It’s always crowded with tourists.

gold mango

Coconut Pension1
an Italian restaurant that serves mainly pasta and pizza. It is crowded at night, so lunch is a good time to go. We also have private rooms.

Coco Hilot Spa

Coconut Pension7
A massage shop run by Japanese. It is a restaurant specializing in Philippine traditional massage.

Save More Super

Coconut Pension28
A supermarket 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel. We have everything. There is also a currency exchange.

commercial establishment

Coconut Pension27
A commercial facility across from the Save More supermarket. Other than McDonald’s, there are Korean food, Japanese food, massage, souvenirs and cafes.


You can stay for around 3,500 yen per night, and with breakfast and a refrigerator, it is a recommended hotel even within walking distance of the resort area within Mactan Island.

I’d like to stay in a resort area, but a resort hotel costs more than 10,000 yen per night. If you want to keep it as cheap as possible, I recommend coconut pension.


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